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what is Cassette aircon

Cassette aircon vs split unit aircon

Cassette aircon Ceiling cassette aircon are mounted as the name advises, in the ceiling. This is most successful in a “floating”  or suspended ceiling where there is room to facilitate

Pros & cons of non inverter grade aircon

Pros & cons of non inverter grade aircon

Is non-inverter grade aircon worth to buy? In times of harsh weather in Singapore, an aircon is essential to keep you, your whole family, relatives, visitors, employees, and customers in

Pros & cons of inverter grade aircon

Pros & cons of inverter grade aircon

Before we tell you the pros and cons of inverter aircon, please allow us to explain what is an inverter. An inverter is a machine that’s contrary to the adapter.

aircon gas leak

Causes of aircon gas leak

One of the most general air conditioning issues is having a gas leak. This eventually makes your aircon stop sufficient chilly air and hence it becomes ineffective in its operation.

casement aircon

casement aircon vs portable aircon

Portable Airconare independent, adjustable units with the exhaust hoses that simple to install and vent out of several casement types. Casement Aircons are normally less costly than Portable options, but

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