Aircon chemical wash vs aircon chemical overhaul

Is aircon chemical wash necessary? Yes – Air conditioner is the most vital appliances of your house, and it usually needs services, maintenance to keep it works perfectly. As a leading company in Singapore, we recommend regular maintenance and serving boosts the life of your air conditioner components.

No doubt, efficiently and effectively, the working of the AC unit means fewer energy costs and even a long lifespan! Usually, normal aircon servicing is done just you’d clean a car! But according to our experts, there’re 2 more efficient ways to aircon maintenance and servicing. These 2 methods are:

  1. Aircon chemical wash
  2. Aircon chemical overhaul

What is aircon chemical wash

aircon chemical wash
Aircon Chemical Wash

First, understand the aircon chemical was is different from the usual cleaning service by experts. When you seek experts’ help for the usual cleaning, they’ll mostly clean the outer areas of the air conditioner. But aircon chemical wash is different.

They’ll dismantle the key parts, such as water trays, fan coils, and air filters, and clean those with a unique chemical-based solution. This helps to clean away the dirt and dust accumulated on the inner parts, thereby increasing the cooling power of your unit.

Perfectly, you’d get aircon chemical wash of your air conditioner done two times a year. That way, you can extend the life of your AC unit and enhance the quality of air. Chemical washing helps decrease corrosion, remove, or control molds. This technique of AC cleaning is normally utilized as a preventive measure and assists an AC feature normally for years ahead.

What is aircon chemical cleaning?

Though aircon chemical cleaning sounds like a complex procedure, it’s just simple cleaning of the AC parts. The experts take apart your air conditioner, take a deep look at the small parts, and recommends you if air conditioner needs to be chemically cleaned or not. The main advantage of the chemical cleaning by an expert is that its efficiency will boost. You’ll be capable to feel the aircon performance, and you’ll get the top performance from your AC.

Why air conditioner need chemical wash?

Here’re some of the advantages when you go through this procedure during the air conditioner cleaning service procedure.

Your air conditioner will be more effective, which means less weight on your utility bills. Going via Air conditioner chemical wash also helps to remove any foul odor given by your air conditioner, noise given by your air conditioner, and water leakage issues.

In addition, your air conditioner will be free of any dust trap, which means you currently have an air conditioner system that gives clean air. Avoid spending extra money in the future, and engage in expert air conditioner cleaning in Singapore.

How much is a chemical wash in Singapore?

It’s really important to keep your AC unit performing at its peak level. Especially in Singapore. Chemical wash can improve the efficiency of your unit to the max level. This process can even restore the performance of your old AC units. Your air conditioner will definitely be more efficient, which means the lesser weight on your electricity bills. Going through aircon chemical wash also assists with eliminating any foul smell given by your aircon. Besides, it will be liberated from any dirt trap, which means you currently have an aircon unit that provides cleaner air.

It’s hard to clean old air conditioners with only a regular cleaning process. And it possibly will be not enough to clean the dirt completely. And for that, aircon chemical cleaning is utilized to get more established air conditioners back to their best working condition. And chemical cleaning is more familiar cause most of the owners use old units.

Aircon chemical wash varies for the kind of washing you like. The average Non-dismantle chemical wash in Singapore will cost about SGD 75-110. Yet, the wash that involves full dismantling will obviously cost more than the non dismantle one. It’ll cost about SGD 130-190. The aircon blow speed will be improved just like a new unit after the chemical wash.

How do i know my aircon needs a chemical wash?

Aircon companies will have you believing chemical air conditioner cleaning is a must. Some of the cited reasons are that air conditioners will prolong their lifespan, working peak efficiency, and lower energy bills. If you service your air conditioner regularly, say each quarter, you’d still retain the advantage of:

  1. The noiseless and smooth running of the air conditioner
  2. The AC unit performing its basic feature of efficiently cooling of the home
  3. Reduction of water leakage
  4. Removing the foul odor from the air conditioner
  5. Boost efficiency of the air conditioner, hence reduce electrical consumption
  6. Pre-empting upcoming potential break downs, leading to expensive repairs or replacement

On the other side, if you’ve not serviced your air conditioner or have not utilized it for more than 6 months, a chemical cleaning is highly recommended.

Take note that all chemicals are dangerous, particularly those utilized to eliminate dirt, grime, oil, and scale. The one chemical used in the air conditioner chemical cleaning is Sodium Hydroxide. The label by an expert in the right diluted amount, the chemical will be more risky than fine to the air conditioner.

Take care also that the air conditioner chemical cleaning procedure leaves a residue in trace amounts. Many air conditioner servicing companies neglect to clean the air conditioner after the chemical cleaning procedure. this is highly risky and harmful to you and your loved ones, particularly infants and kids if the fumes are inhaled when the air conditioner is running thereafter.

Hence make sure the air conditioner system is perfectly flushed after the process. Cleaning it with fresh water and eliminate all impurities and chemical elements should do the trick.

You can avoid being forced into paying a high to have your air conditioner chemical washed if you’re already having aircon regularly services by assuring that we covered you in every AC cleaning, servicing, and maintaining department.

Remember, your aircon is arguable one of the most important family unit appliances to assist you with surviving the sweltering weather. And needs it’s own cleaning to provide you the best performance.

Does your aircon need chemical cleaning? Here are the points to consider to figure out if you need a chemical wash:

Low Airflow

Helpless airflow is a typical sign that your air conditioner isn’t working efficiently. A damaged air filter or something much more serious than it seems. In any case, an obstructed air filter means that the filter is already been filled with dirt and needs immediate cleaning.

If insufficient airflow is a typical issue in your home, attempt to hire the professionals to assist you with cleaning it with a chemical wash. It can improve performance really really fast. And your aircon will benefit by getting a chemical wash. It can improve airflow and cooling power at the same time.

Hindered air vents

The resistance that an obstructed vent causes the air conditioner will make it begin to draw more power, and these anxieties both the electrical system and the mechanical systems. If the vents remain impeded, the air conditioner will start to experience malfunctions from rapidly wearing down segments. It can get damaged sooner than you expect. The issue from stopped up vents is that they will lead to the infiltration of residue and debris into the AC’s cabinet, and this will cause large amounts of damage to the main parts. And it’ll even bad health issues to you by providing you with bad air containing allergens and molds.

The best strategy is to plan a professional cleaning from trained technicians. You cannot do much good simply by opening up the registers and wiping down the visible area using a damp fabric; this contamination goes further. Specialists use power vacuums and agitation equipment to fully cleanse ventilation work.

How often should you go for air conditioner chemical cleaning?

As air conditioner chemical cleaning might be expensive, you’ve to know how frequently you should get your AC cleaned chemically. This depends on a range of different things. To make the decision simple for you, we’ve compiled some pointers that’d signify when your aircon is asking for a chemical cleaning job.

  • Water leakage
  • The sudden boost in electricity bill
  • Bad smell
  • Frequent allergies
  • Noisy

Is aircon chemical wash required every year?

Having your aircon a chemical wash once a year is strongly recommend. But regular aircon cleaning also important. Your aircon unit should get washed regularly. There are several cases where your unit cannot function appropriately. If you want to treat these issues, you may want to have a chemical wash for your aircon unit. Most issues can be illuminated by using this washing treatment. That is the reason why you have the option to restore your old air conditioner performance. It can assist you in improving the performance of your aircon unit. It is a smart thought to play out this washing treatment at whatever point you have a few issues with your air conditioner unit. This cleaning technique is effective to drag out the life of your aircon unit.

It is suggested that you have a regular chemical wash on your aircon once a month. It can assist you in maintaining the performance of your AC system. Many high-quality service companies can assist you with this regular washing treatment. It can eliminate any contaminants that may buildup inside your aircon unit.

This will guarantee that your air conditioner is running inappropriate conditions and that any potential issues about to introduce themselves are addressed in a timely fashion. Or it can lead to some very serious damaging events. You can anticipate that the service should be a bit different depending on what your AC service professionals find inside your AC unit.

Pros and cons of aircon chemical wash


  1. Work longer
  2. Spare more vitality and power bills
  3. Lessen fixing costs
  4. Cleaner condition for a more beneficial living
  5. Lessen the probability of confronting startling aircon breakdown issue
  6. Increment the cooling proficiency of the room/zone
  7. Unravel spilling water issue and clear the obstructed if have any


  1. Requires critical preparation of the specialist.
  2. Capacity and disposing of the unused chemicals according to the set laws are regularly troublesome.
  3. The chemicals are unsafe for both the specialist and the house inhabitants.
  4. More costly because of utilizing chemicals, materials, apparatuses, and specialized abilities for this sort of cleaning.

What chemical is used to clean air conditioners?

The main chemical utilized in AC cleaning is Sodium Hydroxide.

Well, you should not really have to. It really depends on how regular your service your AC and how well it’s done every time.

Aircon chemical wash full process

While air conditioners are extremely advanced and complicated machines, they’ve progressed to the point that with the right maintenance they will last a fine long time. However, they must receive cared with usual visits from air conditioner experts to ensure that they’re cleaned inside and out, working perfectly, completely charged and there’re no leaks in the unit.

Step by step guide on aircon chemical wash

Total Time: 45 minutes

1. Dismantling of the air conditioner unit

This process is done to make sure that after the chemical AC wash process, each part can be determined; assuring the chemical clean has been done completely.

2. Cleaning of the air conditioner outer covers

A full clean would be done to your external covers. This is also to make sure that exterior parts are cleared of dust, dirt, and mold. This step is also done for complete hygiene purposes.

3. Chemical wash starts

Components that would be washed with a chemical cleaning solution include:

– Condenser coils
– Air filters
– Evaporator coils
– Wheel and the Fan blade

4. Assembling and Testing

Then make sure that after assembling back the aircon unit, that the complete checks are completed to make sure that the AC is performing safely and optimally.

Air conditioner chemical wash will provide you and your loved ones with cool and clean air, less AC noise, and energy consumption. Furthermore, you will prevent your unit from leakage moisture last but not the least when the chemical cleaned, your unit will be free of harmful germs and mold spots that might lead to health issues.

Suffering through the sweltering warm weather during the summer in Singapore is no option, particularly if you have an air conditioner that only needs perfect maintenance. If you need to fight the summer heat, then you’ve to ensure your Air Con unit’s ready to go before the season begins. Doing yearly maintenance AC checkups is not forever enough, so a deep chemical cleaning process 1 or 2 times a year is a must.

Even after you do a regular maintenance checkup your unit’s still not working perfectly, performing a usual air conditioner chemical cleaning will enhance its overall performance. Our team of professionals offers the best quality aircon chemical wash servicing in Singapore. For more details contact us now.

What is aircon chemical overhaul

aircon chemical overhaul
Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Unlike chemical washing, the chemical overhaul is utilized as a technique of Air conditioner repairs or service. If you notice your AC unit is not cooling enough or making a huge noise or leaking some water or has stopped working perfectly, you might to for a Chemical overhaul.

In this procedure, every part of the unit is deconstructed and the washed, replaced, or repaired. Air conditioner unit professionals can tell you whether your machine needs a complete chemical overhaul or only Aircon chemical wash would suffice.

If you’re facing any problem with the performance, you’d contact a skilled technical rapidly. Delay is doing the essential servicing that can additional incense the issue. In general, overhaul assists deal with the following problems.

  • Damaged or faulty air filters
  • Drainpipe blockage causing water to overflow
  • Vents blockage due to accumulation of dirt particles and toxic gunk
  • Fan bearing nor working smoothly
  • Split harm to the evaporators coils

Remember, once dismantling the parts any of them can test perfectly by the expert. No doubts a few of them might need to be serviced as they depend on the components conditions, while others might need a full replacement! Once the air conditioner overhaul is completed, quit worrying as your Air conditioner unit runs like a new once again!

How often to chemical overhaul your aircon?

Regularly, people don’t understand that their units need overhaul administration like clockwork. They basically don’t think that it’s essential until they are frightened when the unit gets defective. Evade this by considering an expert to normally support the aircon unit. This will spare you issues and extraordinary use not far off. Recollect that these units are an extraordinary interest in your home subsequently ensure you get administrations from a dependable organization.

How continuous an aircon ought to be overhauled is an inquiry posed by concerned aircon proprietors around the globe. Experts suggest yearly performed overhaul is incredible regardless of whether the unit doesn’t have any operational issues. So at any rate once a year is adequate. Doing this is an assurance that the unit will work at its ideal levels for an extensive stretch particularly during the hot months when you need it most.

During the overhaul, your administration organization could fall back on doing a chemical overhaul and cleaning condenser. This will spare you loads of migraines and cash. Even though numerous individuals consider the condenser to be a basic part, it could without much of a stretch glitch if it isn’t appropriately washed. Besides, it could likewise harm your unit altogether which would make it important for you to supplant the whole unit. On the off chance that you own an air-con in Singapore, at that point you should change the channel now and then. The channel change ought to be done once like clockwork.

Aircon chemical overhaul full process

Aircon overhaul is utilized as a technique for more advanced issues related to your AC unit. If you notice that your AC is making an uproarious noise or leaking water or has quit working totally, you may need to go for an overhaul.

If you are facing any of these issues, do not wait for it to get worse. Get technical help as soon as possible. Or else, it can lead to some very serious issues. Here’s the process of chemical wash overhaul:

  • Siphon down refrigerant gas into the condensing unit and lock the service valve.
  • Disconnect it from the power    
  • Drain the pipes
  • Dismantle the fan coil unit down from the wall.
  • After that, disassemble the circuit board along with the other main parts
  • Brush the electrical circuit board and fan engine surface off residue.
  • Everything will be chemically washed in the main areas
  • Utilize alkaline chemicals instead of acidic chemicals which may be more corrosive.
  • Flush the above parts with water and inject the chemical solution.
  • It’ll help you to clean the dirt with water. It will remove dirt from within.
  • After the forming process is finished, the parts must be altogether flushed with water to eliminate all residual chemical solutions.
  • Wipe dry all the main parts and make sure not to keep anything wet
  • Reassemble the coil units
  • Proceed to clean the drain piping
  • Install the foil back at the wall.
  • Secure the main parts
  • Utilize a vacuum siphon to extract out air and foreign material in the refrigerant piping system.
  • Unstable the service valve and test for leakage at fan coil flare jointing.
  • Trial the air conditioner and check for the right operating weight.

What is the difference between a chemical wash and chemical overhaul?

Chemical Wash

This is a much intensive type of cleaning when contrasted and typical adjusting. In typical adjusting, just the external pieces of every unit are cleaned without destroying any of its primary parts.

In actuality, in a chemical wash, all aspects of the aircon are cleaned utilizing chemical reagents as the aircon is destroyed before this chemical wash measure starts.

Parts, for example, the condenser, curls, fans, water plate, and air channels are destroyed and washed with a chemical-based arrangement. This objective all the inward territories which are not entirely obvious in ordinary overhauling.

Chemical Overhaul

Under ordinary conditions in Singapore, Chemical Overhaul Service is more compelling or enthusiastically suggested over Chemical Cleaning Service. For typical chemical adjusting, it is difficult to lead an exhaustive cleaning cycle of within or concealed aspects of the aircon unit. Without destroying the aircon unit, the stain, horrid, and earth will turn out to be most noticeably terrible additional time. That why a chemical overhaul or full assistance is expected to tackle this issue.

Bottom line

Keep in mind that both aircon chemical wash and chemical overhaul will play a key part to decease your electric cost and even prolong the life of your air conditioner unit. If you’re in this megacity, then you can hire our reliable air conditioner services if you feel any issue with your AC.

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