Air conditioner pad

Air conditioner pad may seem to be not as important as it actually work. But aircon pad is very important and plays very important role to keep your system safe.

What is an air conditioner pad?

It is actually a piece of ant material like concrete or composite material, can be used present or sit underneath your central a/c unit.

Whenever you are going to install a new a/c unit, first thing to be considered is the air conditioner pad. As you all have observed that air conditioner  condenser pad usually lift the exterior unit off the ground due to following reasons:

  1. Protection of air conditioner from pests. Usually the backyards and the areas where air conditioner exterior unit is placed is filled with pests and other insects. They can make their likelihood in the air conditioner and damage the a/c unit. So the HVAC pad will reduces this likelihood of the pests and save the air conditioner from being damaged.
  2. Pads will reduce the AC’s vibration with the ground. If you place the air conditioner directly on the ground without using air conditioner pads then you will notice that you’re air conditioning unit will make a vibrating or buzzing vibration. And this will damage your air conditioner and reduces their lifespan. Hence, air conditioner pads are necessary to protect your air conditioner from damage and increase their lifespan.
What is an air conditioner pad

Types of air conditioning pads

Two common types of a/c pads are there . let’s have a brief look over the types of air conditioner pads.

Air conditioner pad concrete

If you have a larger air conditioner unit then, it will be perfect for you. As larger air conditioner units require a material like concrete that can bear its weight easily. It doesn’t depend on the size and capacity of you’re air conditioner but it depends on the weight.

Types of air conditioning pads

Air Conditioner pads plastic

Composite pads are typically called the plastic pads because they use plastic or rubber that are being recycled. They are usually well-suited for small, lighter air conditioner.

Usually composite pads last as long as the concrete pads, if you install them correctly. And you should search well and try to know about the right air conditioner pad for you’re air conditioner unit.

Air conditioner pad size

You will need a 3” pad at min. but most commonly the sizes available in the market are as follows

S NoSizeModals
12×16×36Ideal-Air 728184 cement Equipment Pad
23×36×36Diversitech EL3636-3-E-lite Plastic condensing unit pad
32×32×32Diversitech EL3232-2-E-Lite Plastic Condensing Unit Pad
43×18×38Ecopad Equipment Pad

Air conditioner pad installation

In your routine, if you are going to install pad for your air conditioning unit then you must follow the steps given below:

Step#1: Decide the need of pads for your air conditioning unit

There will be two cases in front of you. In first case, when you are going to install the brand new air conditioner then it is obvious fact you need to install the pad for your new air conditioner. But in the second case, if you are going to install a pad underneath the old air conditioning unit then try to consider some facts like if your old air conditioner is near the end of its lifespan means about 15 years for most of them then do not waste your money and energy and let it as it is until someone is ready to buy it and you will replace it with the brand new air conditioner.

Usually when you disturb the conditioner, it will affects the parts of the air conditioner and will decrease the lifespan of your air conditioner, which you can never desire of!

Step#2: Purchase The New Air Conditioning Pads

Many hardware stores provides this service that you can directly buy pads from them. Choose the best air conditioner pad which can leave almost one foot between you a/c support feet and perimeter. Select and choose between concrete or composite pads. It is not necessary to pair the pads with the size of the air conditioning unit. You should select the pads according to your needs as it is expected that, you have to spend $100 on the pad.

Step#3: Level The Ground

The most important and most neglected step is to level the ground underneath the air conditioning unit. For proper functioning of the unit you must ensure the level, because it would cause the air conditioning to work inefficiently. Slant air conditioner unit do not work properly.

Level can be used to check the ground, then place the pad and check its level too. If it is levelled then it’s good but if it is not levelled then you will have to buy a levelling air conditioner pad from the market. It is not again difficulty but it will increase the work and installation process.

Step#4: Create a Compact Base

Lack of compact base cause the drainage of water that will lead to many other issues. So try to lay down the compact concrete base, also check its level. After the laying down of compact base, now place the air conditioner pad.

Step#5: Install Air Conditioner

Once the process of placing the pad have been completed, now it is ready to install the air conditioning unit on it.

Air conditioner pad installation

Step#6: Wrap Up

If you suspect or know that there is issue of levelling then you should add a levelling pad beneath the unit. Wedge the pad and add a levelling pad underneath.

Moreover, install vibration pads underneath the unit. As I have mentioned earlier that, pads are used to avoid the friction of the unit against the ground but why we use vibration pads again? We have used vibration pads because they will protect the system from rattling and vibrating with the pads too.

Leveling air conditioner pad

With the passage of time the concrete pads under the air conditioner units tends to settle. If the pad has sunk but the coolant tube made up of copper are have no strain and the electrical lines and unit stays dry then it’s ok.  But if the pad continues to sink then you should take notice and action as early as possible.

Lift the pad from one side and add packing sand under it then lift the other side and add packing side on the other side too. In case of breakage of concrete pad, you will have to call the technician to remove the air conditioning unit.  Place the new pad and install the air conditioner again.

Leveling air conditioner pad

Advantages of air conditioner pads

  1. Air conditioner pads are usually made up of concrete or plastic
  2. Air conditioner pads are waterproof
  3. Air conditioner pads are weatherproof
  4. Air conditioner pad provides stability
  5. Air conditioner pads keep the air conditioning unit in place
  6. Air conditioner pads work optimally
  7. Proper pad can ensure the longer and healthier lifespan of your air conditioner

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