Can air conditioning cause hair loss

Does ac cause hair loss?

Is cool air a big reason for hair fall

Yes, it sounds rare, but air condition can cause your hair loss. Extreme temperatures can damage the hair structure and make hair fall.

Everybody loves a great combination of skin tone, beautiful hair & face cutting.

To stop hair fall, you should know something about the effect of extreme temperature on hair. We know extreme cold and hot can damage hair. If you don’t want to lose your hair, you have to maintain some condition.

Benefits of avoiding sunny environment

Benefits of avoiding sunny environment

Climate change is one of the main culprits for it. Too hot or too much cold temperature is very harmful to human life and will cause hair to fall. A too hot and too cool environment is not good for healthy hair.

To avoid the hot sunny environment, you should stay at home as much as you can. Direct exposure to ultraviolet radiation is not good for healthy hair. It takes about 15 minutes to start damaging your hair and skin. So, this can be a big reason for unwanted hair fall. So in this situation, stay home is the best option for you and your beautiful hair.

Sun may also reduce the protective oil of your hair. After losing the protective oil, harmful UV rays can damage hair lipids. Your hair may lose strength and have serious hair structure damage.

Does humidity cause hair fall?

Should i stay in the air conditioner room

You can stay home and turn on the air conditioner for a better environment for the entire place. Cold and relaxing fresh air will give you much comfort than outside. Air conditioners usually used to replace hot air from your home and circulate fresh and cold air. The air-con of your office or home comforts you, but it may not good for your hair.

AC pulls moisture from the air and makes it dry. The dry environment is not healthy for your skin and hair. The moisturization rate should be around 50%. Low moisture is harmful to hair health.

Air moisture is important to prevent hair breakage and hair fall. Without moisturizing, your beautiful hair will be dry and frizzy. If this situation continues, then your hair will fall out. You should not go out for a long time and should not stay in dry air. Here are some tips to increase the moisture of the room and can prevent hair fall due to air conditioner.

1. Intake water: 

The air conditioner gives you a comfortable environment, but at the same time, it reduces humidity in your room. You should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day to keep yourself hydrated.

Keep good hydration levels is most important for your health that can impact on hair.

Daily water intake is important to assure proper nutrients for your beautiful hair growth and health.

2. Help Evaporation: 

You can improve the humidity levels of your air-conditioned room. Keep bowls of water in the air conditioner room. Water will evaporate the entire room automatically. If you want faster evaporation, you can use boil water. Artificial waterfalls can be a benefit to evaporate. You can try this also to increase the humidifier.

3. Decorate with Indoor Plants: 

Indoor Plants can vapor the surrounding water. This process will increase the humidity level of the entire room. The wet soil under the plant can evaporate water slowly.

You can find some high humidity-boosting tropical plants to increase humidity very fast

  • Areca palm plant
  • Philodendron
  • Chinese evergreen

4. Fish Tanks:  

A fish tank can decrease dryness, and you can enjoy with fish as like as a pet. It is the best and creative way to develop the humidity level of your room. You can leave open the tank top, for best evaporate.

5. Use a humidifier:

Use a humidifier is the best and simple way to increase humidity. This product is specially designed to add moisture. It will work for every home and office. But you have to clean it regularly for better performance.

6. Set the correct humidity level: 

To prevent dryness and save your hair from damage, you have to maintain approximately around 50 % Very high moisture rate is very suitable for bad bacteria. So you have to be careful.

Can air conditioner cause hair loss


Now you already understand the negative side of the extreme temperature of the sun or air cooler, and how to prevent hair fall. High temperature and dryness are harmful to your health and beautiful hair. Everyone wants beautiful and healthy hair to express their beauty.

If you want it also, then you have to stay home or avoid the sun and have to maintain their room humidity around 50% 

Otherwise, the hair will be dry and prematurely fall out. To stop hair fall these tips will help you very much. Just keep in mind that you have to avoid extreme temperatures. Because the hit of the sun and dry function of the air conditioner will damage your hair and make unwanted hair fall. 

There is no rocket science but have some simple tips and tricks to prevent hair damage and prematurely fall out, which are already described in the tips section. Just follow the tips and increase the health of your hair and make resistance for hair fall. And enjoy your beautiful hair.

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