How to conceal aircon trunking

What is aircon trunking

Aircon trunking is a protection that is used to cover the unit PVC pipes, electrical cables, copper conduits, and other unsightly parts to preserve the aesthetic of your walls and home. Used more than just for aesthetics, aircon trunking also offers a protective layer between your aircon and the external atmosphere. This spreads the lifespan of your unit and ultimately keeps your maintenance and repair costs.

What causes condensation in aircon trunking

What is the reason for condensation in the aircon trunking? As the aircon warms or chills the air, some of the moisture gets trapped in the trunking, making liquid droplets. Generally, aircon has an initial condensation line for draining the moisture build-up and back-up drip lines as well.

Anyway, leakage or dripping in the back-up drip line is a clear sign that something is wrong. Is water from your AC running down your walls and seeping into your carpet? On this page, we will discuss the key causes of aircon condensation and how to conceal them from occurring.

aircon trunking

Badly installed trunk

Possibilities are, water outflow from your aircon item will due to badly fixed trunk joints. To fix this issue AC needs to fit into each other rightly, otherwise, water from moisture build-up in the aircon trunking will leak via them. You can solve this issue by getting an expert AC technician to re-install the trunk. If you have yet to purchase your AC system, you can keep yourself the extra cost and ensure the firm installing your AC system is doing it rightly. Be there when the installation is being performed to make sure it is being done rightly.

Bad insulation

An expert AC company generally suggests you on the thickness of the insulation required for the area where you would like the AC to be and will use top standard insulation kinds of stuff to decrease the danger of trunking condensation. Therefore, when the insulation is not strong enough, condensation will happen. This is not your error but the error of the company that installed your AC system. To stop this from happening, ensure that the firm you have hired to fix your aircon system is an honest brand that can promise amazing, top standard service.

Trap floor blockages

Moisture increase can cause to the jam of the trap floor within your air condition unit. The trap floor is very important for draining the liquid from the wetness build-up, but when jam, rises the build-up instead. This activates the water outflow in your aircon trunking, reducing the lifespan of your item. What makes the condition hard is that, since the pipes are shafted, it is hard to remove the blockage yourself, this makes the pipes hard to fix yourself. Thus, it would be simpler to contact an aircon expert to solve the issue for you.

While there are many things that can be the reason of condensation in your aircon trunking, they can be simply stopped by planning beforehand and picking a reputable and local AC services firm to install and maintain your air condition system.

Should I box up aircon trunking

Yes, you may box up your aircon trunking. Although not necessary at all times, but when the material of your aircon is designed to run on the wall surface, it may be required. Typically, technicians will run the aircon material on the wall surface when it is impossible to hide these materials.

For a building with a dropped ceiling, a box up may not be required for its air conditioner trunking because the copper pipe of the unit can be run directly from the dropped ceiling down to the condenser. And as for any HDB unit, trunking is absolutely required.

While I inform you of the need to box up your aircon trunking, it is also of equal importance that I inform you about its downsides: boxing up aircon trunking can lead to condensation which could cause mold proliferation and also make modification difficult.

Types of aircon trunking

PVC air conditioning trunking

The PVC is designed to achieve safety, versatility, and durability. It can be used for both insulation systems and residential air conditioning pipes. It can also serve indoor and outdoor purposes.

Colorbond air conditioning trunking

Colorbond air conditioning trunking is very durable and will completely hide all pipework and electrical cabling that interconnects to each other. It is available in varieties of colors and will last for a long period.

Air conditioning trunking size

It is important to know the size of your aircon before installation, especially when the unit is HDB. Aircon trunking contains materials such as Armaflex insulation, water pipes, copper pipes, and electrical wires with Armaflex occupying most of the spaces.

For every indoor aircon unit, 2 sets of copper pipes are installed, and each of the sets contains at least one Armaflex insulation. Therefore, in a system 4 AC unit, one of the outlets may have up to 8 sets of copper pipes.

If you were to install smaller trunking sizes in this kind of system, it may be impossible to install all the material. Likewise, it is also not advisable to install large-sized trunking as that will create a lot of vacuum within the aircon trunking. When you used oversized or undersized trunking, it may lead to condensation problems.

How to cover aircon trunking

If you don’t like how your electrical trunking has tainted your interior decor, you can conceal the imperfection in two major ways.

  1. Create a feature out of it and make it unique. For example, you can make a painting of tree branches on the wall, making it seem like they sprouted from the electrical trunk.
  2. Conceal it within a false ceiling or wall. This is one of the most perfect ways to conceal your electric trunking as it reduces visual clutter and the finishing looks neater. However, they can be expensive!

Aircon trunking replacement procedure

Remove the existing aircon trunking and install the new thinking on the exterior wall, making sure it fits into the aircon pipe that is positioned inside the wall. This is done to discourage the formation of condensation on the copper pipes that are outside.

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