Common aircon thermostat problem

How to tell if ac thermostat is bad? In general, any point the air conditioner does not deliver the wanted temperature, it could indicate your house has broken or faulty aircon thermostat.

Other issues can also happen if the furnace or AC has a problem, or even if the duck work in your home is leaking. That is why we advise some DIY steps so you can determine for yourself whether the thermostat is broken – and fix it in minutes.

Top 4 aircon thermostat problems

The ac thermostat wiring is loose

Thermostat wiring can fray or loose over time. Worn and disconnected wires drop to make full contact with screws or other wires. With power connections are incomplete or weak, your aircon thermostat would not work rightly.

Symptoms of loose wiring include:

  • No cooling
  • Erratic cycling
  • Cooling or fan run continually

If your thermostat controls both your cooling and heating structures, the thermostat has individual wires for each system. Your warming may work even when your AC does not.

For a while, the screws that link the wires drop out of their gaps.  Your thermostat may have no link for AC, but the warming connections are perfect.

Have your AC expert check your thermostat if you suspect loose wires or loose screws are causing issues inside the device. The key power to you may be shut off before any person handles wiring behind the cover of the thermostat. Leave the work to the professionals to be safe.

The ac thermostat has a power issue

If your dial or digital thermostat would not turn on the AC or fan at all the rest of the home has power, you have a power issue. Check your breaker box to view if a path has been dropped. A blown fuse can also be the reason for the power issue to the thermostat.

Some digital thermostats need batteries to job rightly. Check your thermostat battery. Stock up on extra batteries to make sure your thermostat is completely powered this summer.

The ac thermostat is dirty

Grease, pollen, dust, and even bugs can block the thermostat inside. When build-up debris gets stuck within the thermostat, the chaos can be the reason for the wires and sensors of the gadget to malfunction.

A gummed-up wire may warm up too much and shut down your air condition system. A dirtball behind an indicator can make the sensor read badly and chill your room too little or too much. You may experience strange cycling of your air condition system when the thermostat is filthy.

Call in your air condition expert to clear up your thermostat if it has been a few years since the gadget has been checked. While the experts clean the within of the thermostat, they can adjust the temperature digital sensor or indicator for an exact thermostat reading.

The ac thermostat is in a bad location

If your thermostat is placed in a place that is at risk of wide temperature changes or other atmosphere factors, the thermostat would not send the best signal to the air condition system.

Which ac thermostat is the best? We recommend Google new nest thermostat or daikin one+ thermostat.

How to fix a broken thermostat

how to fix a broken thermostat

Is your thermostat not functioning properly? The lifespan of thermostats are not definite but you can expect them to last for an average of at least 10 years. When a decade passes, a thermostat will start to malfunction because of dust buildup or old wiring.

If you notice any issues with your thermostat, there are several things you can to troubleshoot and fix your unit. At the same time, it will also help you determine if it is time for you to contact an expert to help you out.

Ensure that aircon thermostat is on the correct setting

This is the most obvious step. See to it that you set your thermostat has been set to “cool” if it is sum or set to “heat” if it is wintertime.

If your heater or AC is running all the time, it is possible that the thermostat has been set to “on.” The thermostat should be set to “auto” to make sure that your heating or cooling system doesn’t constantly run. When in “auto” mode, the blower is going to blow air out of the vents if the system is heating or cooling the air.

Turn your thermostat lower or higher than 5 degrees

You can follow try any of the following steps based on the specific season.

  1. If it is summer season, the temperature should be set at 5 degrees lower than the usual.
  2. If it is winter season, the temperature should be set at 5 degrees higher than the usual.

You will hear a click every time you turn your thermostat down or up. Wait for several minutes to check if the supply registers the blow out air or if the return vents are sucking in the air.

For electronic thermostats: consider battery replacement

If you are using a digital thermostat, you might want to replace the batteries to check if this will fix the issue. You might want to replace the batteries in digital thermostat in an annual basis.

For mechanical thermostats: clean the device

In case your thermostat features a little lever for moving the temperature, this means that what you have is a mechanical thermostat. These devices might malfunction over time due to dust. Remove the thermostat cover and use a cloth or small brush to remove the dust inside.

Check and test wire connections and wires

You can remove the thermostat cover and check the wires to ensure that they are securely connected to the designated mounting screw. If the wires are connected but the thermostat still doesn’t work properly, it means that you need to get the help of an expert. They will open your thermostat and individually test the wires to find the faulty one. Since it is dangerous to mess with wires, you need to call certified HVAC technicians to do it. Fixing a broken thermostat ensures that you and your family can enjoy a comfortable time inside your home. Follow the methods above or contact the experts to ensure the best results.

Air con thermostat frequently asked questions

What is a thermostat?

It’s a part of a simple control system, and its main features are to switch, that’s close, or open a power circuit depending on the temp. It is a component that lets to control and hence, handle the temp degree needed for a particular job.

What is the best aircon thermostat setting?

To stay comfortable and save in electricity cost, in Singapore experts recommends setting your thermostat to 26C when you’re at home. Setting your AC to this level will let you stay cool and avoid an unwanted energy cost.

When should I replace my aircon thermostat?

Generally, it is a fine idea to replace the AC thermostat roughly as often as you change your climate control system. So, each time you change your AC, you’d be installing a new thermostat also. This makes sure that you are not leaving it in the proverbial dirt by installing a unit that it might not know how to operate as efficiently.

How does a ac thermostat work?

Most of the things get larger when they warm as well as smaller when they become cold (water is an example: it expands when it warms and when freezes also). The thermostat utilizes this idea to switch a power circuit on and off. The 2 most common forms utilize gas-filled bellows and bimetallic strips.

How to know if ac thermostat is bad?

Aircon thermostat manages the temp in your home. If you feel your home is staying colder or hotter than the temp you’ve set, you might have a bad thermostat.

How do I reset my aircon thermostat?

Look to resent it by following its user manual guide. Not have it? Search the model online for resent guides. No, help here too, then try pressing down a recent button for five-plus seconds, turning the AIRCON thermostat off at the breaker, or overturning batteries for five seconds. You may also want to learn what does the reset button do on a thermostat

How do I fix my aircon thermostat?

While fixing an air conditioner thermostat fixing is not an easy job especially for an unknown person, you’d still better of getting the assistance of a professional aircon service provider to make sure that you prevent any additional damage to your Air conditioner thermostat and unit. Can a stuck thermostat fix itself? Some cases, yes but most of the cases, no. You have to troubleshoot and the process is complicated.

How much does it cost to replace the aircon thermostat?

For a standard, two thousand square foot house, the cost of installing or changing a thermostat average among 100 USD to 220 USD, including the cost of the unit, and professional installation.

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