Aircon Chemical Wash Vs Chemical Overhaul

Yes – Air conditioner is the most vital appliances of your house, and it usually needs services, maintenance to keep it works perfectly. As a leading company in Singapore, we recommend regular maintenance and serving boosts the life of your Air conditioner components.

No doubt, efficiently and effectively, the working of the AC unit means fewer energy costs and even a long lifespan! Usually, normal Air con servicing is done just you’d clean a car! But according to our experts, there’re 2 more efficient ways to Air con maintenance and servicing. These 2 methods are:

  • Aircon Chemical wash
  • Chemical overhaul

Aircon Chemical Wash

Aircon Chemical Wash

First, understand the Aircon chemical was is different from the usual cleaning service by experts. When you seek experts’ help for the usual cleaning, they’ll mostly clean the outer areas of the air conditioner. But air con chemical wash is different.

They’ll dismantle the key parts, such as water trays, fan coils, and air filters, and clean those with a unique chemical-based solution. This helps to clean away the dirt and dust accumulated on the inner parts, thereby increasing the cooling power of your unit.

Perfectly, you’d get AirconChemical wash of your AC done two times a year. That way, you can extend the life of your AC unit and enhance the quality of air. Chemical washing helps decrease corrosion, remove, or control molds. This technique of AC cleaning is normally utilized as a preventive measure and assists an AC feature normally for years ahead.

Chemical overhaul

Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Unlike chemical washing, the chemical overhaul is utilized as a technique of Air conditioner repairs or service. If you notice your AC unit is not cooling enough or making a huge noise or leaking some water or has stopped working perfectly, you might to for a Chemical overhaul.

In this procedure, every part of the unit is deconstructed and the washed, replaced, or repaired. Air conditioner unit professionals can tell you whether your machine needs a complete chemical overhaul or only Air con chemical wash would suffice.

If you’re facing any problem with the performance, you’d contact a skilled technical rapidly. Delay is doing the essential servicing that can additional incense the issue. In general, overhaul assists deal with the following problems.

  • Damaged or faulty air filters
  • Drainpipe blockage causing water to overflow
  • Vents blockage due to accumulation of dirt particles and toxic gunk
  • Fan bearing nor working smoothly
  • Split harm to the evaporators coils

Remember, once dismantling the parts any of them can test perfectly by the expert. No doubts a few of them might need to be serviced as they depend on the components conditions, while others might need a full replacement! Once air conditioner overhaul is completed, quit worrying as your Air conditioner unit runs like a new once again!

Bottom line

Keep in mind that both Aircon chemical wash and chemical overhaul will play a key part to decease your electric cost and even prolong the life of your air conditioner unit. If you’re in this megacity, then you can hire our reliable services if you feel any issue with your AC.

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