How to install a vertical window air conditioner

Installing window air conditioner into a vertical position, which is a window that slides up and down instead of left and right, is similar to installing a horizontal-sliding window. Vertical aircon window units are generally known as slider air conditioners or slider casement aircon. Before buying your AC, measure the window opening and so you know how wide of the unit you can install.

The portable air conditioner is the quickest growing in popularity of all the home air conditioner units. There are a number of factors for the consumer surge in portable AC installations:

  • Simple to install with just one person
  • Fit in all different kinds of windows instead of just standard sizes
  • Portable AC with heat spec can be used year-round
  • Can be used as an accessory with a central AC system and located in a bedroom or living room to keep extra chill without turning down the thermostat to the full home.
  • The number 1 reason that portable AC units are returned to stores is that consumers do not realize that the system must be vented.

Try these 4 steps for vertical window air conditioner installation

  1. Purchase a unit to fit your opening

    One of the key reasons that people pick not to install a standard window air conditioner unit is because they do not have normal-sized windows or ones that unlock at all.

    You must bear in mind that moveable window units must have an exit technique, whether that be exterior a vertical window, wall hole, or via a drop ceiling. First, check the openings in your home or apartment before buying the air conditioner.

  2. Setup the window kit

    Whether you have a vertical sliding window “18 to 38 wide or a horizontal style casement windows 18′ to 48′ high, you will need to set up the window kit.

    1. This initially entails cutting a foam strip that is offered with the window kit to the right length.
    2. Next link the foam portion to the window part that moves.
    3. Once the foam is in location insert the real plastic window piece and near the window tight.
    4. Pull out any extension pieces so that there is a perfectly tight seal between your room and the outside globe.

  3. Safe the seal

    Most windows kits go the plus calculate when it comes to protecting the vent panel and extension pieces as they advise screwing them into place with as many as nine supplied screws or more.

    Once the window kit is solidified, add a foam seal between the window pane and glass as a safety measure against air and insects entertain the room.

  4. Final setups

    Once the window kit is in location the end steps to install a portable AC are nothing more than applying a safety bracket to the window so it can be unlocked from the outer area, hooking up a vent from the AC to the window panel, and plugging the system is a grounded outlet.

    There is some maintenance involved with a portable AC install, mostly draining the condensed water and checking out how the remote controls works but the units are extremely convenient.

Benefits of vertical window air conditioner

Vertical air conditioners are not just an affordable cooling choice, but they are also very efficient in the amount of power they use. These units fit directly within your window and are readily accessible to a big range of BTUs to accommodate rooms of all sizes.

With so many AC options accessible on the market, you may be wondering why you should consider a vertical window air conditioner. To help you figure out what kind of AC unit will be the top solution for you, we have compiled a list of advantages you should expect from vertical window AC.

Low cost

The first big benefit that vertical window air conditioners have is their affordable and low cost. Not only are they quite affordable to buy, but they are also extremely affordable to run on a monthly basis.

As you can guess, the full cost of a window AC unit will rely on the brand, BTU power, and the specs linked with the machine itself. You can find some units as low as $100, as well as some that run as high as $2,100. Do not let that last number worry you, the average cost for a window AC is about $300.

Extremely power efficient

In my point of view, this is the most vital advantage you will get from a vertical window AC. If you want to stay chill without spending a lot of cash, then a window AC unit may just be the best system for you.

Multi-functional for year-round use

Many window AC does more than just offer chill air. There are lots of window units accessible that can offer both cooling and heating for your home. This twin function makes it the best unit for year-round use.

We also published a tutorial on how to clean panasonic window type aircon. Please check it out and let us know your thought.

Vertical window air conditioner faq

What is the best vertical window air conditioner installation kit?

The vertical window AC installation kit contain:
Cable tray and fitting
Electric cable
Electrical switches
Air condition pipe
Pipework shut off value
Trunking for pipe service
Pipe fixing and placing
Air condition brackets

Can you use vertical window air conditioner in a room with no windows?

There are many different techniques for a chilling room with no windows. The top option is to install a small split unit which is the way an expert HAC person will advise it be done. Portable units are also a choice although unless you live in a dry climate a hose attachment will still need to be work outside.

Can you run vertical window air conditioner all day?

Professionals tell us that it is safe to have your window AC running 24/7.

Can a window unit air conditioner be used without ventilation?

You cannot run a window air conditioner without a window, you can run a portable AC sans window as long as you have a new way of accessing the outside.

Do window aircons ventilate?

If you want your AC system to chill the room perfectly, you need to let the warm air vent to the outside. With this, the portable AC unit will vent the warm air to the outside.

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