Perfect aire portable air conditioner

The combination of dazzling rays of the sun in the summer, humidity, and dust create a terrible environment. Similarly, it is impossible to work, study, watch television, or even sleep in a cold environment in winter. If you are also experiencing such a situation, then the only solution is an air conditioner. Why? It is because air conditioners provide you with clean and fresh air.

Perfect aire portable air conditioner is an excellent utility in summer as it provides cool air. In winter, it gives you a relaxing and warm environment in the cold. If you think that you won’t afford an air conditioner, do not worry! We have found the Perfect aire portable air conditioner for you. It is cost-effective, efficient, and got all the features of a quality air conditioner. We have reviewed this air conditioner in detail in this article, so you can know more about it.

Perfect aire portable air conditioner review

Perfect aire portable air conditioner review

Perfect AIRE AC is perfect in the true sense. Let’s have a look at a brief description of this product.


Perfect Aire portable air conditioner has a powerful cooling effect of 12,000 BTU and 4100 BTU heating power. Its high power enables it to throw the air over longer distances and warm or cool a room of up to 550 sq ft. It is made from high-quality, durable, and efficient material that ensures prolonged smooth working of the unit. You can warm or cool your room with this AC unit quickly, just with a button click. Perfect Aire portable air conditioner has straightforward and flexible controls that help the user enjoy it all day and night.

Moreover, Perfect Aire portable AC comes with different modes of action to create the desired climate in your room. It has an electronic control system and features automatic restart, sleep mode, variable cooling speeds, a self evaporative system, washable filters, and easy-roll casters that allow you to quickly move it anywhere inside your house. The package also comes with a slider kit and vent hose.

Key features of perfect aire portable air conditioner

This air conditioner has many features that make it the best choice for you to bring to your home or office.

Cooling Capacity of 12,000 BTU

12,000 BTU is a whole lot of cooling capacity. It allows the air conditioner to throw the cool air at longer distances and quickly cool down the temperature of mid-sized or large-sized rooms of up to 550 sq ft. It creates a perfectly relaxing environment in bedrooms, offices, and server rooms. 

Heating Capacity of 4100 BTU

Perfect Aire portable air conditioner will not leave you alone in chilling cold weather. It got 4100 BTU of heating capacity that enables it to quickly warm any room. All you have to do is turn on its heating mode, and it will do the job for you.

Different Modes of Action

Perfect Aire portable air conditioner comes with different modes of action that make it a diverse air conditioner. 

  • Automatic Mode: Automatic mode enables the Perfect Aire portable AC to auto change the unit’s temperature according to the temperature of your room. If the room is cold, it will activate the heating mode it warm it, and if the room is hot, it will activate the cooling mood without needing you to do anything. It is, in fact, the default working mode of the AC.
  • Cooling Mode: Cooling mode is beneficial in summer as it provides you with cool air and lowers the room temperature in hot summers.
  • Heating Mode: You can increase the temperature of your room in winters to warm it and protect yourself from the cold.
  • Dehumidifying Mode: This mode is specially built to remove the extra moisture from the air and restore its refreshing quality. 
  • Fan Mode: If the temperature is optimal and you don’t want to change it and instead just want to get some fresh air, you can turn on the fan mode. It will work like a normal fan and use less power. 
  • Sleeping Mode: Perfect Aire portable AC has this special sleeping mode that creates a perfect sleep-inducing environment in the room by reducing its noise and setting the optimal sleep temperature. 
  • Follow Me Mode: If you want to control the temperature of a specific area in the room, Perfect Aire portable air conditioner will allow you to do so with the ‘Follow Me’ mode. Just click the ‘Follow Me’ mode button on the remote, and the remote will detect the temperature of the point where you are standing and send it to the AC unit. The AC unit will then produce heat or cold to take the temperature of that specific point of the room to the temperature set by you. 
  • Swing Mode: You can also adjust the position of its air outlets using the swing mode. On pressing the swing button, the outlets will start swinging, and you can adjust them at the desired position.

Easy Controls

Perfect Aire portable air conditioner is very easy to control. The remote control got all the features of the AC unit over it. You can change the temperature and select different modes of action from anywhere in the room, just with a button click from the remote. The remote has an LCD screen that displays all the data for the ease of the user.

Self Evaporative System

Perfect Aire portable air conditioner has a self evaporative system that saves you from the hustle of manually draining the water from its tank.

Easy to Install

The Perfect Aire portable air conditioner package includes a window slider kit, vent hose, vent adaptor, bolt, foam seal, and drain hose. Moreover, everything is laid out on the user manual that allows the user to install it with ease and comfort.

Limitations of perfect aire portable air conditioner

Usually, portable air conditioners cost near $500, whereas the Perfect Aire portable air conditioner costs $800. But due to its sophisticated features and latest technology, it is definitely worth the price. 

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