Causes of aircon gas leak

One of the most general air conditioning issues is aircon gas leak. Air conditioner gas leak eventually makes your aircon stop sufficient chilly air and hence it becomes ineffective in its operation. An aircon gas leak may be caused by lower gas levels, faulty installation, bad maintenance, and poor servicing.

Once detected, the gas leakage should be repaired as soon as it happens. This is because the continued use of leaking AC poses some risks to the occupants of the specific building, the AC itself, and the atmosphere as well. Here are some of the most common causes of aircon gas leak.

Why does gas leak from ac

aircon gas leak

Mechanical issue to the refrigerant lines

All aircon units make the chilling result by moving refrigerant between the open-air condenser coil and the inside evaporator coil. Refrigerant lines produced from cooper perform the important job of shifting the refrigerant between the condenser and evaporator. Any mechanical issue to these likes of refrigerant can cause to leak. Refrigerant lines passing via the exterior home wall are mainly susceptible to mechanical issues.

Corrosion is a general cause

The issue of corrosion is very common nowadays. It is hard, though not easy, to protect homes and industrial equipment against corrosion. Pitting corrosion is a very common type of decay that has an effect on aircon units and causes such issues. Pitting corrosion is the reason by continued contact to fluoride attendance in civil water supplies and the chloride present in cleaning chemicals and detergents. The fluoride and chloride ions hit the coil, the reason it to leak refrigerant. Formicary decay is another type of corrosion liable for aircon leakage. This kind of corrosion is activated by continued exposure to formic or acetic acids found in cleaning solvents, plywood, paints, etc.

Badly soldered controls of fitting

Soldering problems are not uncommon in the industry. A chill joint, caused by a badly melted solder, can simply cause to aircon leaks. Likewise, a disturbed joint or an upset joint can lead to a badly fixed joint, which, in turn, can cause aircon gas leak.

Leaky links around control valves are another general cause

Sometimes, leaky links around control devices are the key culprit behind an issue. This problem can be generally rejected by making sure the value is linked rightly and fully cleaned.

Aircon gas leak repair

When you detect a leak in your aircon, we recommend you contact a professional technician to perform the repairs. This is because such a technician is professional in the field can simply detect the right place where the gas is leaking using a leak-detecting coil and plan what might have caused such.

After performing the repairs, which generally contain replacement of the coil, he will then top up the gas to the needed levels. In no circumstances should you try to fix the issue yourself because this could actually worsen the situation.

You should shut down your leaking aircon immediately and make a booking with insured and qualified technicians.

Aircon gas leak faq

Are aircon gas leak dangerous?

If the aircon gas leaks, it is hazardous to the occupants as it can lead to several health issues such as headache, nausea, and in some extreme cases, lead to asphyxiation. Gas leaking from your aircon is not only dangerous to you and your properties but dangerous to the environment as well.

Can aircon gas leak kill you?

When aircon gas leaks, it can potentially kill you. Inhaling a high concentration of this gas can cause asphyxia (a situation when the body is short of oxygen) and could eventually lead to death if care is taken. In addition to this, aircon gas is highly combustible that it can increase your risk to fire and explosion because it can spread fast and combusts effortlessly.

How can I tell if my aircon is leaking gas?

To know whether your aircon gas is leaking. Here are signs that can tell that your aircon gas is leaking. These signs include loss of ability to cool appropriately when your aircon is not blowing cold air when you start hearing some hissing sound from your aircon when you observe a frozen coil, sudden increase of electricity bills, and others.

How do I know if my aircon evaporator is leaking?

Unfortunately, the holes in your aircon are so tiny that it can be challenging to know if your aircon evaporator is leaking barely looking at them. However, to know whether your aircon evaporator is leaking or not, here are the possible signs you will see when your aircon evaporator is leaking gas. These signs may include, when your aircon takes much time to cool your home, when the airflow of your unit is low, when warm air start coming out of the air vents instead of cold air, and others.

How long should I air out my house after gas leak?

When you have a leaking gas in your home, it is essential to air out the gas as soon as possible because gas is highly combustible and can lead to many hazards if proper action is not taking immediately. However, there is no specific time set to get rid of gas entirely in your house but is advised to ventilate your home for several hours till the gas is completely out.

How do I fix a leaking air-conditioner gas?

When your aircon gas leaks, the amount of the coolant in your aircon reduces and therefore making your aircon to lose its ability to cool properly. However, to get the problem fixed, you need to locate the leak first, then remove the refrigerant and fix the leak. After this, recharge the coolant and continue to enjoy your aircon.

How do I get rid of the smell of in my aircon?

If you trace a smell down to your aircon unit, it could be; as a result dirty air filter, dirty evaporator coil, or even dirty condensate line. Therefore to get rid of this smell of in your aircon, you need to clean the air filter, the evaporator coils, and the condensate line.

What happens when aircon is leaking?

Many things can happen when your aircon starts leaking but in most cases, here are the most common things that happen your aircon leaks. Things such as, reduce the efficiency of your units, the presence of ice in the aircon evaporator coils, and others

What does aircon gas smell like?

Though this gas is naturally odorless to make it easy for people to identify the smell of this gas, the majority of utility companies have started adding chemicals that have a smell associated with rotten eggs. Therefore, whenever you notice a smell of rotten eggs in your home, it is a smell of your aircon gas.

Should I turn off my aircon if it’s leaking?

When you observe that your aircon is leaking, the most effective step towards dealing with this problem is by turning your unit off first. After you have turned off your unit, it would be best to call your aircon company as soon as possible.

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