Aircon compressor noisy? Few possible reasons and how to fix it

Why my air conditioner sounds like a jet engine? Why is my air conditioner making a pulsating noise? Something is wrong with your aircon compressor!

The compressor is the heart of your system, and when it fails, it is just as serious as losing the motor in your vehicle. Luckily, by listening for early alert signs, you may be capable to prevent any issues early they turn into catastrophes.

Common aircon compressor noises

aircon compressor noises
  1. Banging

    Clanking and banging are noises that are most generally heard due to loose parts somewhere in your compressor. There are a big number of different parts that could be to blame, such as motors mount becoming loose. 

  2. Buzzing

    A buzzing noise from your compressor is generally the outcome of some type of electrical issue. These issues contain loose wiring or problems with your system electrical relay or control switches.

  3. Hissing

    If your chilling system has a refrigerant leak, the leak might begin to produce a hissing sound that sounds like it is coming from your compressor. Refrigerant leaks generate all types of AC issues, including many that affect the performance of your compressor.

  4. Whining or screaming

    If your compressor is making loud whining or screaming sounds, it could have a problem with its internal force. This is one of the most serious compressor noises, and it should be careful of as soon as easy.

  5. Clanking

    Clanking is another sign of an out-of-balance or loses part. The parts within the sealed unit have likely stopped, and the compressor itself may have become unfastened. This sound also means that the inside blower or outdoor fan and its blades are out of balance and targeting other parts. These kinds of problems will just get worse and make larger issues if rejected.

  6. Squalling

    Fan and blower noises such as rattles, squeaks, and squeals may be changed via the duct structure. Outdoor fan motors and inside blower machines squeal loudly when they are getting some issue. For some units, this sound is general upon start-up. You should be capable to identify whether it is sound that the unit is forever made or if it is something fresh.

  7. Loud clicking or ticking

    There are different details as to why you may be hearing air conditioner unit compressor noises, such as ticking or clicking sound. One is that debris may have fallen surprisingly in your unit and is obtruding its general features. Another is that your fan screen is bent and the fan blades making noises. Your cooling and heat expert should be capable to locate the source of the sound extremely fast and fix the problem.

How to fix noisy aircon

Noisy AC systems are a common complaint from homeowners – but the best news – your relaxation can come in less noise.

Air conditioning systems are one of the advance conveniences. No doubt, without them, our lives would be extremely less relax. But while we love our HVAC system for providing chill relief from the hot months of sun and warmth during chilly winter days, we want them to do so quietly.

Have you been struggling with what you can perform to fix your noisy aircon? For this, look no additional than our speedy guide of tips for getting a quiet aircon.

Read on to learn quieting solution as well as how to fix a noisy AC.

New construction

If you are constructing a new house, then decide your aircon area with the support of experts. You want to ensure your aircon is fixed in the right location in your house to reduce noise. You also keep in mind that your air ducts are not too little for the airflow, as this usually causes noise problems due to air being pressed via the ducts at a high velocity. Again, talk with an expert to determine the best place and size of your ducts.

Chipping or tweeting noises

If your AC makes a sound that is similar to that of a bird, then you need not worry, mainly if the unit has been redundant for a while. The air conditioner is designed to make chirping sounds at first begin when it has been redundant for a while. Anyway, if the chirping sounds continue without reduction, then there is something bad with the system. At that point, you need to seek the help of an expert.

Humming or grinding noises

If you detect your unit system making humming or grinding noise, then there is every chance that the unit needs lubrication. Generally, the motor in an AC is designed to make a humming sound. If this is the condition, it is an insignificant danger to the AC unit. Some of them appeared with an unsealed machine. It is a best practice to frequently lubricate your AC motor, mainly at the starting of the summer.

Ticking and clicking sounds

Whenever your aircon makes a clicking or ticking sounds, it implies that some parts within it are not working rightly. Ticking or clicking sounds are mostly linked with the electrical issue. At this point, if you do not have experience dealing with power, your top bet would be to seek the services of an electrician.

Squealing and rattling sounds

If your AC makes a sound that is similar to rattling or squealing, it advises that there could be issues with the open-air fan. Similarly, this type of sound could advise that there are external particles such as leaf, stick, branch, or a wing. These foreign particles more generally than not fall on the open-air unit of the AC could lead to these noises. Further, debris like toys, rocks, and mulch can also be liable for these noises if they get within the AC compartment.

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