29 air conditioning symbols explained

One of the hardest challenges that most consumers face when they purchase air conditioner is they don’t really understand the air conditioner remote control symbols, also known as aircon control symbols or aircon symbols or air conditioner symbols. That’s because different air conditioner companies may use different modes in ac with their own symbol.

So you need to know what do air conditioner symbols mean to operate the aircon plus get the most out of it. Therefore, this article we listed down the most popular aircon mode symbols meaning.

Aircon symbols

Please take note that all aircon control symbols we listed here are for residential and commercial air conditioner, not for car aircon.

We also recommend you read the air conditioning manual that’s provided by the company. These papers normally provided the info that you need to understand about how the aircon operate.

If you’re having an issue on what do air conditioner symbols mean, please feel free to contact us. We’ve rounded a few of the common air conditioner modes symbols used by major AC companies in the Singapore market.

Air conditioning symbols explained

  1. Universal On/Off Button – the primary one is pretty very easy. It’d look like a round with a slit in it, and it is a symbol for on/Off. You probably have this on your television remote also.
  2. Plus & Minus buttons – also fairly very easy, these control buttons ambient space temperature. As you should expect plus is up and minus is down.
  3. Snow Flake Symbol – what does the snowflake mean on ac? In almost every air conditioner remote will have something like that resembles a snowflake that activates the cold features. Aircon snowflake symbol indicates the air conditioner will push out cool air. It is air con symbols for heat.
  4. Sun Symbol – What does the sun symbol mean on air conditioner? sun symbol on aircon is very common on reverse cycle air conditioning units, and activates the warmth mode, meaning the air conditioner will push out the warm air. Some people also call this symbol as reverse cycle air conditioning symbols
  5. Fan Symbol – the pace at which the air conditioning unit’s fab blows is normally indicated by a stack of bars or a row, the more bars, the faster the speed of the fan.
  6. Automatic feature symbol – Auto mode in inverter grade aircon is normally depicted as a round of arrows, sometimes with the “A” letter. With this feature engaged the system will keep a temp after it has been reached. It is available in cool and hot modes.
  7. Vertical Air Swing – What is horizontal swing in aircon? This feature is depicted as circling set bars, sometimes with an indicative arrow aircon symbol. It can normally be set to rotating or static that means the rans will angle up and down in a cyclical style.
  8. Horizontal Air Swing – it’s the same as the vertical air swing symbol, though, the feature affects horizontal way, and the symbol is normally the same as the vertical key rotated ninety degrees.
  9. Silent Mode or Quiet Mode – Air conditioning quiet mode often designated by a sign of a figure with a finger over the mouth or sometimes a night scene with a moon symbol. This makes the aircon operate quietly, decreasing fan noise.
  10. Turbo Button – Turbo mode in air conditioner makes the unit run at a complete capacity of 15-30 minutes, all depending on the make of the system, it’s normally marked by a bicep icon, an arrow that explained motion, or easily by the turbo.

Daikin aircon symbols

daikin heat pump modeWill turns on the heat pump mode
daikin ventilation modeThis symbol indicate the aircon will run in ventilation mode
daikin dry mode symbolDaikin dry mode. Some people call this humidity mode
daikin cool mode symbolThis will turn on cool mode. Some people also call this refrigerating mode
daikin auto mode symbolAuto mode will ensure our aircon automatically switch from heat mode to cool mode and do the reserve when needed
daikin aircon fan speed symbolWe use this to change the fan speed
daikin aircon silent mode symbolTo reduce the reduce noise of external unit
daikin aircon Vertical airswing symbolThe air will blow in vertical direction. New model such as 3D Airflow already combined the vertical and horizontal auto swing into one. Only old models have this symbol
daikin aircon maximum capability symbolThis will turn on the maximum capacity of daikin aircon for 20 minutes
daikin aircon minimum internal fan speed symbolThis is not sleep mode. This mode reduce the indoor unit fan speed - to reduce the noise level in your room
daikin aircon smart eye detection symbolSmart eye detection mode allow the aircon to automatically adjust the setting based on movement in the room

Samsung aircon symbols

samsung aircon sleep mode symbolSamsung aircon night mode will reduce the aircon noise. Some people also call this sleep mode
samsung aircon doctor function mode symbolWhen turn on the samsung aircon will release negative ions to purify the air
samsung aircon single user mode symbolSingle user mode allow us to save electricity bill
samsung aircon comfort mode symbolComfort mode provide a not too cool and not too hot setting
samsung aircon silent mode symbolThe silent mode will reduce the noise level of the indoor unit
samsung aircon fan speed symbolUse this to increase or decrease fan speed of your indoor unit

Fujitsu aircon symbols

Fujitsu aircon fan speed symbolUse this to control the indoor unit fan speed
Fujitsu aircon silent mode allow us to reduce the noise of the indoor unit
Fujitsu aircon swing mode symbolFujitsu aircon swing mode allow us to control the airflow in vertical or horizontal direction
Fujitsu aircon weekly mode symbolWe can use this to schedule our weekly setting
Fujitsu aircon energy saving symbolWhen energy saving mode is turn on, if no one in the room for more than 20 minutes, the aircon will automatically reduce the power power consumption

LG aircon symbols

LG aircon cold mode symbolThis will activate the cool mode in your LG ac
LG aircon cold mode symbolThis indicate LG aircon dry mode
LG aircon auto mode symbolLG aircon auto mode symbol help us get the best comfort temperate automatically
LG aircon fan speed symbolLG aircon fan speed symbol
LG aircon quite mode symbolUse this to reduce the noise level of your LG aircon
LG aircon high power mode symbolLG aircon high power mode symbol allow the ac to reach temperate we set
LG aircon plasmater ionizer mode symbol

Mitsubishi aircon modes, please refer to our previous article for more info.

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