Top 5 common reasons why aircon dripping water

No one wants to wake up at 2 am to a drip-drip water sound coming from their air conditioner. Here is why aircon dripping water happens.

Aircon dripping water is a common issue across households in Singapore. In the starting, several of us barely notice the occasional leaking for our AC units. But if left unnoticed, the leakage could get worse, and soon you’ll discover puddles below your AC each morning.

Several of us tend to go for six months or more without aircon servicing. And normally, the primary thing to occur will be the aircon dripping water.

These are the five most common reasons why aircon dripping water:

Incorrect installation

Incorrect Air conditioner installation is an extremely common reason for water dripping. An AC should be installed in such a technique that rear-end and is a little lower than the front side. A difference of one inch is great. If the AC is too low at the front side than the condensed water dripping from the front side rather than leaking from the rear end.

Air leakage

This is also the big reason for AC dripping water. The air enters the outside unit of the AC needs to flow fully from the inside unit and into the area where it installed. If, because of any leak or blockage, some of the air gets seepage before being flown indoor the room, it’ll in the seepage of water from the unit. The solution to this issue is to identify where the air is a leak is happening so it can be serviced.

Dirty coils and filters

aircon dripping water

During the cooking process, warm air flows via the filter and via a range of cooling coils to cool down during working. Though, dust buildup on the cooling coils and filters will slow down the flow of air. As the buildup boosts, ice can form around, the coils, or filter. When the system is turned off, it will melt and reason water dripping from your indoor system.

Leak in fefrigerant

This is a more serious issue and it’s one that needs the help of an expert. When a refrigerant seepage exists, the vents are probable to leak water as an outcome. The big reason why this is the case is that Aircon needs sufficient refrigerant levels so that moisture can be eliminated from the inside of the home. When waster is eliminated from the house and it remains on the coils, it can freeze and lead to aircon water dripping. Contact AC professional if this is a problem.

Frozen evaporator coils

The evaporated coils are situated inside the AC unit. Due to blockage in the condensation line, the coils can freeze. And when the temp of the room reduces, it eventually leads to the frozen coils being fully melted. Melted moisture then leaks from the AC vents. This issue is a hard one to detect and needs the professionals to identify the reason and eventually fix it so the AC can start working perfectly without any aircon water dripping.

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