Will aircon dry clothes

Suppose you just washed all your clothes as you thought you’d be spending the whole weekend at home. Now suddenly you need to go out in an emergency. You obviously don’t have the time to order new clothes online. You must be thinking about what else to do when all your clothes are wet. Also when the weather is rainy, you can’t dry the clothes on the balcony as you do. The rainy season is a really difficult time for drying clothes.

In those times neither you can use the yard or balcony for drying clothes nor drying clothes in the heater is recommended. Most people choose using a heater for drying clothes faster. But here is something that might astonish you. Actually, this harmless habit of drying clothes in the heater can cause several health risks.

Will aircon dry clothes

Well, this is true. This can cause you to lunge problems due to mold spores. Doctors told him this might have started with drying clothes on the heater. With the increasing humidity in our living environment by up to 30%. This is capable of growing more mold. Most people who’re healthy don’t need to be scared. But the people with weak immune systems, asthma, and cold issues can suffer in the long run.

Do clothes dry faster in cold or hot air

Do clothes dry faster in cold or hot air

Clothes dry faster in hot and dry air.

The reason is that hot air can absorb way more moisture and water vapors as compared to cold air.

Therefore, hot air will dry the clothes faster because it will quickly absorb all the moisture & water vapors in your clothes.

Why can wet clothes dry faster when the air is warm

why can wet clothes dry faster when the air is warm

A wet object dries due to evaporation.

All the wet clothes have water on them. The water is in the form of liquid and its molecules are bonded to each other due to the intermolecular forces. When a wet cloth is heated, then the energy of its water molecules increases.They break the intermolecular forces to leave the surface of the cloth and evaporate into the air as water vapors.

The rate of evaporation is directly proportional to the temperature.

  • If the temperature is high then it means that the rate of evaporation will also be high and the cloth will dry quickly because more water molecules will leave the surface of the cloth in a short time.
  • If the temperature is lower,then the rate of evaporation will also be lower and the cloth will take more time to dry because fewer water molecules will leave the surface of the cloth.

The reason why wet clothes dry faster when the air is warm is that the temperature of warm air is higher. The higher temperature means the rate of evaporation will also be higher. So, more water molecules will leave the surface of clothes and evaporate in the air.As a result, the clothes will dry faster.

Moreover, warm air is dry (less humid). So, it can absorb more water vapors from your clothes as compared to cold air. This also helps the clothes to dry quickly.

Why wet clothes dry quickly in summer than in winter

wet clothes dry quickly in summer than in winter

The speed at which clothes dry depends upon how fast the water molecules evaporate from the surface of the cloth and diffuse into the air.

If the temperature is high then the rate of evaporation will be faster and the clothes will dry quickly.

If the temperature is lower then the rate of evaporation will be slow and the clothes will take more time to dry.

The reason why clothes dry more quickly in summer than in winters is that the temperature is higher in summer. Due to this, the rate of evaporation is high. The water molecules on the clothes quickly evaporate and diffuse into the air. As a result, the clothes get dry quickly.

Plus, the wind is drier and less humid in summers. So, it can absorb more water vapors coming out of the wet clothes. This speeds up the evaporation process and thus, the clothes dry quickly in summer.

How to dry clothes faster

how to dry clothes indoors fast

Well, when you’ve nothing to do without drying your clothes inside the house, the Air conditioner can be the only best option. Using a heater is really not healthy in this case, You might not carry the risks or weak immune system, but other people in your house might get health issues because of mold.

Some people really drying clothes in air conditioned room. I know, this may be weird but in some cases, people who use this trick even say the ac is quite a good and smarter option for drying the clothes faster.

Best temperature to dry clothes

If you are drying clothes in a heat dryer then different types of clothes have different best drying temperatures.

  • Cotton clothes like jeans and towels:High temperature
  • Daily use clothes like t-shirts: Medium-temperature
  • Stretchy clothes like yoga pants:

Low temperature

  • Sensitive clothes like sweaters: Dry flat

If you are drying clothes outdoor then you can dry them at any temperature. If the temperature is high, the clothes will dry faster. If the temperature is low, the clothes will still dry but take more time.

That’s why people normally consider drying clothes on a sunny day because the temperature is high, the wind is dry, and the clothes dry quickly.

Is it better to dry clothes on low or high heat

Drying clothes on low heat is much better than drying clothes on high heat.

High heat will dry your clothes faster but it will damage the color and fabric of your cloth and reduce their life. It will also consume a lot of energy which makes it energy-inefficient. Plus, there’s also a risk of fire in the dryer due to excessive heat.

Low heat will take a little bit longer to dry your clothes. But it will not damage your clothes and you’ll be able to use them for longer. Moreover, low heat consumes less energy which makes it more energy-efficient as compared to high heat. Using low heat is also safe as there is no risk of the dryer catching fire.

Therefore, drying clothes on low heat is better because it is safe, energy-saving, and good for your clothes.

Will clothes dry in 12 degrees

Yes, clothes will dry at 12 degrees.

Clothes can dry at any temperature even. The thumb rule is that if the temperature is high, the clothes will dry faster. If the temperature is low, the clothes will dry slower but they’ll eventually dry.

Why clothes dry faster in an air conditioned room

Well, the air conditioner works as a dehumidifier. When you turn on your air conditioner, it absorbs heat and wrings out moisture.  The air we get from the air conditioner is too dry and cooler compared to the surrounding air.

When you dry your clothes in the house and turn on the air conditioner, you’ll notice the clothes drying faster. As you turn on an Ac it dehumidifies the air and absorbs moisture in the room. This is the reason for drying the clothes faster in an air-conditioned room.

If you want to know about this more clearly then, drying is basically a process that removes moisture. When you make the moisture of the room lower, the clothes dry faster, Because of the down moisture, driving potential gets higher. This is basically the difference between partial pressure and vapor pressure.

The collier and drier air coming out from the vents mixes with the room air. And that’s the reason you feel dry and comfortable. Also, the air is enough to dry your clothes sooner. This works sooner than the traditional ways because of lower dew point versus ambient temp with higher dew point. This is exactly the same way that a cloth dryer works.

Tips to dry clothes inside air conditioned room:

Well, how to dry clothes in an ac room? This question is way too confusing than you think. People often get confused between drying clothes. You need to know the exact steps that you should follow:

  1. Run the air conditioner as long as possible. This will bring dehumidify to the air.
  2. Now you may turn the air conditioner off. This step will increase the room temperature.
  3. Use a cloth drying stand for drying the clothes better in your room.
  4. It gives better and faster results if you just turn on the fan and point it to the drying stand.      

Well, these are the steps to follow when you’re wanting to dry your clothes faster inside your house.

Things not to expect

Well, there is no doubt left, you can dry your clothes inside your house. And using an air-conditioned room would give you better results. Let’s move on to the cons and lackings of the trick.

When you wash clothes, you want to get rid of dirt as well as smells. Drying the washed clothes doesn’t mean getting rid of moisture. It also gets you free from smell and mold. Using an aircon can help you to soak all the moisture very fast. But when it comes to the question of getting rid of smell and molds, ac fails to serve you that., This is the reason you also will be wanting a fan or dehumidifier. These two can be a good solution to remove smells.

Well, sunlight is always the best option. Everyone recommends drying clothes in the sunlight for the best result. But when it’s too hot outside, you might not want to get the color faded by keeping the clothes for a long time. Or when the weather is wet and foggy, you obviously won’t be wanting to wait for two days just to dry your clothes.

Difference of air conditioner and cloth dryer:

If you compare the air conditioner with a cloth dryer, you won’t get the best result. Obviously, a clothes dryer has more functions and gives you more facilities. A cloth dryer holds a rotating tumbler that helps you to hold clothes. Besides, it has a gas-powered heater that helps the air heating process to dry clothes. Also, it holds an exhaust vent that works to exit the water from the dryer in the streaming system.

On the other hand, an air conditioner moves heat out of the room and makes the palace cooler. For the cooling system, a set of cold pipes named evaporator coils works.

Is it bad to sleep in a room with drying clothes

Yes, sleeping in an air conditioning room with wet clothes is extremely bad for your health.

Here are the reasons why:

Risk of fungus infection

When you will sleep in wet clothes for a long time, you may develop a yeast infection. It is a fungus that mostly develops in moist and damp areas. Since your clothes and skin will be wet, moist, and damp, therefore, you will be vulnerable to a yeast fungus infection.

Risk of getting sick

When you will sleep in an air conditioning room with wet clothes, then the temperature of your body will significantly drop. It will slow down your immune system and you will be more vulnerable to the bacteria, viruses, and other germs around you. This way you can catch a disease and get sick.

Risk of skin problems

Sleeping with wet clothes at night will keep your skin wet, moist, and damp. It can lead to bacterial or fungus growth and cause infections. You may suffer from skin acne, soreness, or other skin problems, etc.

Final Words

Well, these were everything you wanted to know to dry your clothes in an air-conditioned room. Though it’s not as good as sunlight. But definitely in the rainy season, you’ll get enough help by trying this tip.

Is it air conditioner have any negative impact to our body? For example:

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