Do Cats Get Cold in Air Conditioning? [+ Helpful Tips]

Do cats feel cold in ac? If we study the evolution of different species in the past, we come to know that cats had evolved beside the humans some over 9000 years ago. Cats can survive in both hoy and cold weather conditions.

In this article, I will gather some facts to be considered necessary, if you are really concerned about the health of your furry pet!

Can cats get sick from air conditioning

Do cats get cold in air conditioning

Yes, it’s an obvious fact that every weather affects humans and animals. Similarly cold also affects the health of the cats and there is a chance that they can get cold. Lowering the temperature by turning on the a/c unit could be the cause of catching a cold by pets. They might be sneezing, coughing, and can have nasal discharge due to catching a cold. Cold can also cause dehydration.

Do cats get cold in air conditioning

Can cats get sick from air conditioning

As we all observe, on the arrival of the summer season air conditioning units are switched on in most of the houses due to the increase in temperature. This fact has made the owners of the pets, more conscious about their pets. They want to know whether they should keep the a/c unit on for their pets when they are not at home or when they are not with them or whether they should keep their pets in an environment where a/c unit is switched off.

The majority is in the favor that keeping the a/c unit off for the pets is a more suitable option for their good health.

Do cats like heat

As cats need care in cold weather, similarly they need care in the warm weather. Although they love warm weather more increases can cause serious issues. There are some factors that can affect cats in different ways. So, preventive measures should be taken to ensure the good health of cats. They are as follows:


Fair colors make cats more susceptible to problems like sunburn. You can apply sunblock or another sun cream on their faces and ears. And make sure to keep indoor or in the shade. They should not be exposed to the sun directly.

Fair colors make cats more susceptible to problems like sunburn


You can protect your cats from heatstroke by taking following steps

  1. Keep them indoor
  2. Rub wet towel over them
  3. Wrap with a wet towel
  4. Wet their feet by dipping in water tub

Symptoms of heatstroke :

  • Anxiety
  • Panting
  • Red gums
  • Lethargy
  • Increased heartbeat


Provide your cats and pets with an adequate and fresh water supply for drinking. Place clean and fresh water at various places in your house. Encourage them to drink more water in hot summer.

Do cats like cold

Creating body heat is actually dependent on muscle activity. Cats have very low muscle activity hence produce very low heat in contrast to the dogs that have high muscle activity and produce very high body heat. So leaving cars alone in an air conditioning environment could be harmful to them but leaving them along with dogs then will be ok.

You can cool you cats in summer by adapting  many other ways.

Do cats like cold

Effect of cold on the health of cats

Yes, it’s an obvious fact that every weather affects humans and animals. Similarly cold also affects the health of the cats and there is a chance that they can get cold. Lowering the temperature by turning on the a/c unit could be the cause of catching a cold by pets. They might be sneezing, coughing, and can have nasal discharge due to catching a cold. Cold can also cause dehydration.

One thing should be kept in mind that cold can leave within a few days but viruses can’t so you should take care of your cats.


  1. Remove the discharge of eyes and nose from time to time
  2. To maintain the energy level, provide your cats with proper warm food
  3. Fresh and clean water is the key to good health but in days of illness it should be provided all time
  4. The humidity level should be raised by a vaporizer to comfort to cat
  5. Immediately contact and consult your veterinarian
  6. Don’t give any medication to your cat without consulting your vet.


As mentioned earlier that cats evolved beside humans so they have body requirements, almost similar to that of humans. Their body temperature range from 37ᵒC to 39ᵒC it means if humans are comfortable in some certain environment then obviously cats will also.

Sometimes the turning on the a/c unit and lowering the temperature cause your cat to be curled like a ball but that temperature is comfortable for you then it means your cat is facing some issue other than a temperature level.

The higher temperature is also bearable for cats but up to the level at which the humans can.  But a temperature higher than this causes hyperthermia in cats. But leaving your cats with the a/c unit on is safe. But keep the following important points in mind:

Age – adult cats are more comfortable in lowered temperature but younger cats can’t bear lower temperature and are comfortable in higher temperature.

Health – cats who are already suffering from some illness should be kept in higher and warmer temperatures and environments respectively.

 Size – skinny and small cats are unable to retain heat, so they should be kept in warmer environment.

Why cats are exhausted by humidity?

Heat is not their problem, actually, this heat gets mixed with humidity and affects the panting process which in turn affects the cooling process and makes the cats more exhausted and stressed.

Ideal Temperature for Cats

As you know well, that as an owner of a cat your first priority will always be their health, comfort, and happiness. To meet your priority, the first thing that you should know is the ideal temperature for cats in the house because it will let you know whether your cat is comfortable in the environment of your home. It actually depends on the requirement and needs of your pets.

Cats can survive in a wide range of temperatures, 30ᵒ to 115ᵒ. Although they are not comfortable in all these temperatures still they can survive. They also feel best in the optimum temperatures just like its owner!

what temperature do cats like

Factors to be considered before choosing thermostat settings for your cat:


This furry friend is available in all sizes. Skinny and smaller cats are unable to retain heat properly and lose heat through the body very quickly in contrast to larger cats. So, a warmer environment is recommended for kittens.


If we compare a lean cat with a heavier one then you will notice that lean cats lose heat quicker and get colder faster in contrast to the healthier and heavier cats.


The thick coat of the cats provides them extra protection as compared to the cats with thin coats. So, that’s why the cats with thin coats lose heat quickly and get colder as compared to the cats with thick coats. For example, Siberian cats can bear cold temperatures in contrast to tabby, etc.


If your feline friend at home is a kitten then you should take care of it and provide him with a warmer environment for good health as a kitten and younger cats don’t have much stamina as compared to the old cats.


Health status plays an important role in the survival of the cat. Some health issues make it difficult for cats to survive or bear the temperature. For example, thyroid problems cause adverse effects in a warm environment. Moreover, cats with skin problems and infections feel comfortable in a warm environment.

Steps to keep the cats cool in summer:

There are many ways other than a/c unit by which cats can be kept cool in summer as follows:

  1. Use of fans
  2. Provide cool spots
  3. Allow them to play in the morning and evening
  4. Remove extra fur
  5. Regular hair cut
  6. Availability of freshwater for them
  7. Regularly notice their routine and health


It is an obvious fact that your cats and pets can get sick by air conditioning. You should maintain the temperature of your air conditioner according to the needs of your cat because you are the only one who knows about the requirements and adaptability of your pets. Optimum temperature keep your cats in comfort and they will remain happier.

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