Global air portable air conditioner

Air conditioners help us relieve the extremely hot temperatures during summer. Air conditioners provide neat and clean air to breathe and a stress-free, relaxing environment where you can refresh yourself. If you cannot afford a traditional air conditioner to sleep peacefully at night during summers, do not worry!

You have come to the right place. In this article, we have listed the most affordable and high-performance air conditioner for you: the Global portable air conditioner. We have reviewed this AC unit in detail in this article. We have highlighted all of its features and explained why it is the best choice for you. So let’s dive straight into the article!

Global air portable air conditioner review

Wondering about the global portable ac unit? Let’s start with a detailed description of it.


This global air portable air conditioner got an incredible cooling power of 10,000 BTU. Its high power enables it to throw the air to a long-distance and efficiently cool up a room of up to 200-300 square meters. The AC has an LED-powered digital control system that allows the user to control it more conveniently. Moreover, the remote controls enable you to set the desired temperature from anywhere in the room. The AC got self-evaporation features and did not need a water tank to function correctly. This will save you from the hustle of manually removing all the water from the tank. It has a superb cooling effect and will create a perfect relaxing environment for you throughout the summers. 

Key features of global air portable AC

Key features of global air portable AC

We know that their hundreds of other similar air conditioners in the market and you might be wondering that, Why I should only go with this global air portable AC? Well, this air conditioning unit got all the key features you need to use all day and night. So what are its key features? Let’s start!

High Power of 10,000 BTU

This AC got 10,000 BTU of cooling power that enables it to cool a mid or large-sized room of up to 200 to 300 square meters. Its greater power allows it to throw the air far away and instantly cool and mid or large-sized room.

Three Modes of Action

Global air portable air conditioner features three different modes of action that allow it to provide your desired performance at any time. 

  • Automatic Mode: The automatic mode enables the unit to work automatically and adjust its temperature and performance according to the conditions of your room.
  • Fan Mode: When the room is not too hot, you can use the aircon fan mode to get cool air and save money at the same time because the unit uses less energy while operating on the fan mode.
  • 4-way Vent: This unique 4-way vent feature enables the air conditioner to work more efficiently and throw the air to all the corners of the room. 

Easy Settings

Unlike most of the other air conditioners in the same category, this global air portable AC got very easy settings for the ease of the users. It features an LED-powered control panel that contains the following controls:

  • Mode Button: The mode button on the control panel allows you to select any of its three modes of action like auto, cool, and fan.
  • Up & Down Controls: The up & down control buttons allow you to set the preferred temperature and also change the temperature units from C to F.
  • Speed Button: The speed button allows you to adjust the working speed of the unit. High and low-speed buttons increase and decrease the air output by the unit.
  • Timer Button: If you want the unit to turn off automatically after some time, you can set a timer from the timer button.

It is Self Evaporative

Global air portable AC is a self evaporative air conditioner. It means that you will no longer have to frustrate yourself and manually remove the water from the unit. This unit is self evaporative, and it exhausts out all the condensation passing through the unit. However, it is must be noted that if there is too much humidity outside, the global air AC unit will fail to self evaporate and may start leaking on the floor as the unit would not be able to exhaust it out. If your control panel is showing an “FL” symbol, it means that you will have to drain the water manually, so keep an eye on that.

Digital and Remote Controls

Gone are when you had to use the stressful tuning dial method to control the air conditioning unit. Global air portable AC unit features a sophisticated LED-powered digital control system that provides superb visibility to the user and helps him control the unit conveniently. Moreover, the remote control system allows you to control it from any of the rooms without leaving your position every time. In addition to that, there are some bonus features as well:

  • Max Cooling Mode: If you want instant cooling, then press the max cooling button. The unit starts working at its full potential in this mode and gives its maximum output and maximum cooling. However, you must note that the fan settings will not work when the unit is in the max cooling mode.
  • Sleeping Mode: The sleeping mode creates the perfect sleep-inducing environment in the room, so you do not have to freeze in front of the air conditioner the whole night. At this mode, the fan runs at its lowest speed. The temperature increases only 1 degree Celsius every 2 hours but stops after a 2 degree rise only. It slightly warms the air as the night gets colder and creates a comfortable sleeping environment for you.

Carbon Filter Supportable

Global air portable air conditioner also supports a carbon filter. You can install a carbon filter to clean the surrounding air and remove the typical faint household odors.

What are the limitations of the global air portable AC Unit

As you know, everything has its pros and cons. Similarly, the global air portable AC unit also has some limitations we mentioned below, so you can easily make your final decision by previewing everything to avoid any inconvenience later.

1- Not Suitable for Humid Environments

This unit is not feasible for working in humid environments as it will fail to exhaust the air and start leaking.

2- The Noise Goes Up When Working on Full Potential

Whenever the unit is working at its full potential, it starts making noise, and you will have to lower the fan speed to reduce the noise.

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