casement aircon vs portable aircon

Portable aircon is independent, adjustable unit with the exhaust hoses that simple to install and vent out of several casement types. Casement aircon is normally less costly than portable aircon, but they’re hard to install and just fit in standard-sized casements.

Both units’ forms have to be vented to the outdoor to feature perfectly and are superior as an additional cooling foundation, relatively than the house’s only basis of cooling.

Casement aircon

What is a casement window air conditioner? Why are casement air conditioners so expensive? Casement ac unit provide a more permanent solution that is short of installing a central air conditioner. They do not quite plug and play but can remain to provide time and cost-saving while offering you the feature to tolerate the casement aircon system in the future.

casement aircon

Advantages of casement air conditioner

Casement aircon saves your exterior space by sitting in your window and just extending some inches inside. There’s no separate vent to think about, and more sound is directed outside compared to a portable option.

In addition, Casement ACs are often more effective than portable AC units allowing them to cool a bigger area at a very much low cost.

Disadvantages of casement air conditioner

The biggest disadvantages of Casement ACs are they are hard to install and bock of your casement. If you are situated on the upper floor, it’s especially vital to ensure that AC is secure to prevent it from falling on something or somebody below.

Casement ACs are also noisier than the usual central air conditioners. While you are still capable to carry on usual conversations or hear the television, you would not get full peace.

Best place for casement air conditioner

The casement air conditioner comes with the installation with window access, so again, choosing the right place for the casement air conditioner is very necessary. So the first and the foremost thing your room should have window attached to it, only then casement air conditioner could be installed. Again you will need a power source, so a place with a better power source could be best for this air conditioner.

It should also be the place where the window could properly be sealed after placing the casement air conditioner so that no cool air goes out. Also, keep in mind to put the casement air conditioner to the highest window possible. Since we know casement air conditioners are designed to cool a single room where it is installed, it can be placed in bedrooms, home offices, living rooms, offices, etc.

Portable aircon

Are window or portable air conditioners better? Are portable air conditioners worth it? Portable ACs provide utilitarian saving and flexibility. They provide you a fast way to add proper air conditioning to a room as either a long term or temporary solution.

portable aircon

Advantages of portable air conditioner

The most notable benefit of portable aircon is that they are simple to fit. Just open the package and socket them in without some basic to change your casement frame. This also means that you can adjust a portable aircon from room to another room or even into your porch or garage.

Portable aircon also take up very little space in your casement, and you can simply eliminate the vent when you do not need an AC unit. Finally, portable ACs are normally more affordable than Casement aircon both in terms of price and not having to pay for installation.

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Disadvantages of portable air conditioner

The biggest disadvantage of portable aircon is that you will need floor area for a mid-sized appliance. This might need you to reset furniture or make a cramped area even more so. Further, you will still need to make an area to run the vent to your casement, and the portable aircon needs to be within some feet of the casement.

Noise might also be a concern with portable aircon. Though the company effort to keep the sound balances reasonable, just because the system runs inside, you will still catch the hum when it is on.

How to install portable air conditioner in casement window

Most people think that if they have a casement window, the portable air conditioner is not for them. But to your surprise, this is possible and is very easy to install. Every portable air conditioner comes with an installation kit. You can use Plexiglass or any material which will vent out the hot air.

Step 1- Very first step to installing a portable air conditioner is to measure the window’s size. You will get to know what size of Plexiglass you need. You may then cut down the plexiglass insert according to the size. Also, for the vent hose, get a hole done in the Plexiglass.

Step 2-  once done with the Plexiglass, start the process of installation. Then open the casement window and attach a latch to the frame of the window.

Step 3 –Next step is to position the plexiglass insert into the window. Use clips or clamps to set the plexiglass insert into the window. Then seal the plexiglass insert and make it waterproof and weatherproof.

Step 4- Now attach the vent hose to your plexiglass insert, and your installation is done. Now you can enjoy the cool air of your portable air conditioner.

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Portable air conditioner without window access

A portable air conditioner without window access is not an ordinary air conditioner. It has a self-system that requires no window access or exhaust. It uses the evaporation technique for cooling the air. This is best for those who have rooms without windows. This type of portable air conditioner contains a pump, water soaking pads, and a fan.

A pump is used to deliver water to the cooling pads. Now, as the pump flows water to the cooling places, the water starts evaporating, and the cool air is circulated in the surrounding. These portable air conditioners without window access work on a simple evaporation process and are less costly than those with window access. It uses less electricity and hence can be said as an energy-saving portable air conditioner. People who live in dry areas are recommended to use portable air conditioners without window access because the surrounding gets humidify due to the evaporation process.

Conversely, it is not recommended to use it in a cool and humid place. A portable air conditioner without window access comes in various sizes so that you can choose according to the size of your room. As we already know, these coolers are without window access, so that you can use them in a room without a window, but it is not recommended so.

The hot air in the room needs to be vented out to make the room cool. So it is advised to open the windows while using this cooler or other ventilation techniques. A portable air conditioner without window access has a lot of advantages.

As the name suggests, it is portable and can be moved from one room to another. It has no installation technique to be followed. Just plug in and enjoy the cool air. Windows are not the only option to vent the hot air. You may use doors through the wall by making a hole using a drill or also through the ceiling.

Best place for portable air conditioner

Selecting the best place for your portable air conditioner is very necessary. This will automatically make your space more comfortable. For your portable air conditioner, you will need a place where natural air can flow to vent out the hot air if the air conditioner is without window access. So you can place it in the rooms with windows. You will need a place where there is a better power source.

Your air conditioner can also be placed in a room with a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan will help to circulate the air properly, making the surrounding cool. As the name suggests, a portable air conditioner can freely be moved from one room to another. So the portable air conditioner can easily be placed in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, workshops, garages, basement, etc. Also, keep in mind not to put the air conditioner where any appliance generates heat.

Final words

Is casement aircon good? For the ultimate in smooth cooling with easy installation, select the portable aircon that can be shifted from room to room as required. If you are concerned about efficiency, noise level, and space, then casement aircon is the best option for you.


How does casement aircon work?

Also known as vertical, window, slider AC, casement aircon is top for sliding windows, ones that slide from left to right. These kinds of ACs work just like an old unit, drawing humidity and heat out of a room and moving the heat into the air outside.

How do you clean a casement aircon?

Switch off mains
Remove front cover and filter
Locate and remove the fount mounting screws
Pull out the full unit partway to expose the rotor fan.
Spray Airconcare solution to the chilling coil and blower rotor blade generously to cover all areas until you use up the 500ml spray bottle.

Why are casement windows more expensive?

Casement windows are generally more expensive than double-hung windows, generally twice as much. This can be attributed to the more hard mechanical operations of casement windows, gathered with the lower consumer demand.

What is a slider casement window air conditioner?

A casement, or slider, AC is what you would look for it if you need to fit an air conditioner into a sliding window. The casement air condition begins from twenty inches in height and above. They come with fasteners and precut inserts that can hold the air condition unit in the window frame.

What should I look for when buying a casement aircon?

Size of room: the capacity/size of the air conditioner should be as per the size of your room.
Installation: in order to get the most out of your AC unit, it is vital to rightly install it.
Noise control: Noise is a very vital point to consider when buying a casement AC.

Which is better, casement aircon or sliding windows aircon?

Casement/slider room AC is the best solution for cooling a room up to 350 square feet. This unit is mainly designed for use with casement windows or sliding horizontal windows and is not perfect for standard window installation.

Are casement windows better than double hung?

Double-hung windows can generally provide much bigger operable windows than casement windows. So, if you are trying to fill a big opening and want it to open, a double-hung is likely your top bet.

Do portable aircon work without a window?

It is easy to use an aircon unit without straight window access but it is also not perfect and will not need some finagling on your part. Understanding how the unit works and how it works best will support you in understanding actually what you need to do.

Is casement aircon noisy?

One reason for noisy AC is a choked fan or dirty open-air condenser. Abnormal gas force or out of order motor bearings in the air fan coil pipe may also reason for a noisy aircon. The solution to a loud aircon is 2 pronged.

Is it ok to leave casement aircon on all day?

Running your AC full-day is generally safe, as it, probably would not cause a fire or other issue in your home.

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