Does aircon give you a sore throat

Does aircon give you a sore throat

If you are living in Singapore, you always use air conditioner because your country’s weather is hot rainforest. The country does not have any distinct season and its weather is characterized by uniform temperature and pressure, high rainfall, and high moisture. Its temperatures can increase to above 33.3 degrees and can also increase up to 36 degrees.

Everyone has to use an air conditioner in this type of climate. Can aircon give you a sore throat? What cause sore throat from air conditioner? How to prevent sore throat from air conditioner? There are some facts below that will answer these questions from a logical point of view.

How did my aircon give me a sore throat?

During the AC process, humidity is being pulled out of the air. As this action performs in a locked room, the room can become extremely dry. As an outcome, you may experience throat problems, like

  1. Itchiness
  2. Dryness
  3. Soreness

Some people are more prone to signs as an outcome of dry air, anyway, if you feel you get a sore throat generally around the time that you run your AC, it may be time to take a few preventive measures for your health.

Air conditioning generally dries out all the air around it. By doing it, it is liable for causing sore throats to lots of people. Anyway, the aircon is not fully blamed for the painful throats that most people face. This means that there are other reasons involved in the causation of sore throat by the AC and below are some of these factors.

Lack of AC maintenance

The air supply within the home is recycled again and again with each air conditioning cycle, traveling via the central air system and all through the home. House owners tend to skip out on air condition maintenance and give up the advantages that come with normal care, but keeping the home and the central air structure clean contributes to fit air and helps elevate indoor air standard.

For those particularly sensitive to inside air standards, several air-cleaning systems are accessible with the help of your HVAC constructors.

Dry air

Air that is too dry can have a bad impact on some, mainly those who suffer from allergies. Ensure to either occasionally run your system with the vent control open or always open your window and permit air into your home. Your unit will then be capable to cycle the new air via the unit,  stopping the air in your home from becoming stagnant.

Improper installation

A common reason why air conditioner may be to blame for a sore throat or any kind of discomfort is bad installation. Faulty technical work outcomes not just in poor AC but opportunities for lower sanitation and full health.

Punctures and leaks with the central air system, duck work, and filter permit for dust, dirt, and other irritants to contaminate the internal anatomy of the furnace and air conditioner as well as the inside air supply. The dirt contributes to building up over time, hunting the system efficiency, and degrading air standards.

Running the AC with the vent control closed

If you run the air conditioner with the closed vent controls it will increase your possibilities of getting a painful throat. This is for the reason that of the fact that it will cause an insufficient exchange of air from the air and the outside globe which makes air remain stagnant in some places which is a potential cause of the infection. You should open the window or run the unit with its vent control opened to permit the circulation of air in the house or room.

Over using the system

If you tend to overuse the system for chilling your home to the point it reaches extreme aridity,  then issues will be experienced in your body. It will outcome in a lot of dry air being passed from the room into the lungs through the throat membranes. This will be the reason for the throat to dry making it painful. The top way to stop such is by making sure windows are unlocked at times to stop the air from drying up. You can also use the with a humidifier or use a water bowl in the room so that the air conditioner cannot fully dry out the air. You should also keep your body hydrated in order to escape having to deal with a throat issue.

How to cure sore throat from air conditioner

Just a decade or 2 ago, air conditioner was considered to be a luxury that just a few privileged can afford. Today, anyway, air conditioner has become a need in both offices and residences which is why most people these days are exposed to aircon regularly. Unluckily, although AC offers lots of advantages, a lot of studies have presented that regular use and exposure to aircon can potentially cause certain health issues. One particular health issue that many people who use air conditioning unit regularly has reported would be getting a sore throat.

Most of these throat issues are caused by human negligence either in the system installation, checking them, or how they are used. It is so safe to assume that if one uses an air conditioner badly then they are bound to have dry throats as an outcome of the dry air stagnating in the room and passing via their throat membrane causing the dryness. One ought to make sure that they practice the top techniques of using an air conditioner in order to reject getting these throat complications linked with its use.

Read on for a guide on how to cure a sore throat from AC

Keeping your throat and body hydrated is one of the primary things you should do. If you spend a lot of time in an AC area such as in the office or your bedroom at home, ensure that you forever have a container or glass that you can drink from every now and then. By doing this job, you can hydrate your throat, which can, in turn, support in alleviating inflammation and pain.

You can also keep some throat lounges handy so that suck on anytime your throat feels very itchy or sore. There are a lot of lozenges that are readily accessible in the market from those which are medicated that provide analgesic, antibacterial or anesthetic effects to those which have natural ingredients such as eucalyptus, honey, and mint that provide soothing effects.

Because the key reason why air conditioner causes a sore throat would be its tendency to make the air very dry, it would be best to ensure that the air in the air-conditioned area or room you are in forever has sufficient moisture. To perform this, you can consider using a vaporizer or a humidifier.

Aside from knowing how to cure the throat of air conditioner, you should also ensure that you know what you need to perform is stop getting one in the future. Some of the things that you can do contain: reducing the use of your air conditioner, forever using a humidifier when you have the air conditioner turn on, or strengthening your defense system via getting sufficient rest and eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits.

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