Best casement/sliding window air conditioners – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

Horizontal vs vertical window air conditioner

If you are looking for an air conditioner to be fitted into the sliding window then a slider or casement air conditioner is used. Only particular air conditioners can be fitted in the sliding window, not all the air conditioners can be placed or fitted in the sliding window.

Such air conditioners are usually vertical in orientation. Another feature in them is that they are usually longer than traditional air conditioners being fitted in the windows. The minimum height of the casement air conditioner is 20 inches. Casement air conditioners with more height are also available. To hold the air conditioner in the window, different fasteners and precut inserts are also offered by the company.

Horizontal vs vertical window air conditioner

Points to be considered before buying vertical sliding/casement air conditioner

If you are seeking to install and fit a casement air conditioner then many different factors should be kept in mind. Some of them are as follows:

Cooling effectiveness

If your air conditioner is not providing enough cooling then, what is its importance?  It means that there should be no compromise on the effectiveness of a casement air conditioner. As the main aim of fitting and installing an air conditioner is to cool your room. But if your air conditioner fails to give adequate coolness and conditioning then, what is its purpose?

Size of room

After checking the effectiveness, you should consider the space and size of the room which has to be cooled by the casement air conditioner. Whether it is a single bedroom or linked room which is further connected to another room. Considering the size is important because the size of the thermal unit is directly proportional to cooling. So if you want to cool a larger space then you will a larger thermal unit.

Way of fitting

As a casement air conditioner has to be fitted in the window, so make sure that the size of the air conditioner and window are comparable. In this process, you have to consider the space provided by your window. So buy the casement air conditioner according to the dimensions of the window.

Weight of the Air Conditioning unit

Not only the size but weight is another factor. The heavier casement air conditioner needs extra support for its installment. Moreover, the installment of the casement air conditioner is a little complicated.

Pros and cons of vertical air conditioners

Every air conditioner has its qualities and some drawbacks. Similarly, a vertical air conditioner also has some pros and cons.


  1. If you are seeking to rent your home or apartment then a vertical air conditioner is the best choice without a central air conditioner.
  2. It provides an affordable way to prevent roasting in summer.
  3. The attractive feature of a vertical air conditioner is the customizable nature.
  4. You can select a vertical air conditioner according to your space, window size, cooling capacity, needs.
  5. In addition to the above features, it offers WiFi, remote control, temperature sensor.
  6. No additional installment for water drainage and electrical system is required.


  1. They are not much elegant and attractive.
  2. They are usually bulky units
  3. Of course, they are complicated to be installed.
  4. As they are fitted in the window so they need your window to be opened to some extent.
  5. Opening of the window allows hot air to enter the room
  6. You will have to use insulation or another sealing method.

Vertical window AC VS Horizontal AC

Gravity will exert different pressure on the window unit placed in the horizontally opening window and vertically opening window. Most people prefer vertically sliding window as compared to the horizontally sliding window.

A/c unit placed in the vertically-opening window will have more support from both sides. It will be held properly due to this support. Due to lack of support in a/c unit fitted in a horizontally-sliding window, they will usually tip outward.

A/c units fitted in the vertically-sliding window make more sense.

So, if you have to make choice or selection between the horizontal-sliding window and vertical-sliding window always prefer the vertical.

In the case of a horizontally-sliding window, you will have to select a skinner and taller air conditioner.

Problems of the sliding window:

There are some problems associated with a sliding window as follows:

  1. Both windows can’t be opened or slide side by side as the casement sliders will conflict with each other.
  2. The fitting of the window a/c is difficult due to the sashes of the windows.
  3. It results in leaving space on the upper side, hence decreasing the efficiency.
  4. In some cases, the window a/c unit is larger to be fitted in the casement window.
  5. The casement air conditioner should be brought whose size is compatible with that of the window.
  6. A larger casement air conditioner requires more power of electricity.
  7. The rear side of the casement air conditioner should be in a shady place to make it more effective.

Advantages and disadvantages of sliding window air conditioner

Advantages and Disadvantages of sliding window air conditioner

Before buying a perfect air conditioner try to know the advantages and disadvantages of each air conditioner. Let’s have a look at the advantages of the window air conditioner.

They are more popular.The air conditioner will block the window until it is present here.
It is easy to find them.Direct drainage of water to the exterior causes serious problems for the people using that area like the pedestrian if it is flowing on the street.
They are not noisy and work quietly.Relocating is a little complicated.
They have greater output.Specific windows will support such a window air conditioner.
They have much better efficiency.You always require exterior support during the installation of a window air conditioner.
Water directly drains from the unit to the exterior and it doesn’t need extra hose installment.A panel of such air conditioners makes them less efficient due to the entry of hot air inside the room.
All the hot air is a dent to the exterior, making it more efficient.The best installment still has a security risk for your home.
100-300 sq. ft. area can easily be cooled by a smaller unit and a larger unit is used to cool the double area of that.They are not as elegant and stylish to match with the decoration of your room or home.
The properly fitted air conditioner can condition more than one room. 
You can place them in the window as well as the wall hole. 

Features to consider when buying window air conditioners

Features to consider when buying window air conditioners

Quality Air Conditioner for a Sliding Window:

Cooling your room in summer is the ultimate dream and aim. So, finding the perfect air conditioner for this purpose is another challenge. To find a quality air conditioner for a sliding window you should keep in mind the following important features.

Cooling capacity and area:

The area and cooling capacity of the air conditioner should be comparable to attain the maximum cooling. For a small room, you will need a small air conditioner unit but for larger space obviously, you have to install a larger air conditioner unit.

The cooling capacity of the air conditioner should be your 1st priority. Selecting the air conditioner‘s capacity for a particular area is not a hit and trial process.  The cooling capacity of window air conditioners ranges from 5000-12500 BTU(a basic measure of thermal energy). So, according to Consumer Reports air conditioner requires 20 BTU for each square foot.

Size in sq. ft.BTU / hour

Size and Weight:

Window air conditioner Cooling capacity and area

You should not select the window air conditioners based on size but consider the weight too. Window air conditioners are generally heavier. The higher the BTU, the greater will be the size and weight of the air conditioner.

Before installing the vertical window air conditioner, you should take proper measurements of the height and width window to ensure the perfect installation. Otherwise, you will have to face some issues during installation.

If you have selected an air conditioner greater than 8000 BTU then, 2 people are required for its installation as mentioned earlier that air conditioner with higher BTU has a larger weight. You need the assistance of another person too.  Handling the heavier air conditioner unit is usually a difficult task.


Before selecting your air conditioner, the placement and location of that air conditioner should be clear in your mind. Moreover, the room or a place which is to be cooled should be considered before the selection of the capacity of the air conditioner. For example, you want to cool a small room or a room on the ground floor then you need a smaller air conditioner unit. But if you want to condition the room on the 1st floor facing the direct sunlight then you will have to select an air conditioner with greater capacity and hence that air conditioner will be heavier too.

Filtering the Air:

The function or job of an air conditioner is to condition the room air which means they not only cools the air but also filter it. The air conditioner will take the air from the room directly, filter it from dust and bacteria then cooled it. Some air conditioners are provided with a filtration system by the manufacturing company.

There are many benefits associated with the reason to select an air conditioner with the best filtration system. By proper filtration, it ensures to provide the fresh and cool air and prevent health issues like breathing problem.

Some filters are usable and can b washed but some need to be replaced after a certain period.

Removal of humidity:

The best sliding sir conditioners dehumidify the space. They will dehumidify the air of the room by removing the extra moisture and bring the environment to a normal moisture level. Like other optimum factors, the human body needs optimum temperature as well which can be attained by using a suitable sliding window air conditioner that has a dehumidifying feature. In addition to this optimum moisture level ensure some other benefits like:

  1. Prevent mold formation
  2. Remove dust mites
  3. Offers comfort
  4. The structural integrity of the home is maintained
  5. Air quality is better
  6. Produce fresh and clean air


The efficiency of the air conditioner is measured in terms of energy efficiency Ratio EER. EER is the ratio of BTU (cooling capacity per hour) to the power input. EER and efficiency are directly related. The higher value of EER indicates the greater efficiency of the air conditioner.

Level of noise:

Before selecting the best air conditioner for your room, the office you will aim to prefer the noise-free air conditioner because it has a supreme level of comfort. Especially in case of air conditioners installed in bedroom noise-free air conditioner is the 1st choice of everyone. The minimum noise level for window air conditioners ranges from 40 decibel – 60 decibel. So, before buying the best air conditioner you should view the noise level of that air conditioner.


Some air conditioners have multiple airspeeds but some have usually one type of flow. Multiple airspeeds and multiple flows offer additional comfort but it is not necessary to select a multiple airspeed air conditioner. It only depends on your need for cooling.


Window air conditioner whose timed cycle can be programmed is again a perfect choice among window air conditioners. Because it makes your air conditioner more desirable and versatile in features. The programmable feature allows you to automate your air conditioner. You can have control and command over your air conditioner from a remote place. In turn, it will increase the efficiency of your air conditioner. Your air conditioner will be automatically switched off when the conditioning of air is not needed.

Easy to install & maintain:

Usually, a professional technician is required for the installment of a window air conditioner. As the casement air conditioner is heavy so, they require 2 persons for their installment. You will also prefer an air conditioner that is lighter in weight, easy to install and maintain. Because such air conditioners don’t require continuous service.

In some cases, extra space is left around the air conditioner. You don’t need to be worry because every air conditioner is provided with the installation kit in which side curtains are available for sealing the extra space.

Almost all the window air conditioners come with an instruction guide along with them.

Required Electricity:

Window air conditions are powerful ones so they require more electricity as compared to the central air conditioner. A proper electrical system is required for the working of the window air conditioner. Most of them operate on 115, 125, or 225V.

Capacity below 15000 BTUs:

Air conditioners with a capacity below 15000 BTUs run over 115-125V.

Capacity above 15000 BTUs:

Air conditioners with a capacity above 15000 BTUs run at 220V. They will need a special electrical circuit for their proper working.


In the purchase process, many people have insecurities. You should not focus only on the warranty time and coverage but also the important parts and features of the air conditioner because window air conditioners are usually cheaper than central AC. They tend to cover some defects by offering the best warranty package. You should overview all the features of a window air conditioner.

Best casement/sliding window air conditioners review

Frigidaire ffrs1022r1

Frigidaire ffrs1022r1 is a 10000 BTU 115-volt Casement room, remote control air conditioner.  It is suitable for installing in a sliding horizontal window or casement windows.  With a single touch of a button, you can electronically control the features of the window air window. Temperature and fan speed can be controlled. It is a portable, ductless mini-split window air conditioner.

It has a unique and fresh design to meet up with any decoration of the room.


Model nameFrigidaire ffrs1022r1 10000 BTU 115-volt Casement room, remote control air conditioner
Dimensions23.5×14.5×20.25” (L×B×W)
Item weight72 Pounds
Height20 ¼ “
Width14 1/5 “
Depth23 ½ “
Wall Thickness8 ½ “
Lowest Motor RPM1180
Highest Motor RPM1420
Lowest Noise level56 dB
Highest Noise level61 dB
Power cord length72 “
Type of the ACWindow mounted
Max Cooling Amp8.5
Max Cooling Watts961

Features of Frigidaire ffrs1022r1

Cooling Capacity

The cooling capacity of ffrs1022r1 is 1000 BTU with which it can easily cool the room up to 450 sq. ft. And dehumidification power of 3.4 pints per hour. It uses standard 115 V energy. It can easily maintain the preset temperature of the room so you will feel comfortable all the time.

Window height and width

The minimum window height available is 21.5 minimum and the maximum height is 40”. The minimum window width is 15.5”


It is specially designed for the casement window. An installation kit is also available with it.

Remote control

It has many unique features like auto-cooling, energy saver mode, sleep mode, and the 4-way air direction and complete command feature by remote control.

Multi-speed Fan:

It has a feature of three different fan speeds to ensure more cooling comfort and flexibility. It also helps you to direct air in four directions and where you want.


Energy efficiency ratio (EER) = 10.4

Other features

It has many other features that make it unique. It offers multi-speed electronic control that has a 24-hr. on/off timer. It also provides washable filters with a check filter alert.


It has washable filters with front tilt out that will easily access and capture dust.

Filler Panel:

It ha also a filler panel to fill the empty spaces around the air conditioner. Some people also use glass to seal the space around the window air conditioner instead of using white foam.

Programmable Timer:

It is provided with a 24-hour programmable time with which you can adjust the temperature of the room according to your choice. And you need not worry about your utility bills.

Sleep Mode and Energy Saver Mode:

The energy-saving mode will surely reduce your utility bills as they help you to turn on and off your window air conditioner at regular intervals to maintain the particular temperature of your AC.

The sleep mode will automatically increase the temperature in the evening to create a comfortable environment.

Restart: It has an effortless restart feature enabling it to operate at previous settings when power is restored.

Midea u inverter window air conditioner

A first air conditioner with a U-shaped design that allows you to open and close the window while the unit is installed in the window. Another amazing feature is its ultra-quiet nature making it more desirable. It is an innovative and efficient window air conditioner. It comes in three cooling capacities 8k BTU, 10K BTU, 12K BTU.

buy midea u inverter window air conditioner


Model NameMAW10V1QWT
Dimensions21.97×19.17×13.46 “
Weight69.9 Pounds
Batteries1 Lithium battery
Cooling capacity8k BTU, 10K BTU, 12K BTU
Cooling ModesAuto, Cool, Dry, Fan
FiltersWashable, removable
Power supply1Ph, 115V, 60Hz
Cooling Watts890
Cooling Amp9.97

Features of Midea u Inverter Window Air Conditioner

Unique Design:

The U-shaped design is very unique. This will allow it to install perfectly in the window. The buttons are divided into two groups. And there is a central LED between the two groups of buttons. And the remaining portion is occupied by grills.

The front part contains a fan, evaporator, controls which are separate from the rear part containing the compressor and condenser.

Energy Saving

It has a DC inverter technology that will help to save 35% of energy and it is the first AC to achieve the energy-saving AC and most efficient 2020 certification.

Noise Free

It is nine times quieter than other air conditioners. It has a U-shaped design that will make it quieter than the traditional air conditioner. The min noise level is 42 dBA ensures a restful sleep for you. The U-shaped design blocks the compressor noise making it ultra-quiet.

Flexible window open

The U-shaped design allows the flexible window opening for fresh air. It also has a window lock which helps to keep your house safe from burglars.


Midea U has a WiFi feature offering control from anywhere.  It can be controlled through the cloud by using the MideaAir app on iOS or Android. The remote of the Midea U inverter is slim with buttons for adjusting and controlling the temperature of the air conditioner. They are comfortable and easy to press.

Window size and installation

Support brackets are available with the unit that will support firmly the unit in the window. The window has a height of 13.75”. It also has different types of foam that provide perfect sealing.

Efficient and faster:

Strong airflow allows you to enjoy the cool air even 20ft. away and DC inverter help the window air conditioner to cool and condition the room faster.

Adjustable Screen:

When the window is open, the screen is adjustable between 22”-36”.


It comes with various accessories like mounting brackets, user guide, remote guide, smart app guide, foam insulation strips, and blocks. These brackets help to mount the window air conditioner without using screws.

Safety Precautions:

  1. There is a risk of fire or explosion because of the flammable refrigerant used.
  2. Clean your air conditioner occasionally.
  3. Unplug your air conditioner before cleaning to prevent the risk of shock.


  1. No home kit
  2. It lacks power usage reporting
  3. It lacks two-step authentication in the app

Emerson Quiet kool

Emerson Quiet kool EARC15RSE1 SMART window air conditioner with cooling capacity of 15,000 BTU. It is also provided with side chassis. A window air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 15,000 BTU can cool a room up to 700 sq. ft. It is the best choice for those who want a permanent cooling solution for their room or house.

buy Emerson Quiet Kool


BrandEmerson Quiet Kool
Model NameEmerson Quirt Kool Smart 15000 BTU 115V window air conditioner
Model NumberEARC10RE1
Dimensions25.4×23.6×17.9 “
ControlRemote, voice
Weight105.82 Pounds
Area of cooling700 sq. ft.
Efficiency11.8 EER
Battery requiredYes
RefrigerantR-32 Electronic control R-410A Wi-Fi control
Max cooling Amp8.5
Power cord length6.5 ft

Features of Emerson Quiet kool


The amazing features of the Emerson window air conditioner include the electronic control and a Wi-Fi control that helps to control your air conditioner with the help of your smartphone.

Area of Cooling

Emerson Quiet Kool is an efficient cooling window air conditioner that can cool the room space from small to large up to 700 sq. ft.


It is very efficient with money-saving feature with EER= 11.8

Multiple fan speeds

It has many amazing features including the feature of multiple cooling modes and fan speeds which make it comfortable for you to adjust the cooling according to your requirement.

Temperature selection

This will allow you to select the temperature according to your need and requirements. You can select a temperature between 61-88 ᵒF.

Cooling mode

This mode will automatically increase the cooling against the rising temperature of summer and offers you a comfortable environment.

Dry mode

Aircon dry mode will help to remove the extra moisture from your room and offers an efficient cooling and comfortable room environment.

Fan mode

When the temperature of your room is optimum and you just want to circulate the air then opt for the fan mode that will only circulate the air. It offers multiple fan speeds, which you can select according to your need.

Auto mode

This will further provide you ease, you can select your desired temperature and then let your window air conditioner to work automatically in conditioning the room.

Control Options

Emerson Quiet Kool offers two control options. You can select the one which works best for you.

Electronic controls

You can select operating mode, program the timer, select the room temperature, and other features by the electronic control board.

Wi-Fi control

This is an advanced feature of many window air conditioners that will let you control the features of your air conditioner with your smartphone using a mobile app.

Easy installation

Emerson Quiet Kool is provided with an installation kit that makes installation an easy process. Window required for its installation should have the size of 26”-36” wide and maximum height would be 14.5”

Timer and Remote control

It has an automatically programmed timer that will turn off the unit at the set time. And the remote control will help you to control the unit from across the room.

Sleep Mode

This will make your sleep more comfortable by adjusting the fan speed.

ECO setting

Once the set temperature is reached your unit will be automatically turned off and conserve energy.


Due to its multiple operating features, it has become a customizable window air conditioner.


Emerson Quiet Kool window air conditioner, owner’s manual, installation kit, remote control


5-year unlimited warranty


This compound can expose you to lead and lead compounds which in turn can cause cancer.

TOSOT  Window Air Conditioner

TOSOT window air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU, Energy Star and has a modern design with a sensing remote that can cool a room or space up to 550 sq. ft. can be a perfect choice for you.

buy tosot window air conditioner


Model Name12,000 BTU window air conditioner
Weight81.4 Pounds
Plug type5-15P
Quiet modeYes
Power cord length6 ft.
Filter typeMesh
Warranty1 year

Features of Tosot Window air conditioner

TOSOT window air design is an elegant and modern window air conditioner having many unique features that make it desirable.  Some of them are as follows;

Faster cooling

You can cool your hotter room very quickly with a TOSOT window air conditioner. It can easily condition the room up to 550 sq. ft.

Modern design

In contrast to your grannie’s old window air conditioner that was an eyesore for you, this is perfectly unique with an elegant design that is an art piece that you can install in your room to increase the beauty of your room.

Multiple uses

This is not only a window air conditioner but also a fan and dehumidifier as well. You can enjoy 3-features at a single price.

Smart control of temperature

It has an attractive feature that the thermostat is located in the remote so the window air conditioner will cool the room according to the temperature around the remote.


TOSOT is Energy Star rated window air conditioner so, it means it will decrease your utility bills and save your money.

Sleep mode

It works very quietly but still, you can use sleep mode. It will adjust the optimum temperature throughout the night.

Multiple window direction

It offers two types of horizontal louvers that help you to blow air in two different directions. It can also blow air up and down and in all directions of the room to ensure comfort and uniform cooling throughout the room.

Safe and efficient

As TOSOT window air conditioner is energy rated so it is efficient as well as save utility bills. It is also UL-approved which means it meets the highest safety standards.

Voltage used

It uses a small amount of voltage energy at the start which makes it energy saving window air conditioner that works efficiently.

Air direction

It has a 4-way air direction that will let you blow air in all the directions of the room and make the temperature of the room more comfortable and cool.


It works as a dehumidifier in addition to the air conditioner and removes the extra moisture and humidity from the room and maintains the humidity at an optimum level.

3-fan speeds

It offers 3 fan speeds, you can select the one which best suits you. It has many multiple features that make this unit more desirable among the series of window air conditioners.


It has mesh filters that can be removed and washed easily.

Haier Window Air Conditioner

Haier window air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 12000 BTU, runs on 115V that is Energy-star rated and humidify meter is provided is the mid-size room air conditioner best choice for the customers.

buy haier window air conditioner


Model NameHaier  12000 BTU 115-Volt smart window air conditioner, Energy-star
Dimension23.19× 22.69 ×17.31 “
Weight30.84 Kg
ControlRemote and voice
Dehumidification3.8 pts./hr.
Area of cooling451-550 sq. ft.
Chassis typeFixed
Plug typeA / 5-15P
Filter typePermanent mesh
Plug Capacity125V/15A
Louver Style4-way
Depth19.5 “
Cooling Amp9.3
Cooling Watts1060
Parts warranty1 year
Labor warranty1 year

Features of Haier Window Air Conditioner

Haier window air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 12000 BTU and elegant design and multiple features is the desirable window air conditioner. Some of the features are as follows:


Wi-Fi control allows you to your air conditioner with a smartphone using a mobile app. It is compatible with Google, Alexa, AppleHomeKit. It has an electronic control panel with a digital display.

Energy-star certified

It is an energy star certified which means that it works efficiently by using a very little amount of energy and reduce your utility bills.

Easy installation

Easy installation makes it a more desirable window air conditioner that will easily be installed in the window that is 26 1/8 37 4/4 wide and has a min-height of 15 5/8 “. It is provided with an installation kit that will help you easily install the window air conditioner.

4-way Air Direction

It can blow the air in all 4 directions making the uniform cooling easy and offers a comfortable cool environment in the room.

24-hour Timer

This will help you to program the unit to turn on and off at a particular time. This will increase the efficiency and life span of the Haier window air conditioner.

Sleep Mode

This mode will automatically adjust the temperature according to the requirement to offers you a comfortable sound sleep.

Fan speed

Provided with 3 fan speeds, 3 cooling speeds.

People Also Ask

Can you put a horizontal air conditioner in a vertical window?

Unfortunately, air conditioners are meant to be installed in specific orientations and they can not be mounted in any other orientation.

Should the window air conditioner be tilted?

Some people think that air conditioners should be tilted to drain the water. But you should keep in mind that air conditioners are provided with a proper drain system. Many window air conditioner units are tilted slightly away from the building to ensure condensation in the drip pan. This tilt shouldn’t be larger than half an inch. Some latest units even don’t require tilt because the drip pan is manufactured at a slightly tilted angle.

What happens if you don’t put a window air conditioner in the window?

The window air conditioners are meant to be mounted in the window for proper functioning but they can be placed anywhere for proper conditioning if you maintain the process of venting and capturing the condensate. It is impossible to place the whole unit inside and get cool air because the air conditioner provides conditioned air by expelling the hot air outside. Without a proper system of expelling out the hotter air, it is impossible to condition the room.

Some people also think that installing the window air conditioner in any other orientation decreases efficiency. And it increases the risk of burning of the compressor as it increases the load.

What is the smallest window air conditioner you can buy?

Three kinds of smallest window air conditioners are available in the market.

1. 5000 BTU small window units. They are fixed and cheap.
2. 8000 BTU small window units. They are a bit costly than 1st one but they are movable.
3. 2300 BTU window units. They are powered by a battery. More expensive but have much better performance.

Can you put an air conditioner in a crank out window?

Yes, it’s possible. Some people who lack the central air conditioner uses a window air conditioner in place of it by installing it in the crank window. If you have a cranked out window and you wish to install the air conditioner then the window air conditioner is probably the best option.

What happens if a window air conditioner is too small?

The size of an air conditioner plays a key role in the efficiency of the air conditioner. Small air conditioners have to struggle more to provide adequate coolness in the room. A big air conditioner can easily condition the room because size is directly proportional to the cooling capacity of the air conditioner.

Is it OK to leave a window AC on all day?

The answer is a very simple no; you should never run an air conditioner 24/7. Survey reveals that it will put strains and air conditioner consumes a large amount of is a wise action to turn down your air conditioner when you are going out for a longer period.

Can you install a window air conditioner without screws?

Yes, it can be mounted without screws but it is safe for using screws along with other support available in the kit. If you need extra support, please kindly read our previous how to build a window air conditioner support guide.

Can a window air conditioner catch fire?

Window air conditioners, as well as central air conditioners, catch fire due to the ignition of an electrical wire. Power cables used should be in good condition. The main causes are the

1. Electrical cables of window air conditioner
2. Extension cords
3. Overtaxed home electrical wiring

According to the survey, the report has been published that revealed that 1% of fire ignition in houses is due to catching of fire by air conditioners. The number is small but is still a disturbing factor for the manufactures. You can prevent it by keeping away your air conditioner from flammable objects. And improper maintenance and load usually lead them to catch fire.

Do window AC units pull air from outside?

Window air conditioners are properly sealed and they are manufactured to condition the inner room with the help of refrigerant not to bring air from the outside to the room. They suck the inner air and blow the air into the coils with the help of a fan. Here it is cooled by refrigerant and then conditioned air is sent back to the room. In all this process, it does not pulls air from outside because it is not designed for that.

Is it cheaper to run a window air conditioner?

They are inexpensive as compared to the central air conditioner. They come at a cheaper price.

Do all window air conditioners drip water?

All the window air conditioners drip water. If not, then they should. When the air conditioner cools and conditions the air, the airborne water vapor cools into liquid form and on the cool surface of the air conditioner.

How long do window air conditioners last?

The lifespan of home air conditioners depends on many factors but commonly they last from 10-15 years.

Do window air conditioners use a lot of electricity?

If you compare a central air conditioner with a window air conditioner in terms of consumption of electricity the window air conditioner uses less than half of the amount of energy as compared to the central air conditioner. Usually,a window air conditioner uses 500-1440 Watts of energy but the central air conditioner uses up to 3500 W because in the case of a central air conditioner air has to run through ducts with the help of a furnace blower so, it requires more running parts.

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