Electriq portable air conditioner

Today, air conditioners are a need of time.  An air conditioner is one invention that is used everywhere, whether it is your bedroom, classroom, hospital, supermarket, or your workplace. They are a great relief in the summers and provide a relaxing and comfortable environment.

Are you tired of using those traditional air conditioning units as they are expensive and uneconomical? Do not fret! We got a solution for you and that is; ElectrIQ SILENT12 12000 BTU Quiet Portable Air Conditioner.

We’ve dropped a detailed review of the electriq portable air conditioner in this article. So let’s dive into it.

Electriq portable air conditioner review

If you are looking to purchase an ideal air conditioner for your house, then there could be no better choice than the ElectrIQ SILENT12 12000 BTU Quiet Portable Air Conditioner. It has everything you need to use it all day and night.

This electriq portable air conditioner is ideal for use in the bedroom as it will create a relaxing, comfortable, and sleep-inducing environment with its cooling range of 30 square meters. Moreover, it is very economical to operate due to its low power consumption. It features an LED-powered digital control panel that makes it simple and very easy to operate. Gone are the days when you used to sit in a single room just for the sake of an air conditioner. ElectrIQ portable AC is super-accessible when it comes to portability as you can easily take it from one place to another.

Why choose electriq portable air conditioner?

You will find many other portable air conditioners in the market but what sets this electriq portable air conditioner apart from the others are its superb features given below:

Key features of electriq portable air conditioner

Key features of electriq portable air conditioner

Swing Ability

This portable air conditioner is more flexible than you can imagine. You can control the direction of its airflow and air outlets whenever you want. The air outlets will start swinging when you press the swing button on its remote or control panel. You can stop the air outlets at any desired position by pressing the swing button again.

Superb Cooling Effect

The best feature of this air conditioner is its premium cooling effect. Its powerful 12000 BTU capacity enables it to increase its range and produce cool air in no time. All you’ve to do is to start the air conditioning unit and let it do the job for you.

Digital Control Panel

This electriq portable air conditioner got an LED powered, digital control panel. It displays the temperature and indicates the active mode clearly so that everyone can see it from a distance. This digital control panel makes it very accessible and easy to use for any user.

Economical to operate

Unlike most of the other air conditioners, electrIQ portable air conditioner is very economical to operate. It is built in a way that it provides maximum efficiency while consuming very little power. Due to this reason, it is ideal and feasible for daily home use.

Quiet and Smooth Working

Don’t you hate the noise coming from the air conditioning units? How many times did it disturb the sleep of you or your baby? Well, not anymore. ElectrIQ portable air conditioner is known for its quiet working. Its total sound energy is just 65Db which means that it won’t even disturb you while sleeping.

Tank Indicator

It has a built-in tank indicator function that will quickly alarm you when the tank is full to avoid water wastage.

Effective Climate Control

ElectrIQ portable air conditioner got different modes of action that enable you to change the climate instantly with a button-click. You can select from any of the Cooling, Dehumidifying, Fanning, and Heating buttons on the control panel and experience the climate of your choice.

Self Evaporative

Say Goodbye to the frustrating process of draining water from the tank of air conditioning units. ElectrIQ portable air conditioner features self evaporating ability, it uses the extra water to cool the compressor so you won’t have to do the heavy-duty of draining the extra water.

How to install electrIQ portable air conditioner?

Installing the air conditioning unit is no rocket science. Read the user guidelines and handle everything carefully so you won’t end up doing any serious damage to the air conditioning unit.

Follow the given steps one by one:

  1. Make the air conditioner unit stand for at least 4 hours.
  2. Start with a brief checkup for any blockages in the air conditioning unit.
  3. Place the window kit firmly.
  4. Take out the hose and connect its one end to the window kit and the other end to the back of the unit.

How to operate the electriq portable air conditioner?

How to operate the electriq portable air conditioner

ElectrIQ portable air conditioner is easy and simple to operate. You can access all of its functions from the remote or the control panel. If you’re having any trouble, don’t fret! We got a brief guideline for you:

How to change the temperature?

Electriq portable air conditioner features a temperature range from 16 to 30 degrees Celsius. You can easily change the temperature either from the remote or the control panel by pressing the up and down buttons.

How do I adjust the fan speed?

You can adjust the fan speed by pressing the HIGH, LOW, and MEDIUM speed buttons on the remote or control panel. However, you must keep in mind that you cannot change the fan speed if the unit is in dehumidifying mode.

How to select a mode?

There are four buttons on the remote and the control panel named Auto-Mode, Cooling, Heating, and Dehumidifying. You can press any of these buttons to select the mode of your choice.

How to swing or adjust the air outlets?

The air outlets can be adjusted easily by pressing the swing button. On pressing the swing button they will start swinging automatically. You can stop them at the desired point by pressing the swing button again.

How to clean and maintain the electrIQ portable air conditioner?

Regularly cleaning and maintaining the unit is very important to keep the working and efficiency up to the same caliber. Here are some tips that may help you:

How to deal with water drainage?

You can drain the water from the tank manually or by using the continuous drainage method either.

  • Manual Method: To drain the water manually, turn off the unit and plug it out. Remove the water plug present under the air conditioning unit and let the water spill out. Make sure to put the water plug on its place again.
  • Continuous Method: Simply take a water pipe and connect it to the water outlet of the unit. Then, attach that pipe to the normal plumbing system of your house.

How to clean the air filters?

Cleaning the air filters is crucial to maintain the performance of the electrIQ portable air conditioner. Clean the air filters thrice in 6 months. Here are some guidelines for cleaning the air filters:

  1. Don’t use any reactive chemical to clean the air filters as it can seriously damage them.
  2. Take a soft cloth and soak it in detergent and thoroughly clean the filters and make sure to dry them before placing them back.

Common problems faced by the users and their solutions

ElectrIQ Portable Air Conditioning is not working?

There are a couple of reasons the electrIQ portable air conditioner might stop working.

  1. You have set an active timer.
  2. The fuel tank is full.
  3. The electric connection is not working
  4. The selected temperature is out of its range.

In case of these problems, take the following steps:

  1. Remove the timer.
  2. Drain the water from the tank.
  3. Fix the power supply.
  4. Select the temperature within its range.

Degraded performance

If the electrIQ portable air conditioner is not performing up to its standards, follow the given steps:

  1. Make sure the air inlet and outlets are not blocked.
  2. Clean the air filters.
  3. Drain the water tank
  4. Don’t forget to refill the gas after every ten months.

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