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Best aircon sleep mode temperature

Best aircon sleep mode temperature

Searching for the best air conditioner temperature for sleeping? The best temperature for deep sleeping is 25 degrees celsius. Why 25 degrees celsius? Here we’re going to find out and

Pros and Cons of multi-split aircon

Pros and cons of multi split aircon

If you are considering a multi split system air conditioner for your home or office, but you want to know the pros and cons first, you come to the right

8 reasons why aircon give me a headache

8 reasons why aircon give me a headache

Can hair conditioner cause headache? Yes! Valuable inconspicuous toxins are attacking your house daily. These harmful components frequently go under the radar since they’re not seen. Why does air conditioning

10 ways to save aircon electricity while using aircon

10 tricks to reduce aircon electricity bill by 30%

How to save electricity while using ac? Surprisingly, there’re many ways to minimize your energy bill without ever compromising your cooling temperature. Let’s focus on the factors affecting the efficiency

System 4 Aircon VS 3+1 Aircon

System 4 aircon VS 3+1 aircon

What is system 4 aircon? You probably have heard this short name, from your nearest air conditioner salesperson. It’s just a short form used to explain one air conditioner compressor