Daikin aircon servicing checklist (UPDATED 2021)

If you are fortunate to have a Daikin aircon in your home, you should understand how essential aircon is in Singapore, especially when the sun hits. Since an aircon keeps your home refreshingly cool, it is important to consider a Daikin aircon servicing regularly to ensure the device can operate for optimal performance.

We strongly recommend servicing your Daikin aircon with a six-month interval by a daikin professional service. However, to cut your budget low, here are some tips on what you can do to ensure your lovely Daikin aircon do not give you any problem in the long run.

Daikin air conditioning maintenance is important to ensure your Daikin aircon perform at top-notch condition and cut down your electricity bill. Below are daikin air conditioner maintenance checklist.

Daikin aircon servicing

Air filters

It is one of the important components in the Daikin air conditioner system as it helps to get rid of any harmful substance available in the air in your room. Furthermore, when the air filters are dirty, it would be difficult to purify the air even you are using the aircon throughout the day, your room may not be as fresh as it would when your air filter is still intact. Therefore, it is vital to clean the Daikin aircon filter at two weeks interval to keep it clean.

To clean the air filter, first, you will have to remove its casing. After this, remove the filter to wipe it off. Then prepare a mixture that contains water and non-abrasive cleaning agent to clean. You need to make sure the filter has dried completely before returning it to the air con. Always check the filter regularly if it needs replacement.

Condensing unit

A good Daikin aircon servicing should include every component of your aircon. Therefore, you need to check daikin condenser unit for obstruction as it helps to convert a refrigerant a liquid to a vapor, and it must not be blocked. If there are any blockages, it should be removed immediately.


The air ducts are an essential component in an aircon to keep your house clean. However, continuous usage may lead to the accumulation of dust and debris. Hence, air ducts should not be overlooked in your Daikin aircon servicing. It would be best if you cleaned it regularly. Thus, a professional assistant is recommended to clean the ducts at least once a year.

Fan coil

A Daikin aircon consists of a heat exchanger popularly referred to as condenser far. It’s a specific component that helps to minimize the energy consumption when the aircon is working. This fan is located at the back of Daikin aircon units. It is important to keep the fan clean whenever you are using the aircon as it is among the aircon components that need regular care. Doing this will help prevent accumulated dirt from the fan that can adversely affect the aircon’s performance and avoid the risk of repair.

Outdoor unit

Daikin aircon always looks great when it is newly installed in your building. To retain this exterior appearance, you need to regularly clean its air outlet with a microfiber cloth as the top of the aircon can collect dust easily. Therefore, clean it with a clean microfiber cloth to retain its appealing look. However, to clean its front panel, you need to remove the panel first and clean it with normal water and non-abrasive soap. Then dry it completely and return to its initial position.

Furthermore, if you see any of these following signs, you need to schedule an appointment with a professional aircon service or Daikin professional to prevent the complete break of your aircon unit. These signs may include buzzing, vibrating noise, leakage issues, cranking noise, and the likes.


Daikin air conditioning fault codes

Sometimes Daikin aircon may encounter an issue that can be difficult to investigate. Daikin aircon error code will guide you what is the common errors with your Daikin air conditioners.

Code table 1

System00All Normal
 U0Daikin aircon error code u0 show refrigerant’s shortage
 U2Drop of voltage or primary circuit overvoltage
 U4Error code u4 daikin show transmission error between indoor and outside unit
Indoor unitA1Indoor PCB defectiveness
 A5a5 error in daikin ac tell us there is overheating or freezing
 A6Fan motor faulty
 C4Faulty heat-exchanger heat-sensor
 C9Faulty suction’s air heat sensor
Outdoor unitEACooling-heating-switching error
 E5Ol is Started
 E6The faulty compressor’s startup
 E7The Dc fan motor is faulty
 E8Overcurrent input error
 F3High-temperature-discharge pipe controlling
 H6Operation halt for the faulty-position detection’s sensor
 H8The Dc current sensor is faulty
 H9The faulty suction’s air temperature sensor
 J3The faulty discharge pipe heat sensor
 J6Faulty temperature exchanger heat sensor
 L4The high temperature when inverter’s circuit heatsink
 L5The Output overcurrent
 P4The Faulty inverter’s circuit heatsink sensor

Code table 2

Error codesCause
daikin error code A3Drain the level controlling system’s abnormality
daikin error code A5Freeze-up the protection control/heating peak cut controlling
daikin error code A6The fan motor / related abnormality
daikin error code A7Swing motor’s look
daikin error code A9The electronic expansion valve’s abnormality
daikin error code AFThe drain system’s abnormality
daikin error code C3Room-temperature thermistor’s abnormality
daikin error code C4Thermistor’s / related abnormality
daikin error code C5Thermistor’s / related abnormality
daikin error code C7Front panel’s open/close fault
daikin error code C9Thermistor / related abnormality
daikin error code CJRemote controller’s thermistor’s abnormality
daikin error code CH or CSHeat-exchanger temperature thermistor’s abnormality
daikin error code CRDischarge-air-temperature thermistor’s abnormality
daikin error code EOThe Protectors Function
daikin error code E2BP unit’s PCB abnormality
daikin error code E3Actuation of high-pressure switch
daikin error code E4Actuation of low-pressure switch
daikin error code E5Compressor’s motor lock
daikin error code E6Compressor’s startup error
daikin error code E7Outdoor fan motor’s abnormality
daikin error code E9Moving part of electronic-expansion valve (like Y1E, Y3E) abnormality
daikin error code ESThe Outdoor Unit
daikin error code F3Discharge pipe’s temperature abnormality
daikin error code F6Refrigerant overcharged
daikin error code H3Outside-air-thermistor / related abnormality
daikin error code H8CT / related abnormality
daikin error code H9Outdoor temperature’s thermistor_R1T abnormality
daikin error code JOBP liquid/gas pipe thermistor’s abnormality
daikin error code J3Discharge of pipe thermistor’s (R2T) abnormality
daikin error code J5Suction pipe thermistor’s (R3T & R5T) abnormality
daikin error code J6Outdoor heat-exchanger thermistor’s (R4T) abnormality
daikin error code J7Outdoor liquid pipe’s thermistor_R7T abnormality
daikin error code J9Sub Cooling heat-exchanger of gas pipe’s thermistor_R6T abnormality
daikin error code JAHigh-pressure sensor’s abnormality
daikin error code JCLow-pressure sensor’s abnormality
daikin error code L1Outdoor unit’s PCB abnormality
daikin error code L4Radiation of fin’s temperature rise
daikin error code L5Inverter compressor’s abnormality
daikin error code L8Inverter’s current abnormality
daikin error code L9Inverter’s start-up-error
daikin error code LHRadiation fin’s temperature rise
daikin error code P1High-voltage of capacitor in the main inverter-circuit
daikin error code P3Heat-radiation fin’s thermistor / related abnormality
daikin error code PHHeat radiation fin’s thermistor / related abnormality
daikin error code P4Radiation-fin thermistor’s-abnormality
daikin error code R1The Indoor Unit
daikin error code R3The Faulty drainage
daikin error code R5Daikin r5 error code show operation-halt for the freeze’s protection-function / high-pressure control
daikin error code R6Fan motor / related abnormality
daikin error code UOWhat is uo error daikin? Insufficient gas
daikin error code U2Power supply is insufficient / instantaneous failure
daikin error code U3Check operations are not conducted
daikin error code U4Transmission-error between indoor & BP unit
daikin error code U5u5 daikin error code show transmission-error between remote controller & indoor unit
daikin error code U8Daikin error u8 tell us the transmission-error between the main and sub-remote-controllers
daikin error code U9Transmission-error between an indoor and outdoor unit in the same systems
daikin error code UAField’s setting switch-abnormality
daikin error code UCAddress duplication of the central remote controller
daikin error code UETransmission-error between centralized remote-controller and the indoor unit
daikin error code UFThe  System is not set yet
daikin error code UHSystem-abnormality refrigerant system’s address undefined
daikin error code UJTransmission-error between the outdoor and BP unit
daikin error code USPower-factor module’s abnormality.
daikin error code WThe Signal transmission-error (between the indoor & outdoor units)

Daikin aircon frequently asked questions

How do I control my daikin aircon using daikin ac manager app?

With the Daikin ac manager app, users can control their ac system from anywhere at any time. The ac manager app allows you to access the overview of your building, thus providing you with many more features to regulate your indoor temperature. However, you can control your Daikin ac app manager via voice control and others.

How to remove daikin aircon front cover?

To remove the front cover, hold the front cover with both hands at each tab end and lift until it no longer clicks. Then hold the cover with one hand and use the other hand to slide down the knob to release the lock.

How do I make my daikin aircon colder?

The most effective way to make your Daikin aircon colder is by removing and clean the air filter of your Daikin aircon regularly. Please also refer to how to make aircon colder guide

How to set daikin aircon timer?

Daikin aircon timer allows you to set the operation schedule for your system once or daily, depending on how frequently you want your system to operate. To set the Daikin ac timer, press timer on your remote. Then set the time for the system to on and off.

Why is daikin aircon costly?

The main reason why Daikin aircon is expensive is that you will be getting the best quality aircon with your money. You will get the best quality aircon and enjoy better efficiency and, most importantly, reliable product from them.

Why is my daikin aircon not cooling?

Suppose your Daikin aircon is not cooling or probably cooling but not substantial. There are many reasons why your aircon is not cooling; some of these cooling problems might be technically related, while others may not. However, most of these reasons could be faulty compress, insufficient refrigerant, a dirty coil, clogged air filter, and others.

Why is daikin aircon orange light blinking?

When your Daikin aircon starts blinking orange light, it blinks to let you know that your Daikin streamer needs cleaning. You should clean the streamer and reset the lamp.

Why daikin aircon red light blinking?

If your Daikin aircon starts blinking red light during normal operation, this could be due to outdoor unit failure. However, to fix the problem, it would be better to get a professional aircon technical to diagnose and fix the problem. It is a technical problem that requires professional help.

Why my daikin aircon keep turning on and off?

Well, there could be many reasons why daikin aircon keeps turning off. These reasons may be due to Daikin compressor failure, faulty timer, faulty condenser, a faulty Daikin thermostat, and others. However, your Daikin aircon turning itself on and off can exceptionally be annoying to its users, and sometimes only an aircon expert can fix it.

Which model of daikin aircon is the best?

If you are looking for the best Daikin aircon model, Daikin DX20VC is the best Daikin aircon. With variable-speed compressor, quiet operation, up to 24.5 seer performance, and others, it is considered the highest efficiency aircon among Daikin aircon products. With a variable-speed compressor, up to 24.5 seer performance, and others.

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