21 panasonic aircon error codes (FULL LIST)

Searching for Panasonic aircon fault codes to solve your Panasonic aircon problems? The below Panasonic aircon error codes will help you for sure.

If the solution provided does not resolve the problem, it may imply complex issues and damages that need standard diagnosis and troubleshooting. Nonetheless, most Panasonic air conditioning fault codes problems will not need professional Panasonic aircon troubleshooting, and the below Panasonic fault codes solutions will restore general functionality.

How to check panasonic aircon error code

  1. Your remote control, hold “check” button for at least 5 seconds.
  2. Use the “timer” up and down button to check. The indicator light will blink.
  3. If the indicator light blink for 4 seconds, that is the correct panasonic air conditioner fault code.
  4. To turn off diagnosis mode, press the “check” button for at least 25 seconds.
  5. Press the reset button to turn on your ac unit.

Panasonic error code h11 (Outdoor/indoor abnormal communication)

During startup and process of heating and chilling, the data got from the open-air unit in inside unit signal transmission is examined whether it is general. When you get panasonic inverter air conditioner error code h11, you have to check is it have any wiring error. You may also have to replace the outdoor PCB.

Panasonic error code h14 (faulty inside air sensor)

Can be an outcome of unclean contact surfaces, faulty or disconnected sensors. Eliminate and link back the feeler and spotless contacts. If the problem is not solved, seek expert troubleshooting or purchase a new sensor.

Panasonic error code h15 (faulty compressor sensor)

This is caused by bad contact surfaces, faulty or disconnected sensors. Get rid of grime from the contact and re-attach the sensor to right the code fault.

Panasonic error code h16 (transformer faults)

This can be the reason for extremely low gas, out of order PBC, or fault power transistor module. Increase the gas level to right and try to replace the transistor module.

Panasonic error code h19 (locked fan motor)

This is generally an issue caused by faulty inside PCB if you see h19 panasonic error code.  Change the PBC to right or seek expert troubleshooting to decide why the motor is locked.

Panasonic error code h23 (out of order inside pipe sensor)

The problem can be an outcome of detached sensors and or dirty or faulty contacts. Get rid of dirt from the contact and reconnect the sensors to right.

Panasonic error code h24 (inside pipe temperature sensor two issue)

During startup and process of heating and chilling, the temperature noticed by the inside heat exchanger temperature sensor two are used to determine sensor issues.

Panasonic error code h25 (e-ion Air purifying issue)

During standby heating and chilling process, e-ion collapse happens and AC prevent operation.

Panasonic error code h27 (faulty outdoor air sensor)

The general issue caused by dirty or faulty contact surfaces or disconnected sensors. Wipe off the dust from the contact area and reconnect the sensor to restore the feature.

Panasonic error code h28 (out of order open-air pipe sensor)

This is yet another issue caused by disconnections or bad and faulty contact surfaces. Resolving such problems involves removing dust from the contacts and reconnecting the sensor.

Panasonic error code h30 (discharge temperature compressor sensor issue)

During the operation and startup of heating and chilling, the temperature noticed by the open-air discharge pipe temperature sensor is used to decide sensor issues.

Panasonic error code h33 (incorrect linking voltage)

This issue can be caused by faulty wiring or bad connection voltages. Check for right wiring and adjust the voltage to the advised value.

Panasonic error code h97 (DC motor mechanism locked)

Panasonic h97 code indicate the rotation speed detected by the Hall IC during motor fan operation is used to determine irregular fan motor.

Panasonic error code h99 (faulty chill mode)

Issues with indoor cool-dell are caused by a number of problems that contain low gas, dirty filters, and charge, low ambient temperature, or inside Coll. Correcting all the causes will fix the problem.

Panasonic error code f11 (four-way valve abnormality)

  • When heating operation, when inside pipe temperature is below 10C
  • When chilling operation, when inside pipe temperature is above 45C

Panasonic error code f90 (PPC failure)

These are caused by faulty compressors or inverters. Check for right functionality for both parts.

Panasonic error code f91 (refrigerator cycling problems)

Can be an outcome of low gas or barriers. Check to make sure there is fluid airflow. Regular maintenance and cleaning will resolve the issue if not it is complex which may need comprehensive troubleshooting.

Panasonic error code f95 (overheating open-air coil)

Such problems are an outcome of chill mode, blockages, low gas, or bad condenser coil. Resolving the issue needs general cleaning maintenance and rising gas levels.

Panasonic error code f96 (overheating compressor or IPM)

Can be caused by bad heat exchangers as well as low or excess gas charge. Dust off the exchanger and re-establish the perfect gas charge.

Panasonic error code f98 (over current protection)

Can be caused by excess issues or charge with open-air heat exchanger. Change the exchanger and restore perfect gas levels as a resolution.

Panasonic error code f99 (DC over current protection)

Such issues are caused by compressor issues, outdoor PC, or power transistors. Diagnose issues with these 3 components to find a trustworthy solution.

End words

Panasonic aircon enjoys stunning reception and positive reviews mainly for its efficiency in promoting inside comfort. Anyway, the air conditioner may fail to work from time to time and this can be pretty distressing. Luckily, most of these faults are extremely simple to troubleshoot since they outcome from general errors and situations that are reversible. If your remote functions fail to induce the guessed effect, you may need to troubleshoot a number of problems to return the syncing correspondence.

The flashing display or error codes that are shown are helpful for you or your AC expert. Panasonic air conditioning fault codes help your technician in Panasonic air conditioner troubleshooting. When you know the blinking Panasonic aircon error code definition and its meaning, you will get an idea what actions need to be taken to fix your Panasonic aircon problems

More than 100 of error codes that are used with the Aircon industry, and they are mostly different across different producers and across their different models, and so it would be a herculean job to formulate a list of them here. Hope that the above little list of general Panasonic error codes will give you an idea on why your Panasonic inverter aircon not working and helps you solve your problem. If need help troubleshooting your aircon, please kindly contact us.

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