Does air conditioning kill flies

Buzzing flies in your surrounding will definitely annoy you. They have strong sensory organs that’s why they detect the decaying food easily. Except Antarctica flies used to live almost everywhere where humans live.

They eat everything and usually feed on dirt and rancid food. Flies are the source of many diseases live typhoid, dysentery etc. It is an obvious fact it doesn’t matter how much you care about the cleanliness and how much you invest on chemicals to keep your home free from flies, and how much you care for the closure of windows to prevent their entry, you will surely have to deal with flies in your home.

Female flies usually lay 100 eggs at one time and these eggs hatch in only one day and develop into adults in 3-4 weeks. External factors may affect their growth like temperature and pressure. It is commonly observed that lower temperature retard their growth. Like mammals, they can’t maintain their body temperature, which means they depend on the surrounding temperature.

Can cold air kill flies? Air-conditioned environments do not really suit flies and this might be the reason contribute to the dying.

Do flies like air conditioning

Do flies like air conditioning

No, actually they don’t because it will cause them to retard their growth, and will eventually die. Lowered temperatures badly affect the growth and development of flies so that’s why they usually don’t like low temperature or air conditioning. But I think killing them with some fruit bait or some other food is the best way as it does not have any cost as compared to air conditioning that will utilize electricity which you will have to pay.

Are flies attracted to air conditioning

No, usually cold temperature conditions affect them badly and it is assumed that these insects are killed in winter or cold conditions but researchers have revealed that adults can survive the cold temperature by the strong sensory system and they usually hide in cold temperature. The eggs usually don’t sustain the cold temperature. Researchers have noticed that flies have made a map with the help of their sensory systems and neurons that helps them to detect the temperature and move with respect to this map.

Fruit flies in air conditioner

Fruit flies usually hatch, grow, and live in the summer season because they provide suitable temperature conditions required by the fruit flies and they die or you can say they do not survive in cold temperatures. Concerning health issues, they should not be allowed to stay on your food or in your homes.

Methods to remove fruit flies

Methods to remove flies

Use a Bait:

Use some food as bait like cooked potato peeling in a plate. It will attract the flies and then you can use any repellent to kill them.

Use of vinegar:

Take a glass ad put vinegar in it. Slightly heat the vinegar so that it releases its fruity smell then place tissue paper having a hole on its top. Now leave it for a few hours. In the alternative process, you can also you any fruit present in a zipped bag to attract the flies and when it captures maximum flies, zip the bag, and destroy them.

Air condition the room:

Flies actually cannot live in colder temperature conditions. So you can use your air conditioner to remove the flies from your home. It will lower the temperature and retard the growth of flies and make them die.

Methods to remove fruit flies

Washing the fruits your home:

There are many ways in which fruit flies can enter your home but is considered that usually, they get into your home along with the fruit you buy from the market. So the best way to remove them or prevent their entry is that immediately wash your fruits after coming home.

Don’t provide them food:

We do not actually invite the flies but due to some reasons, they enter our homes to enjoy their buffet in our kitchens. Try to dispose of food remaining and rancid food. Make sure to keep the food containers and other cans empty. Dump your garbage properly to avoid the source of food from flies.

Air conditioning:

Usually flies live in the summer season and they die in winter this means that lowering the temperature will kill them as it affects their growth and development by pausing their life cycle so air conditioning will kill them and remove them from your room or home. Actually, this is not the best method because when the temperature will be normal these flies will return back so to get rid of fruit flies use good sanitation.

Thermal acclimation:

This process is actually the ability of insects and flies to adjust themselves to various temperatures, especially cold temperatures. This will help them in the survival of insects. Insects represent 75 % of the animal population, so it is necessary to understand how this creature is tolerating the temperature changes of the world. It seems that cold temperatures kill them but some scientists believe that they usually hide in winter and wait for the summer season.

Are flies attracted to cool air

Generally, it is observed that house flies are summer pests. Temperature not only affects their survival but it can change the duration of time required to hatch their eggs and the time required by them to develop into adults.

The temperature of 99 Fahrenheit causes the eggs to hatch quickly in 8 hours only but the temperature around or below 59 degrees will cause them to hatch in two days. Similarly, the development of an adult is also dependent upon the optimum temperature conditions.

Under optimum condition, they develop in four days but at a lower temperature, they take a month. And they eventually die below 32 degrees because they become inactive. Flies even can’t fly if the temperature of the surrounding is low.

Flies get attracted to sweet smelled fruits, vinegar, wine, vegetables, and sugary products. They also get attracted to some non-foody materials like moist rags, sponges, and mops, etc. They actually need a place of fermenting where they can lay eggs and survive.

Extra tips:

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