How to clean aircon blower

One of the most important components in the air conditioner is the aircon blower, responsible for bringing essential air movement to the device to keep in running.

How to clean Aircon blower

An air conditioner uses blowers to transfer the clean warm air from any area and change it with cold air. It also maximizes the flow of air for greater circulation and device features. But contrary to well-known belief, an AC blower comes in various forms and sizes, all depending on the AC unit itself. The 4 most commonly utilized forms of centrifugal fan, propeller fan, tube axial fan, and the vane axial fan.

Types of an aircon blower

  • Centrifugal Fan

A centrifugal fan is a sort of air conditioning fan that’s relatively compact and powerful than others. It has an appearance same to a hamster wheel or water wheels and is known to utilize extreme pressure when operating.

  • Propeller fan

One of the most common air conditioner blower forms that you might be known is the propeller. This type comes in the shape of a disk form wheel that’s usually placed on a circular plate along with abet driven basis, and given its ubiquity between standard spilled units usually utilized by work areas of various sizes.

  • Tube Axial fan

Another usual type for the Aircon blower is the tube axial fan. With an external and structural made like your usual care tire, this type is differing in sizes – from small to bulky and big.

  • Vane Axial fan

This type of fan is made quite the same as the appearance of the usual fan wheel. It normally comes in the form of a disk placed in a fully secure cylinder tube.

How to clean aircon blower

In order for your air conditioner blower and all aircon parts to work perfectly, aircon blower needs perfect care and cleaning. Part of the air conditioner care maintenance involves the usual cleaning of the air conditioner system and its components. Here are the quick steps that you can follow on how to perfectly clean aircon blowers as well as air-con fan –

  • Step One – To start cleaning flip the cover of the aircon unit to access the cleanable filters. Using soap and water with a need and a smooth cleaning pad is recommended.
  • Step two – eliminate the air vanes and flap form the air con to get access to the impeller.
  • Step three – by using a half-inch paintbrush, clean the impeller to wipe away any dirt or dust that has accumulated. Be certain to do this thoroughly until there’s no dust and dirt left.
  • Step four – utilize the slightly damp rag to clean further debris and dirt. Get another piece to wipe away the complete area of the impeller until it’s perfectly clean.
  • Step Five – turn on the air conditioner and wait for additional debris to come out and be ready for cleaning by eliminating the debris utilizing a handy sweeper or a vacuum cleaner.

Frequently asked questions

How to open aircon blower?

To open an aircon blower, you will have to remove some components before you can have access to the blower. However, to open the aircon, you have to open the front grille, dust filter, flip cover, and the aircon trap.

How to dismantle aircon blower?

To dismantle the aircon blower. First, you have to pull the outer plastic case to remove it. Then remove the dust filter and unscrew the two bottom screws to remove the aircon tray. After this, you have to unscrew some other screws as well to be able to remove the blower.

How much does it cost to replace an aircon blower?

The aircon blower is one of the most important components in the aircon unit that when this blower fails, it can affect the entire system efficiency. However, to replace this component (aircon blower), the cost will be determined by the capacity of the aircon, the size of the aircon, the type of the aircon, and so on.

How long does an aircon blower motor last?

Generally, an aircon blower motor whether in your home or office it should have a lifespan between 10 to 20 years depending on the users. However, if you are the type that doesn’t care much about the proper cleaning and maintenance of your unit, your unit lifespan may be otherwise.

How do I test my aircon blower?

Not only that aircon blower is essential for the smooth operation of your unit. Without a functioning blower, the aircon will not work properly. However, to test your aircon blower, open the front cover, and turn on your aircon. Then, scrutinize the blower well to know if the blower still works perfectly.

Why is my aircon running but not blowing air?

When your aircon no longer blows air but running, the problem behind it may be a faulty aircon blower and motor. Normally, this fan draws the air over to the cold evaporator coils that are later re-circulated back to cool your room. Therefore, when the blower is not running or slow in action, it may cause your system not to blow air.

Where is the blower located in the AC unit?

The blower resides deep inside the indoor unit casing usually next to the evaporator. To locate the blower, you have to remove the front grille, dust filter, and others before getting to the blower.

What are the signs of a bad blower motor relay?

The aircon blower motor is essential for the system operation; likewise, a functioning blower motor relay is also important for the aircon blower to perform wholesomely. However, when you start observing the following signs, the blower motor relay needs proper diagnoses. These signs include burnt smell, no air, low speed only, high speed only, smoking vent, and others.

What can cause an aircon blower to stop working?

There be could many problems why your aircon blower stops working. For instance, your aircon blower may stop working as a result of the faulty capacitors, burnt out motor, broken or lose belt, contactor problems, faulty blower motor relay, and others.

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