How to decorate around a window air conditioner

The greatness of any designer is his ability to control things. We all know that in crazy summer weather, a window air conditioner is the need of every house, but it is also an eyesore in the house. It is impossible to do without an air conditioner, especially in summer. It usually ruins the interior of your room.

Tips before decorating around the window air conditioner

You should not block the passage of cooling because in this way, your window air conditioner will not be able to condition your room correctly, and it will heat up—results in decreasing the efficiency and lifespan of the air conditioner.

Decorative Window Air Conditioner covers Exterior

In winter, when your window air conditioner is not in use, you should visit the market to buy the cover for the exterior unit of your window air conditioner. Although they are built to withstand harsh conditions like rain, snow they can’t keep the leaves, nuts, and other things from entering the window air conditioner exterior unit.

The covers for the exterior unit are waterproof and weather resistant. They are made from durable plastic. The indoor unit has cotton-made soft covers.

Why decorating around the window air conditioner

Many homeowners are worried about the beauty and interior design of the room. For this purpose, they want to reveal their window air conditioner to the minimum extent. They consider that the air conditioner decreases the beauty and mismatch with the interior of the room. They tend to opt for different options to solve this issue. In this article, you would learn the different methods to decorate around the window air conditioner.

  1. They help to prevent inner components from capturing moisture.
  2. It prevents the growth of mold and mildew inside your window air conditioner.

Selecting the cover for your window air conditioner

Are you searching for the best window ac cover ideas? As we know, covers are essential for the protection of your window air conditioner. They prevent your unit from harsh conditions and, in turn, increase the efficiency of your air conditioner. In selecting the covers for your window air conditioner, you should consider the following points.


Measure the height, width, and depth of your window air conditioner and compare it with the size of the cover. In this way, it will be a perfect match for your window air conditioner.


The function of covers for indoor and outdoor units like the outdoor unit prioritize resistance while the indoor window air conditioner needs more insulation. 


Outdoor covers are made from hard, durable plastic or polyethylene, while the indoor unit has a cover made from nylon or cotton.

Window air conditioner decoration ideas

Window Air Conditioner Decoration

Uniform Paint color and Front of Air Conditioner

Don’t let the window air conditioner detract from the beauty of your interior by its ugliness. The first step you can take is to create uniformity between the wall paints and the front color of the air conditioner panel.

Use of Flowers and Plants

You can also use different stylish indoor plants and flowers to decorate around the window air conditioner. This idea has a magical and brighter impact on the interior decoration of the room.

Fabric screen

You can also place a sheer fabric in front of your window air conditioner to decorate around the unit or hide the window air conditioner.

Fabric screen for window air conditioner


It is an effective way of decorating around the window air conditioner. You can simply construct a bookcase around the window air conditioner. You can also décor it with a door or open style.

Paint your air conditioner

You can create decor around your window air conditioner by painting it with uniform paint-like walls.

Construction of Cabinet

If you want to hide your air conditioner, you can build a custom-made cabinet around the air conditioner unit. You can simply call a carpenter and ask him to construct a custom-made console cabinet compatible with the interior of your room. In this way, the room’s beauty is enhanced, and the air conditioner will also be hidden.

Hang Curtains

Homeowners can opt for different ideas to hide their window air conditioner, like using the seat or something having the back to the window air conditioner. The simple idea is to use curtains that match with the beauty of your interior, and this will increase the beauty of window air conditioners and help to decorate the room, and the purpose of hiding the window air conditioner will also be fulfilled.

Hang Curtains to decorate window air conditioner

Use of Potted Plants

You can also use potted plants to hide the window air conditioner or decorate around the window air conditioner. Installing the potted plants around the window air conditioner will take the attention of the guests and visitors, and they will be unable to see the window air conditioner.

Install a Coordinating panel

Some window air conditioners have a coordinating panel as an accessory so they can be installed according to the room’s interior. And helps to decorate around the window air conditioner efficiently.

Room Divider

Different types of stylish room dividers are available to help hide the part of the room containing the window air conditioner. They can easily be displaced when needed.

use Room Divider to decorate window air conditioner

Using occasional Table

Suppose you want to decorate your room and remove the spectacle created by the window air conditioner. You can use different strategies to decorate around the window air conditioner, like using stylish lamps, curtains, etc. You can also use an occasional table that will perform the duty of decorating and hiding your window air conditioner.

Create Wall Art

It is another way that will increase the appeal of your interior. You can create abstract art with the wire of the air conditioner from the air conditioner to the socket. Geometric art can also be helpful for this purpose. Some air conditioners have stylish frames with them, which will further increase the beauty of your interior.

Frame It

Framing your window air conditioner will also increase the decoration and beauty of the interior. Create some artwork or use stylish fabric to enhance the beauty of your room.

Slatted wood panel

It is a modern look. This is a sliding panel that can hide your window air conditioner.

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