This is how we get rid of geckos in air conditioner

Geckos are pretty little lizards. They look all cute, and it is hard to imagine causing you any significant loss, but the truth is that they are a substantial reason behind the breakdown of your air conditioners. They are responsible for the electrical problem in air conditioning units as it is too easy for them to get comfortable inside the small space of your indoor and outdoor units of air conditioning.

This guide, we will show you 8 proven ways to to get rid of geckos in air conditioner without hurting them.

Do geckos like air conditioning?

Do geckos like air conditioning

Geckos do love air containing. Geckos are cold-blooded (which is also known as exothermic) that means their blood is cold, and thus these creatures are always struggling to stay warm; they can regulate their body temperature by several ways, such as by lying in the sun or moving into a warm place, and therefore they prefer to stay close to the circuit boards inside of air conditioner because it is warm. It sounds like an excellent place to fall asleep.

Why geckos like air conditioning?

Why geckos like air conditioning

It is the warmth of the electronic printed circuit board inside the air conditioner, which attracts them, and it makes them like air conditioning as for them, it is a comfy and warm place to snuggle into.

Air conditioning unit provided the best warm place for geckos to sleep, and this is what they do on the electronic printed circuit boards of your air conditioner.

Why we have to keep geckos away from the air conditioner?

Why we have to keep geckos away from the air conditioner

It might sound cruel, keeping them away from their warm sleeping place, but it is needed. When geckos crawl on the circuit board of your air conditioner, their body can cause a short circuit, which causes failure of the unit (and its repairing is a bit costly). The current can take away the life of geckos too. So, it is not suitable for any of us, neither for geckos and not for us either.

How to keep geckos away from air conditioner?

How to keep geckos away from air conditioner

To save the life of geckos and save your money too, we will learn several ways that will stop geckos get in air conditioner.


Mothballs are small balls made of chemical pesticides and deodorant, it has a very sharp smell, and the good thing about this is that geckos are not the fan of its fragrance, they hate it, and that is why it is quite helpful in keeping them away from your air conditioners.

Mothballs can be harmful if they ingested and, in extreme cases, can cause death too, so it is indispensable to keep them away from the reach of your kids and pets; a simple way is to keep the inside the outdoor air conditioner.


Lanolin is mostly used as a moisturizer. However, you can use it in one more way, and that is to keep geckos away. Yes, geckos do not like the smell of lanolin, and thus you can, and you should use some lanolin near the air conditioner; it is a good and inexpensive way to keep them away.


Another cheap and friendly way to stop geckos from entering inside your air conditioner is eggshells. You just got to split an egg, get the shells, and place them around the house, especially near the air conditioner. So, if you can save yourself from immense damage just by using the stuff you were going to throw anyway, then it is a must-do.


Cutting onions can make even a grown person cry, so you can expect that onions can keep those little geckos away, and yes, it works on geckos as they dislike its smell. They will not come near if you will cut up some onions and place them near your air conditioning unit. You will have to change onion time and time again; therefore, it is a little wasteful way bit for a short time; it is a brilliant way to keep geckos away

Garlic cloves

Garlic has a strong smell that can even keep some humans away, and it works on Garlic too. Its scent is intolerable for geckos, and they will avoid this smell by staying away from your home. The only problem is that your home will be smelling like Garlic, and it is not that pleasant.

Vicks vapor rub

You must have used Vicks vapor rub to get rid of chest colds; they can also help you to get rid of geckos too as they do not like this smell and it is repellent to them so that you can use a bit of Vicks vapor rub near the air conditioner, or you can use them in a humidifier if you like its smell.

Peeper spray

Another way to repel gecko from your home is by using pepper spray. You can also go with chili powder in the place of pepper. You will have to get a spray bottle, make a pepper and water solution by mixing them, and now spray this peeper water solution around your home, mostly cover the warm place or where you have seen a gecko before. The smell and irritating effect of this solution will keep the gecko away.

Set sticky traps

Place some flypaper near the light source as insects are drawn to light and geckos and drawn to insects. So, this sticky trap will catch the small insects and probably the gecko too. Later you can unstick the gecko by pouring vegetable oil into the trap while gradually peeling the gecko from the glue. You got to be very gentle, or you will hurt gecko, and even in the most gentle way, it can be painful, so it is not recommended.

Ask the experts

If you do not want to learn how to get rid of geckos in air conditioner on your own, then you can call gecko deterrence or any other professional to help you stop these cute geckos from getting inside your air conditioner.

Take your time, analyze the reason why there are gecko in air conditioner, and choose the method that suits you. All methods we provided here are easy and inexpensive, you can handle it quickly. If there are a large number of geckos on your property, we recommend you call professionals and let them address a custom solution for you.

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