Hisense portable air conditioner

Are you looking for a new portable air conditioner for your bedroom, office, or gaming room? Hisense portable air conditioner might be the perfect choice for you. Why is Hisense portable air conditioner so special?

Where are hisense air conditioners made

Hisense air conditioners are made in China.

Hisense is a Chinese company that was founded back in 1969. The company started with making radios and grew into one of the leading manufacturers of electronic products worldwide.

They are famous for manufacturing different electronic products like television, mobile phones, laptops, wireless modules, set-top boxes, and other products related to the data communication and telecommunication industries.

Hisense makes air conditioners for both; household and commercial use. They design and manufacture their air conditioners in China, and then they are sold to different countries across the globe. The company also owns 40 subsidiaries in different countries and also sells its products through them.

Is hisense a good air conditioner brand

If we look at the customer reviews and pros and cons of Hisense air conditioners, we can undoubtedly say that it is one of the best air conditioner brands out there.

There have been a lot of qualities observed in the Hisense air conditioner units and some of them are listed below:

  • Quiet and smooth performance

Hisense air conditioners aren’t very loud. They work very smoothly and quietly. Both the indoor and outdoor units do not produce loud noises.

  • Different fan speeds

Hisense air conditioners have different fan speeds. You can set the speed at your favorite point and enjoy. Normally, there are 4 different levels of fan speed.

  • Good design & reliable

Hisense air conditioners have a good design. They look good on your walls.

Moreover, Hisense air conditioners are quite reliable. The plastic is very strong, durable, and doesn’t crack while the AC is working.

  • Smooth & easy installation

Hisense air conditioners are simple and easy to install without any problem.

Are hisense portable air conditioners good

Yes, Hisense portable air conditioners are considered among the best portable air conditioners out there in the market.

Here are a few reasons why Hisense portable air conditioners are good:

  • It’s quiet

Hisense portable air conditioner does not disturb your sleep by making loud noises. It is quiet and works silently.

  • It’s easy to install & relocate

Hisense portable air conditioner is simple and easy to install and you can easily move it around.

  • It has a built-in dehumidifier

Many of the Hisense portable air conditioners come with a built-in dehumidifier for enhanced performance.

  • Big temperature readout

Hisense portable air conditioner has a big temperature readout so you can easily read the temperature even from a distance.

  • Affordable price rate

Hisense portable air conditioners are cheaper and affordable than many of the competitors in the market. Still, it provides a good cooling effect.

Do hisense portable air conditioners need to be drained

Hisense portable air conditioners are designed to be waterless. It means that there is no need to drain them. Therefore, you will not have to drain your Hisense portable air conditioner most of the time.

However, if the humidity in the air is too high or you are using heat mode, your Hisense portable air conditioner will display error code E5. It means that the water tank inside the unit is full. In such a case, you will have to drain your Hisense portable air conditioner.

You can either manually drain your Hisense portable air conditioner every time, or you can connect it to a continuous drain.

Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Unplug the portable air conditioner.
  2. Put a shallow water container under the drain port.
  3. Open the plug of the drain port and let the water inside the unit completely come out.
  4. Remove the water container and close the drain port tightly.
  5. Plug back the Hisense portable air conditioner and enjoy.

If the humidity in your area is too high and you have to drain your Hisense portable air conditioner more frequently then you can also connect the drain of your AC to the drain of your house.

  1. Just take a pipe and connect it to the drain port of your AC.
  2. Drop the other end of the pipe into the drain of your floor.
  3. The water from your Hisense portable air conditioner will directly move from your AC into the drain of your floor and eventually go out.

How to install hisense portable air conditioner

Here’s a simple guide to installing Hisense portable air conditioner

Total Time: 30 hours

Open the box and organize everything

The first thing you have to do is to open the box. Take out everything in it and organize it at a place.

You will get a drain hose, drain hose clamp, screws, rivets, window lock brackets, coupling, flexible exhaust hose, window exhaust adapter, foam seals, slider section with vents, and other sliding sections.

Assemble the parts

Press the flexible exhaust hose into the coupling and window exhaust adapter.

Attach the coupling to the unit

Take the coupling and insert it into the slot at the rear of the unit and slide it down to lock it into place.

Install the window kit

Take the window kit and install it in a sliding window. Once you have installed the kit then take foam seals and attach them to the window frame. Then install the window lock brackets if needed.

Install the window exhaust adapter

Take the window exhaust adapter and install it into the opening in the vent panel. Use the screws to tightly fix the window exhaust adapter into the vent opening so it won’t slide out.

Once again, check if everything is properly fixed and in right place, and then enjoy your Hisense portable air conditioner.

How to use hisense portable air conditioner

Here’s how to use Hisense portable air conditioner:

  1. Plugin the power: Plugin the power switch and press the reset button on it. It is required for the AC to turn on.
  2. Press the power button: Press the power button on the AC and it will start running in a super cooling mode (which is 61 degrees and has high fan speed). The cooling mode means it will cool the area.
  3. Button controls: Press the fan button to adjust its speed (high, mid, or low). The dry button dehumidifies the area. The heating button heats the area. Change the temperature using the ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ buttons.

Congrats! Your Hisense portable air conditioner is ready to use.

How to turn off smart mode on hisense air conditioner

If you press the ‘smart’ button then your Hisense air conditioner goes into smart mode.

To turn off the smart mode, you will have to press the ‘MODE’ button. It will turn off the smart mode in your Hisense air conditioner.

How to clean a hisense portable air conditioner

Here’s a brief guide on how to clean a Hisense portable air conditioner:

Drain the AC

  1. Unplug the AC and take it outside or near your water drain.
  2. Now unplug the drain port and let all the water inside the unit drain out completely.
  3.  Once the water is out then put the plug back in the drain hole.

Clean the air filters

  1. Turn off the air conditioner and remove the air filters from its rear side.
  2. Clean them with a vacuum or wash them with water if they are too dirty.
  3. Let them dry completely and then reinstall them back.

Clean the exterior

  1. Unplug the air conditioner.
  2.  Take a wet cloth and wipe the exterior of the AC with it.
  3.  Let it dry completely.

Now plug in the AC again and enjoy it.

This way you can completely clean your Hisense portable air conditioner.

What is Hisense CAP-10CR1SEJS Air conditioner

Hisense CAP-10CR1SEJS Air conditioner

As the name suggests, it’s an air conditioner, but a portable one means that you can carry or move it quickly because it’s lighter and smaller than usual. Now the next question that should arise is why we should choose this one and not others so; the following are some valid reasons that would force you to choose this one over others.


The best feature of this gadget is its size. It works best for a small and moderate size room, especially if it’s up to300 square feet. You can place it anywhere in your home; it can be your bedroom, kitchen, tv lounge, drawing, and dining, even in the laundry also. You can use it in your office as well. If you are having a room of size more than 300 sq. per feet, then it would be too small for that, and also if you are having a room of less than 150 sq per feet of size, then it would also be not suitable for that because that would cause overcooling.


There are three different modes that we can avail by using Hisense portable air conditioner, and they are following:

Cool mode: Hisense portable ac only cools the room, and you just have to set the appropriate temperature depending upon the external environment temperature.

Dehumidifier mode: A dehumidifier is a device that is used to remove moisture from the air and thus help in preventing the internal air from getting hot. Hisense portable ac has a built-in dehumidifier that removes moisture from the room. The big advantage of this dehumidifying mode is that it cools the room much faster and quicker than the ordinary cool mode and one pro tip on a very hot day is that you can first turn on the dehumidifying mode and when all the moisture from the air is removed then you can turn on the cool mode to maintain the temperature.

Fan mode: Air conditioner fan mode is the most suitable if you want a moderate temperature that is not much cold and not much hot.

Smart mode: smart mode is the mode that you don’t need to set. You just need to switch on the smart mode and then it will set the temperature according to the external environment automatically.

Like all the other air conditioner Hisense portable air conditioner do have a remote control but it is different in a sense that it is a smart remote control or you can simply call it a smart control

Smart control

It doesn’t contain buttons rather it has sensors that detect the room temperature and set the settings accordingly and we call it “I-feel temperature sensing

Remote control”. It has a switch on and off sensors; temperature high and low sensor; 3 speeds high, medium, and low, and a timer also.


Hisense portable air conditioners are portable means they are light in weight but not that much light that a single person can carry it rather you can carry it on a four-wheel in such a way that you can use it at the office in the morning and can slide it to the lounge for the evening tea and also can use it in the bedroom at night.


It consists of a digital display at the top which shows different button like sensors which include on and off power switch; high and low-temperature switch; high-low and medium speed and also it has a timer on which you can set the time for 24 hours

Easy to use

Hisense portable ac is very easy to use and it’s very convenient for us to deal with it as all about this gadget has been written in the booklet provided with it and also almost all the buttons are on top and you don’t need to find them and also with the smart remote control or you can say that I-feel temperature sensing remote control you can use it by faraway places, for example, you are out of your house and you want your room to be chilled before reaching home because it’s very hot outside so you can use your smart remote control and easily can make this happen


We have talked about this feature a little bit before but let us just talk about this in detail. Ok, so let’s assume that you are going to sleep but you know that your room is not so big and also you don’t want to low down the speed because you want a chilled room but in the middle of the night your room is over chilled and you are sleepy and don’t want to wake up because the smart remote control is placed far away from you so in this situation one of the things that might help you would be the timer because when you set a specific timer than exactly at that time while you are sleeping the ac would be turn off and you don’t need to wakeup, in this case, it can help you.

Control the direction of airflow

One of the advanced features is that you can also control the direction of the flow of air. If you want air to flow in a specific direction because at that specific place a person is sitting who might be feeling too hot as compare to others, so this is the feature for that convenience.

Sound it produces

Just as in every person, there is a good side as well as a bad side, likewise Hisense portable air conditioner review has put some light on the fact that this gadget does have some cons as well as pros. So, many pros we have discussed above and now it’s the turn of cons. One of the cons is that it produces unpleasant sounds that can cause noise pollution but that noise is not that bad means that it’s bearable.


Ok, so the other con is the draining. Normally if your AC is draining the water out then it’s simply doing its job. Your ac is responsible for cooling and dehumidifying your home. Humidity is the amount of water or moisture in the air so to dehumidify your home your ac has to remove moisture or water out and this is how condensation works. To understand why should your Ac be draining you should understand the whole process.

So first, according to Hisense portable air conditioner review, the ac pulls the warm or the humid air toward the indoor unit, and then this air blows over the evaporator cell the heat is absorbed by the refrigerant and is expelled outside. When the hot air passes over the evaporator coil then the water in the air get gathers and drips into drain pan then it drained out of the house via the condensate line so this was the whole normal process of draining but everyone should keep in mind that in hot summer days obviously the air would be more humid and there would be more draining so the whole gadget should be placed over a tray or a bucket otherwise the place would be quiet wet and if you want to connect it with a hose you can do that also but for that, you have to place the whole unit on a lifted place.

Easy intallation

The installation part is the most important one and it is pretty easy. The unit comes with a window kit that works with the window that is 18 to 50 inches wide. The most important work here is venting the window kit. Make sure that you have vented it properly or otherwise there would be a disaster, the cold air outside and the hot inside. So, to avoid this make sure that you have vented it properly so that the hot air cannot enter the room again. And it’s your own choice where to vent. If you don’t want to vent it outside the window then you can also vent it with a sliding door but you have to buy your own venting kit.

Hisense portable air conditioner window kit

A window kit is a very important component of a Hisense portable air conditioner. It is necessary for exhausting the warm air outside.

Hisense portable air conditioners come with a window kit that you can install in your window. Then you can connect the window exhaust adapter into the vent opening of the window kit. This way the warm air will go outside. Make sure to install the window kit the right way as it is needed for the AC to work effectively and give better results.


Hisense CAP-10CR1SEJS Portable Air Conditioner

So I have given you a detailed overview about the pros and cons of Hisense portable air conditioner and if we compare so that we came to know that there are more pros than cons. There are only 2 cons including the noise that it make and the second one is the process of draining but there are many cons including that it is portable. We can use it easily as well as carry it. It works best for a moderate size room. It has three modes you can use anyone according to your mood as well as the temperature of outside Also we can use it more easily with smart remote control and it has a timer also. Long story short it’s the best powerful portable Ac that you can choose for your home or office.

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