How to maximise aircon ledge space

Because one cannot do without AC in humid and warm Singapore, most of us have an air condition unit in almost every room at the house. For most of us, the white box is jarring against our planned interior design and big visual distraction. Sure, it brings us aircon ledge chilly air and respite but does it need to so in such an instructive manner?

Keep the aircon ledge behind bars

Ensure the grills cover concealing your AC units have big enough areas for the chill air to come through or leave the base of your AC from any cover or obstruction. The grille cover should also be simply removable for routine cleaning and maintenance. For a perfect design, have the grille cover match with adjacent surfaces and carpentry.

Conceal aircon ledge in plain sight

For a moment, covering it in clear sight works. Above, the AC unit sits over the door of the passageway. It does not stick out visually as it is nestled perfectly between a tall cabinet and a plaster wall.

Below the AC unit presides among artwork in a gallery wall. Sidetrack the eye with a hodgepodge of colors and prints, and the unsightly chilling machine will fade into the backdrop.

Hide the aircon ledge within a false ceiling

A thicker false ceiling can almost cover the full aircon ledge, keep for the vent at the base. Note that HDB flats have a harder ruling as to how low the ceiling can go, as there is a lower clearance height of 2.5 meters from the finished floor level.

Make use of a recessed ceiling

Rather than having your AC unit covered by a fake ceiling, you can cover it inside the fringes of a lower-level ceiling. While not the most inconspicuous place, the included depth from the recessed ceiling means you cannot view the unit from certain angles.

Permit it to have self-awareness

Containing your AC unit within an open area of your build-in wardrobe or cabinet makes them less obvious. Shelves with a similar depth to your AC work best since that will make sure that the blasted chill air can increase its reach in the room. But even if you have a deeper shelf, managing your aircon ledge will suffice.

You will want to ensure there is sufficient area surrounding the AC unit so that it has enough room for ventilation as well as making it simple to reach out to it during servicing or cleaning.

A modern radiator shelf

Creaky old radiators are right up there with AC when it comes to common at-house eyesores and buying a boxy, huge radiators cover can feel a pretty bit like changing one design blight with another. So why not make a remarkable distraction, like a wooden shelf that hangs above your radiator? Just be sure to permit for some separation between the radiators and the base of the shelf – the final thing you want is an accidental fire risk.

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