Can aircon make you fat

Does air conditioning cause weight gain?

Through the hot month season, as fast as we return home from work, the very first thing we do is turning on the air conditioner. Yes, it helps to keep us relax and cool BUT the latest research study shows, air conditioning may causes obesity.

Is air conditioner luxury or necessity? The latest technologies like heating and air conditioning make us survive in a thermoneutral region. We might get used to living at a temperature where there is no need for our body to manage its temperature. It is just when our temperature of the body is below or above this thermoneutral area that it jobs to get that level. In the process it needs power and as an outcome, it has to burn calories supplied by our body.

Can aircon make you fat

David Allison, the Clinical Research Center director at the Alabama University in Birmingham perform the research said that this might be one of the many factors that are behind the obesity issue.

He provides a big number of reasons that can contribute to this obesity blast besides fast food and deficiency of exercise. These contain a deficiency of sleep, lots of drugs, and even things like stop smoking as it can raise snacking when the person becomes anxious.

It is advised that the use of aircon should be limited as much as possible. These days modern offices come with AC, it would not be possible for a working individual to reject the effects of air conditioning a full day. But at least when he is at home, he can restrict the use of the AC. You can enjoy the ceiling fan and restrict you from aircon cooling or heating.

Artificial cooling is also very addictive. It comprises your body’s capability to deal with top temperatures. You are meant to experience in hot months, and cold in winter. Your body carefully adjusts and manages itself to each season. Part of each season adjustment is a natural change in diet. AC scrambles that very old biorhythm. If you live in AC, you will crave foods that are bad for your climate.

Just like mood swings can be very tiring, sudden temperature change are extremely serious physically. In nature, it is rare to experience a sudden 20 or even 30-degree temperature change. In modern days, sudden temperature changes are normal every time you step into a vehicle, a store, or your home. The serious change causes intense, sudden biological changes as your body struggles to adapt.

There are also nonbelievers who cannot trust on this theory. Their dispute is that people all over the globe are living in different climatic situations. So air conditioning should play a role in this job. Definitely, the full job needs a more professional search.

Best eating habits and regular exercise are the top way to stay clear of obesity.

Is air conditioner good for weight loss?

Could you get any advantage by just turning the AC up a few degrees? Actually, the research found that when you raise the ambient temperature from a relaxing 72° F (22° C) to hot 80° F (27° C), people reduce calories.

When it gets warm, people move very less. They use less energy and so reduce fewer calories. Luckily, heat also holds the appetite, so people tend to eat less and it is as much a wash.

Can you lose weight by turning the heat down?

Do you burn more calories when you are in a chill atmosphere? The answer is yes.

The general temperature for the human body is 37° C or 98.6° F. The surrounding air is quite a bit chill than that. To keep our bodies hot than the surrounding air, we reduce calories to produce heat. The chill in the atmosphere, the extra calories we have to burn to maintain that thirty-seven body temperature.

Turning down the thermostat in cool months and turning up the AC in hot months might outcome in some weight loss (of these two options, the former is better for the atmosphere, as it conserves power). If that is all you are doing, the amount you will lose over the course of a year might be 9 pounds, if the studies are right, but do not forget to eat right and workout regularly if you are serious about reducing weight.

Do you eat more when you are feeling cold?

Definitely, you may also eat more when you are feeling cold. The research found that when the room temperature is reduced from a comfortable 72° F (20° C) to a cool 61° F (16° C), people burned 140 additional calories per day staying themselves hot. Anyway, they also ate about 260 extra calories every day. 

Keeping the thermostat a degree or two chills in the winter may support you to burn a few additional calories. But it will probably have a more clear impact on your energy bill.

Should you keep the aircon on while working out?

Let’s find out:

Should you keep the aircon on while working out

You will not lose toxins

One of the key advantages of exercise is detoxification. Your body removes dangerous substances via sweating. The higher you sweat, the cleaner your system becomes. But how much do you truly sweat when you work out in the aircon gym? Not much? So that means your body will not be capable to expel many toxins.

Not perfect for a cardio workout

What is the objective of the cardio workout? It makes your heartbeat quicker, which produces heat to burn out calories. And the general temperature is perfect to gently escalate your heartbeat to the needed level. But in a chill room, you would not be capable to generate a sufficient amount of heat to burn a lot of calories.

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