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Pros and cons of multi-split aircon

If you are considering a multi-split air conditioner for your home or office, but you want to weigh the pros and cons before using, here are helpful ideas we have

can puppy sleep in aircon room

Can puppy sleep in aircon room?

Can a puppy sleep in the ac room? Yes, puppies can and sometimes should sleep in AC. Just as puppies have a harder time with very cold or very hot

8 reasons why aircon give me a headache

8 reasons why aircon give me a headache

It is nothing but an issue of how clean your home or office condition is. Valuable inconspicuous toxins are attacking your faculties. These harmful components frequently go under the radar

Is air conditioning exhaust harmful

Is air conditioning exhaust harmful

No, there is no chemical emissions from a conventional AC unit. Thus, no toxic fumes. The air leaving an AC compressor is the air that was taken from the surrounding

System 4 Aircon VS 3+1 Aircon

System 4 aircon VS 3+1 aircon

What is system 4 aircon? You probably have heard this short name, from your nearest air conditioner salesperson. It’s just a short form used to explain one air conditioner compressor

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