Panasonic vs LG AC

Before the scorching summer days come knocking at your door, it is vital to find the best AC brand to keep you cool and cozy throughout the hot season. Panasonic vs. LG air conditioner is a tough battle that AC shoppers should consider to help them find the right unit for their needs and budget.

About Panasonic ACs

About Panasonic ACs

Panasonic is the aircon brand that is frequently chosen by both home and business owners. Many people choose the brand as their units offer clean air, efficient cooling, hassle-free maintenance, and lower power bills.

Here are some of the main reasons why Panasonic ACs are in demand among many users today:

Hassle-free maintenance

Panasonic aircon units have essential technologies at their foundation, meaning their construction is not that complicated. Thanks to this, the units are easier to maintain with lesser minimum resources wasted on the repair.

The design of the units is also simple enough, so you can even do maintenance activities on your own. You can unclog the drain tube and clean the filter. But, it is still necessary to call the help of professionals if your aircon suffers from a severe breakdown.

Less noisy operation

Another reason why home and business owners choose Panasonic ACs is because of their noise-free features. Loud air conditioners can easily distract employees and affect their quality of work and productivity.

A noisy AC at home, on the other hand, can leave you stressed and ruin your sleep. Your little kids might also find it hard to sleep if your unit is noisy. With Panasonic aircon units, you can be sure that you won’t suffer from these inconveniences.

The units work so quietly that you won’t even feel that it is working. This noise-free operation lets you use Panasonic air conditioning units in meeting rooms, offices, schools, museums, hospitals, and other establishments.

Powerful cooling capacity

The powerful compressor and instant cool inverter allow cooling the air quickly and getting rid of that stuffy feeling in spacious areas. It doesn’t matter how hot your house might be because the device can cool the air right away after you turn it on. 

This incredibly powerful cooling capacity makes the Panasonic ACs perfect for large commercial and residential spaces. This means that even if it is a store, a conference hall, a classroom, or a large apartment, Panasonic units perform their best.

Odor-free and pure air

Panasonic considered the risk of air pollution and this inspired them to develop a technology that purifies the air that enters the unit. Traditional aircons can cool everything entering from the outside and delivers this inside the home or office.

If there is a toxic fume in the outdoor air, the unit will introduce this to your house but with a lower temperature. Panasonic aircon are more advanced than traditional units because they have built-in filters that serve as barriers for any outside toxins. Before it enters your house, the air will pass through the filter making it clean to help you breathe healthy and clean air.

These units can also get rid of bad odors that come from industrial emissions and car fumes. You can be sure that your home will have fresh air with a pleasant smell that you can breathe with ease.

Lower energy consumption

Panasonic aircon don’t use up large amounts of electricity unlike other types of powerful aircon. These devices use a special mechanism known as ECONAVI that can prevent exaggerated use of energy. This feature can feel if the air in the room is already cool enough and alert the inverter. This mechanism will order the inverter to slow down to ensure that it doesn’t operate in vain. This smart cooling will help you lower your electricity costs.

About LG ACss

About LG ACss

Lucky Goldstar, or more popularly known as LG, can be one of your go-to brands in the hopes of fighting off soaring temperatures. LG is trusted for its service, innovation, and quality by consumers and experts alike. The brand is known to launch air conditioners that aptly match the requirement of customers in terms of cooling capacity, tonnage, design, compressor, condenser, and more. The aircon units from AC deliver comfortable cooling through adjusting temperatures based on body metabolism.

LG also happens to be the Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM for the majority of AC components such as the compressor. It gives LG an import duty advantage that results in more affordable AC units for consumers. The company was also among the first brands that offered inverter ACs and since 2018, all of the company’s ACs are inverter-based.

LG offers window and split-type ACs for their residential users. The ACs of the company offer year-round air conditioning in its true sense. Whether it is dehumidifying during those heavy downpours, heating in the midst of chilly winters, or cooling during scorching months of summer, LG will be your trusted companion across various weathers.

In terms of aesthetics, the floral pattern design of some LG models gave them a fresh and unique appearance. The remote of new premium models come with night glow buttons that allow users to have easy access to settings. There is also a 4-way cooling with 30 feet airflow range that ensures that cooling will reach all corners of the room. 

Air conditioning units from LG are meant to keep the users protected from mosquitoes, bacteria, and pollutants aside from offering comfortable cooling more efficiently. The DualCool inverter that has a wide operating range is the biggest advantage that works in favor of LG.

The past models of LG with aluminum condensers have received critical reviews. While the aluminum condenser is more affordable than the copper condenser, it tends corroding faster. Repairing an aluminum condenser is also more difficult and it mostly requires total replacement and this means that the repair chargers are going to be pretty expensive. 

However, LG has recently added anti-corrosion coating to its aluminum condensers. So, if you want to get an LG AC yet you are living in a corrosive environment, it is best to go for AC models that feature a copper condenser.

When it comes to Panasonic vs. LG AC, it is easy to see that both of them have their strengths that make them a great choice. 

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