9 possible reasons why ac breaker keeps tripping

Air conditioning offering us the comfortable temperatures we want but sometimes this HVAC device also gives us some problems. For example, the ac tripping breaker issue. Why air conditioner trips breaker immediately? Why ac trips breaker after 5 minutes? Why ac fuse keeps blowing? Below we listed down 9 possible reasons and how to solve it.

What is ac tripping?

It usually means breakage of the electrical windings inside that compressor. These windings inside the compressor hit the surface of the compressor, causing the compressor to shorten directly. It means that it will burn burning oil, which will trip your ac breaker as a process.

As a result, your air conditioner will shut down.

Why ac keeps tripping breaker?

Many people face this problem as various people complain that their ac trips breaker after 5 minutes.  There are many reasons for this. I will discuss them with you now. So read the steps below.

1. Dirty air filter

When your air conditioner runs on a dirty filter, it needs to work harder to propagate through your unit’s vents. To achieve the temperature, you claim with a dirty filter, and the air conditioner must run long enough to run cool enough air. When your ac is coerced to run for a long time, you have to bring more electricity by tripping the breaker. It will throw your unit down by overheating.

So, the solution to this problem is to clean the air filter.

2. Not sufficient refrigerated

When your air conditioner runs low on refrigerant, the AC is urged to work longer hours to refrigerate your home, just like a dirty air filter problem. Excessive heat causes it and damages your AC. You can find out if your refrigerant has a problem when you see that the air is not very cold.

The solution is you need a technician to refill your refrigerant and to seal up the leaks.

3. Dusty condenser coils

These coils are for the airy unit of your air conditioner. Inside, the company absorbs heat from the air and uses refrigerants. And which flows to the outer company to remove heat.

If your condenser gets dirty in the coil, it will prevent heat from circulating in your outdoor unit. It needs air conditioners to run harder and longer to reduce the temperature of your home. More power is needed to get the heat out of the ac, which causes the breaker to trip.

The solution is to wash these coils yourself, but it is better to do it with a professional.

4. The Broken coil fan

As discussed earlier, the coils try to dissipate heat from the internal unit, but this is done using a fan that flows over the waves. This fan is in the outdoor unit, and there is no way to cool the condenser coils if it stops working.

You can call a professional to solve it.

5. Motor shortened

Electric motors on AC can run for several hours. When these run for long hours, the wire insulation may break in the electrical short. The wires trip the place breakers including more extra energy than they can manage.

Professional assistance is required to identify its temporary location.

6. Bad compressor

The heart of the AC is the compressor. The older the conditioning system, the weaker the compressor. The compressor consumes a large amount of energy when starting for the first time, but it becomes difficult to start the compressor with age. More power is needed when it is hard to create. It is how ac trips the breaker after some time.

You can install a hard start kit to back up your old, weak compressor.

7. The bad capacitor 

The capacitor starts up the compressor. If your capacitor is swelled, a replacement is required. The main reason for this may be if the circuit breaker has trouble starting the air conditioning before the trip.

It will need an expert to fix that.

8. The grounded compressor

This is the worst case!  Each grounded compressor happens if the electricity in the compressor hits the compressor surface. It directly causes grounding, which ignites the compressor oil and creates a glint.

It causes your circuit breaker to shut off the electrical current before it catches fire, which is the main reason for your breaker to trip. Though you own a grounded compressor, you will need to repair a valuable portion of the compressor or a whole outdoor unit. However, it would be wiser to replace the external unit instead of a whole compressor.

9. The Electrical short

The breaker may trip due to an electrical short. The breaker will trip instantly if a short is existing ( air conditioner trips breaker immediately ).  If this occurs, then it is more helpful to call for service without resetting the breaker.

we will show you the possible reasons why your air conditioner trips breaker immediately

The above eight are the most common reasons why aircond trip. If still can’t solve the ac tripping issue, we recommend you call HVAC expert immediately.

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