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casement aircon

casement aircon vs portable aircon

Portable aircon is independent, adjustable unit with the exhaust hoses that simple to install and vent out of several casement types. Casement aircon is normally less costly than portable aircon,

Aircon symbols

29 ac mode symbols (daikin,samsung,LG,fujitsu)

One of the hardest challenges that most consumers face when they purchase air conditioner is they don’t really understand the air conditioner remote control symbols, also known as aircon control

Mandatory Energy Labeling Scheme

Different between 2 ticks and 5 ticks aircon

Several innovations have led to the present lifestyle of people. Out of every service and product, people normally see 2 things, the first cost, and sustainability of the item. Environmental

split unit aircon

What is split unit aircon

If you want an affordable, unobtrusive aircon that will give you a refreshingly cool house in Singapore, a split unit aircon system is the one for you. What is split

How to clean aircon blower

One of the most important components in the air conditioner is the aircon blower, responsible for bringing essential air movement to the device to keep in running. An air conditioner

How to maximise aircon ledge space

Because one cannot do without AC in humid and warm Singapore, most of us have an air condition unit in almost every room at the house. For most of us,

aircon trunking

How to conceal aircon trunking

What is aircon trunking Aircon trunking is a protection that is used to cover the unit PVC pipes, electrical cables, copper conduits, and other unsightly parts to preserve the aesthetic

Common aircon thermostat problem

Common aircon thermostat problem

How to tell if ac thermostat is bad? In general, any point the air conditioner does not deliver the wanted temperature, it could indicate your house has broken or faulty

What will happen if condenser coil are dirty

Rightly maintaining an aircon is a vital factor in keeping these machines working efficiently and ensuring a long operating life. One of the most important parts of the aircon is