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During hot summer, an air conditioner is what most people tend to depend on as it keeps their home cool. Although the number of air conditioner users is increasing in number, only a few amounts know how does ac work in room. If your air conditioner already breaks down and needs urgent aircon servicing, please feel free to contact us immediately. We have the best aircon servicing deals!

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How does an air conditioner work?


A refrigerant is a form of chemical in an aircon that helps to blend the air into air conditioning by cooling it down and later circulated back into your house. Please check out our ultimate air conditioner refrigerant guide.

Evaporator coils

When an aircon is being turned on, the refrigerant runs through this evaporator coils. The fans immediately bring in warm air into the evaporator from the house, and the coil will start to heat; as a result, the refrigerant inside the coil starts to absorb the heat, causing that air to cool instantly. Thus, the refrigerant will start to produce condensation when it gets hotter, thus converting the liquid into vapor. And the refrigerant later passes through the air compressor, which is then recirculated back in the house after cooling. How to clean air conditioner evaporator coils?

The condenser and compressor

The compressor helps compress the refrigerant by allowing its pressure and temperature to rise and later pumps into the condenser. The heat is being removed and converted to liquid back. After the refrigerant has been liquified, it returns to the starting point to restart the cooling process again. What is the difference between air conditioner condenser and compressor?

The moisture trap

It is the process that air-con uses to treat itself; it helps an air con get rid of excess heat. The process starts as the air blow into the evaporator coil down to when the condenser changes high-pressure refrigerant into a liquid. Is it ok to spray water on your air conditioner?

Why does the air conditioner break down?

Poor installation

One of the major reasons behind an aircon break down is a bad installation. A cooling system is a complex system that contains different types of connections and calibrations, and if any of these processes is not done properly, the whole system might not function well or even hasten the time of breakdown. Therefore, it is crucial to seek a professional aircon installer to assist you with your air con installation.

Air filter

A clogged air filter is also another common reason behind the breakdown of the air conditioner. When the air inside your cooling system has clogged, it will hold the slow down the air circulation process, and as a result, cause the HVAC units to work harder and sometimes may even cause a frequent breakdown of the whole system. We recommend clean your ac air filter regularly.

Lack of maintenance

Another reason behind the break down of your system is because of poor maintenance. It is normal for a cooling system to develop a small fault as it operates. But when the problem is left unattended, the small fault may become a bigger problem in the long run, which can eventually cause the system to break down. Therefore, it is very important to get regular maintenance for your cooling system.

Why does the air conditioner break down

Importance of regular aircon servicing

No matter what type, age, model you are using, we recommend to service your aircon at least once a year. The primary purpose of aircon servicing is to prolong its longevity. Regular aircon servicing also can save you a lot of money because you can spot any of these bad signs early.

How often does an air conditioner need to be serviced

Reduced Airflow

It is a serious problem when the airflow that comes out of your conditioning unit has reduced. It could be as a result of filters failure, there could be a blockage somewhere, or probably your aircon compressor needs a replacement. How to clean aircon filter?

Producing warm air instead of cold air

An aircon should be cooling your room. If your air conditioner constantly produce warm air, something is not right. Low-level refrigerant or faulty air compressor may cause aircon not cold.

Increase in energy bills

A cooling system is one of the most powerful electronics in the house, so don’t expect fewer energy bills. But if some some components in the air conditioning unit malfunction, your electric bill will shock you. How to save aircon electricity? What is the best temperature for dry mode?

Excess or leak moisture

It is normal to have a little amount of water coming from your cooling system due to condensation. However, when you observe a larger amount of moisture, particularly from the inside, then you should know that something is not feeling right. It could be as a result of a refrigerant leak or probably something else.

Professional Aircon servicing vs DIY. What is the different? Hugh different.

Why choose our aircon servicing services?

Your search ends here because you have found the best aircon servicing deals. Our company is a Singapore-based company, and we have served many clients in Singapore and other surrounding communities. We have handled different air conditioners and can offer preventive maintenance and repair as well as installation for both domestic and commercial systems. We will give the best aircon servicing package to make sure you are %100 satisfied.

air con Installation

Aircon Installation

aircon servicing

Aircon Repairs

Aircon Maintenance

Aircon Maintenance

Aircon servicing vs chemical wash

Regular maintenance of your aircon is the most vital aspect of owing an aircon which should never be overlooked. With the passage of time, dirt and dust build up on different parts of the AC system.

These not just affect the perfect working of the various parts of the aircon, but also down the standard of air that is blown within the room. Dirt and dust particles, if blow within the room, can cause breathing problems and allergies.

For this cause, it is very advisable to perform the regular cleaning and maintenance of your aircon structure at least once a year. This should be performed if you suspect an issue or fault in the aircon or not.

Anyway, when it comes to full maintenance that performs a full overhaul of the system, you should seek Singapore professional air conditioner services. Our technicians are well trained and qualified to carry out the full process and look for any issues and consequently repair them. This makes sure that the aircon work is enhanced while also rising the service life of the AC.

Aircon servicing

The usage of an AC, dust, and dirt buildup in different of its parts can outcome in clogging or choking of the system. An aircon servicing ties to unclog all these parts so that the right airflow is maintained.

Aircon servicing involves cleaning the drainage system, filter, hotness and force gauges, condenser, and all the pipes. This cleaning is performed without the use of any chemical. This cleaning is performed without dismantling the units from the wall.

Although this kind of aircon cleaning essentially unclogs most of the system, it is still not as full as an aircon chemical overhaul or chemical wash. Some issues might get unnoticed during this type of service which might create some issues in the future. Aircon servicing is also pretty affordable when matched with aircon chemical overhaul and aircon chemical wash.

Aircon chemical wash

In general servicing, only the open parts of the ac unit are dirt free without touching any of its key parts.

This leaves room for error as most of the inside parts are not even in the reach of the technician to clean. on the other hand, is a chemical wash, every part of the aircon is dirt free using chemical solutions as the aircon is taking to pieces before this chemical wash process starts.

Parts such as coils, condensers, water trays, fans, and air filters are open and cleaned with a chemical-based solution. This focuses on all the inner areas which are simply missed in an aircon servicing.

All types of dust buildup and dirt are washed away via this cleaning resulting in a raise in the aircon competence. A chemical-based product is mixed up in which all the dismantled parts are waterlogged for some time.

Why aircon become much colder after chemical cleaning? The chemical products fight off the solid buildup of grime and support in washing them off of the different parts. When all the components are clean, they are fixed back combine. This process provides you a new life to the aircon which is then capable to work with complete efficiency.

Aircon servicing articles that may help you

Aircon servicing frequently asked questions

We receive tons of FAQs about our air conditioner services. This frequently asked question section puts all of those common questions into a single place, providing air conditioner facts and figures. If you cannot find an answer your personal question, please free to contact us.

Why should I service my AC?

Regular maintenance and servicing keep your AC running at max efficiency, massively extends the lifetime of an air conditioner, and decrease operating costs. Also, routine maintenance will make sure that the air conditioner for the complete warranty of up to 10 years rather than just the standard’s brand’s one year warranty.

Will you repair any Air conditioner unit?

We repair and maintain air conditioner units manufacture by any company. We commonly remain AC units that we’ve not installed and taken over the maintenance and repair of units that might have been in situ for quite some moment. At the primary, maintenance, Arlington will assess your current AC unit and will make some recommendations should any repairs or replacements be essential.

Which Is the Best AC unit?

The best AC unit is one that makes your house most comfortable. Not it should be capable to cool your home perfectly, it should also be cost-efficient and power-efficient. Today, there’re so many options available in the market, but not the entirety of them perform equally well. A few are only costly but fail to do the job. Keep in mind that is not about the AC itself. The AC installation case just as much. The AC installation examines how well your unit will perform and how long it’ll last.

How often should I’ve my AC unit maintained?

Domestic air conditioners that are not in constant in-process and are utilized for cooling the only purpose normally need 1 service each year. Air conditioners that are in the workplace should be maintained at least 2 times a year to keep the unit running them at their top level. For server areas, we recommend at least 3 times per annum. For places with high levels of contaminants or pollution in the air such as hairdressers, kitchens, or workshops, additional AC unit services are carried out.

How can boost the life and efficiency of my home’s AC unit?

A few quick pieces of advice:
1. Your AC unit will cool perfectly when the blower is in the on-spot. The blower gives constant air movement all through the house, and lets for superior filtration.
2. Install drapes, shades, screens, or shutters on windows that are exposed to high sunlight to keep area temp at moderate rates.
3. Replace and clean AC filters frequently.

We also strongly recommend you to read our extend life of AC in-depth guide.

Why do I need to change the Air conditioner filter regularly?

Regular Air conditioner filter replacement helps your cooling and heating system operate at top levels and enhance indoor air quality. It is vital to change filters regularly to make sure the right airflow and to keep your house free of dirt, germs, and allergens. All depending on the sort of filter you’ve, you might need weekly-monthly filter replacement.

AC unit is leaking water?

First, turn the AC off, leaking water can harm your house and start mildew and mold, and germs problems. The system should be equipped with one for you to protect your house from water harm. Always try the steps above in if moisture is present try these vital steps, to free any water and sludge in the drain system. If moisture is still coming call us rapidly. Does homeowners insurance cover air conditioner leaks?

When do we need to install a New AC unit?

On average, an AC lasts a max of 12-15 years. If the AC in your house is about fifteen years old, you’d consider replacing AC with a new one. You’d forever plan when it comes to AC installation. This lets you look into entire the professional air conditioner services and select one that’s right for you. You need to surely think about your wallet and ensure that whoever you pick should provide a reliable and efficient service.

What Advantages Will I Get from a New Air conditioner Installation?

The new AC installation can bring you several advantages. Your house will once again smooth and comfortable, you’ll have a more efficient unit and will thus save one electricity bills, and of course you’ll have complete peace of mind. New AC units are always backed by a brand warranty, so in case your new air conditioner system needs repairs in its 1st year, the manufacturer warranty has you covered!

What size AC unit and heating system should I’ve?

Choosing the correct size heating and AC unit is vital as it can enhance your home’s power efficiency, decrease costs for homeowners, and make sure that your house stays comfortable all year. There’s no single size fits law of selecting the correct AC unit and heating system, instead of skilled technician can look several factors, including the size as well as the construction of your house, and utilize this info to determine what size AC unit and heating system you’d have.

How long can aircon piping last?

Aircon piping needs to be in remarkable condition at all times, as it is one of the most vital parts of the full AC system. If your aircon pipe is rightly installed and well-maintained, then it should last you several years without any issues. In simple words, aircon piping can last for minimum of ten years or more. Learn more about insulation material for air conditioning pipe.

Why is my aircon not cold?

Dirty condenser coils and air filters badly impact the capability of an AC to chill a room. The debris and dirt that accumulate on the coils and filter trap heat and limit airflow. This trapped warm causes the unit to overheat and underperform. Want to learn how to make your aircon colder?

How do I know if my aircon needs regassing?

Aircons are the important appliance that every household process. Being a piece of solid machinery, it generally needs technical support from professions. Even after technical support and maintenance, many a time it begins losing its cooling efficiency. People worry if AC is brand new. A lot of reasons can be held liable for this. But the most general reason is the leakage of Aircon gas.

Should I turn off my aircon if it is not cooling?

Turn your thermostat up instead of turning the Air condition fully off. More specifically, we advise turning the set temperature up seven to ten degrees while you are away for the day. Turning up the thermostat is an excellent choice because it saves your home from bugs and mold.

Is chemical wash for aircon necessary?

Air-con companies will have trusting chemical cleaning is a must. Some of the cited reasons are that a clean aircon will prolong its lifespan, do top efficiency and lower power costs.

How long does it take to install an aircon?

The typical furnace install can take four to ten hours. The average A/C install four to eight hours. A full furnace and A/C project will take eight to fourteen hours. It is our aim to complete each install in 1 day. Do you tip air conditioner installers?

Where is aircon drainage pipe?

Most AC drain lies are placed outside, close to the condenser unit. Push the still, this brush into the end of the drain line. This might clear any clogs placed close to the end of the drain line. In most cases, the AC drain line clog will happen farther down and you will need to perform a little more work. How much does it cost to unclog ac drain?

When should I clean my aircon?

It is vital to clean your Ac to maintain best standard air in your home. Filters inside air conditioners are designed to hold dust (and sometimes other contaminants such as bacteria and pollen), but if not cleaned frequently they can clog up and get wetness and even mold. That is not best for you or for your AC. Regularly cleaning your AC will also mean excellent energy efficiency and lower running costs. The more clogged the dust filters and the inside of the machine, the harder it has to work to move the air, as well as heat or cool. We encourage you to read our cleaning air conditioner coils with vinegar guide to ensure your AC can perform at top-notch condition. If you don’t prefer to use vinegar for cleaning AC, you can use wd40 air conditioner cleaner.

When do I need to change the Air conditioner filter?

It is general advice that you should replace your air filters in your home every thirty days when using less costly fiberglass filters. Top pleated filters can last long as six months, but these typical guidelines guess average use and do not take into account the type and size of the filter. What happens if ac is not serviced? If you do not replace your AC filter, it will start to fail. It will no longer be capable to filter the air rightly, letting dust and containments to get into the Air condition. Dust jams the moving parts of an air condition such as fan motors and valves.

Will a dirty air filter cause my AC to freeze?

Bad airflow reasons of the coils to drop below freezing. The wetness in the air then gets on the coils, making an even larger buildup of ice on your aircon. This is generally an outcome of dirty air filter that needs to be changed, but can also be caused by An air filter is too clogged.

Is it necessary to service ac every year?

Profession advise servicing your home AC once a year. Spring is an excellent time. To make sure your system continues to work perfectly, you need to keep a good air conditioning servicing frequency and perform some housekeeping on regular basis.

How to protect your air conditioning