How to build a window air conditioner support

Window air conditioners will not fall if you install it properly. Window aircon can easily sit in an open window and supply a cool breeze. But for security reasons, the heavy units, which are more than 100 pounds, require support.

People who didn’t know about this extra support can carry a risk of fall out. A window aircon can last for almost 10- 25 years if you maintain it properly. And providing support is also a part of the maintenance.

If you face this problem in your house or another place, this article is for you. We will discuss how to seal the gap between the window and the air conditioner so that the cold winter wind couldn’t get into your apartment.

Well, if you’re going to install a window air conditioning unit or thinking about how you can build a window air conditioner support, this article is for you.

Why would window aircon need support?

Now that you’re surely going to install aircon, the other thing you would want to know is the aircon support. By running an ac, we ensure reducing humidity. An aircon takes all the heat pout of the room and pumps it outside of the room. So, there’s no way that an aircon can fully be inside the room. Half of an aircon stays out of the room. And basically, that unit needs support.

Though the window aircon design is done so that it doesn’t fall out, you need to be extra careful.  If the outside unit is somehow more than 100 pounds, there’ a mandatory thing to install window aircon support.

If you properly install an aircon, you would not get any additional support with the Ac. You need to purchase a support bracket separately. You can get them in home improvement centers and on the online market. But if you’re not willing to spend some extra bucks over window support, nothing is wrong because you can easily build the support for window air conditioner yourself quickly.

build window aircon support

How to build window aircon support

Total Time: 45 minutes

The first thing you would want to do is, find the center of gravity of your Ac unit.

How to build window aircon support - step 1

Partially lift its side at a time. Check both sides if it is heavy or not. If you feel both sides are the same, then the weight is balanced.

Find the sill and mark it.

How to build window aircon support - step 2

If the AC weight is balanced, use the center mark. But if the AC weight is not level and one side seems more decadent than the other, mark the sill 3 inches toward the heavier side.(Here we’ll imagine the right side the heavier one.)

Now drill with 5/32” bit and make a 2” deep hole on the area we’ve marked before.

How to build window aircon support - step 3

Don’t forget to secure the block. NB: If the outside window still is concrete. For cement or brick material, we recommend to use a 5/16” drill. That’ll help to drill guide holes. Then put a plastic expansion screws to anchor screws down into the still.

Now add around the spacer, then move a block away from stool until the top of the block is even with the seat.

How to build window aircon support - step 4

Then drill with two 2” deep holes in sill to each hole, combining the hollow block and round spacer.

Add height with flat spacer.

How to build window aircon support - step 5

Loosely secure shelf to the sill, allowing a small amount of play.

Position the leg footpad against the exterior wall put leg and support together by aligning the holes on the leg’s top.

How to build window aircon support - step 6

Tighten portion to shelf with a long bolt, hex nut, and washer and washer.

The above are the quick and straightforward steps to make your ac window secured.

Property holders have window climate control system units, and a significant number of them leave the framework introBeforeinter. You may imagine that the col, the first things temperatures do not affect the AC except it. The frigid weather can make harm the body of the unit the curls in the fans.

As winter approaches, you to be worried about your open-air AC that it needs assurance from the external components. The appropriate response is yes.

Besides all this, we need to keep some basic things in mind. As:

Ensure permission for installing AC window

Before knowing tips of window aircon support, the first thing is to ensure permission from the neighborhood, homeowners, and society if you’re not living in your house. Installing window aircon might need some works with walls. Though most of the homeowners allow without an issue, it’s your responsibility to seek permission.

Call missional to clear doubts

Well, though the steps are quick and easy, there’s a possibility of being confused. If you do not want to spend money on ac support, you can always try the DIY hecks. But if you don’t have any experience or are scared to work with screws and rigid materials, it’s a better idea to call someone professional for help. Don’t harm your Ac to save some little bucks.

Other words:

A couple of steps presently can spare you time and exertion if the hotter climate returns. Much obliged to perusing this article. I trust you will be secured each disarray as indicated by the roof of your weather control system machine in the wintertime.


However, there were small tips to remember. Also, as several support window aircon designs, don’t get panicked if the steps don’t go exactly like the mentioned steps. The modification may vary according to the procedures.

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