How to clean air conditioner fins

It is generally believed that the repairing and maintenance of the air conditioner should be assigned to a professional. But it is also true that there are some tasks that you can do by yourself. The same is the case with the cleaning of air conditioner fins. Fins are delicate and require extra care during handling and cleaning.

In the proper maintenance process of the air conditioner, air conditioner fins cleaning is an essential part. It will help the air conditioner to work smoothly as the function of fins is to maintain the airflow in and out of your air conditioner.

The best approach to clean the air conditioner fins is to use a fin comb. Air conditioners should be cleaned twice a year. Every fin should be cleaned with the help of this fin comb.

air conditioner fins

What are the air conditioner fins?

These are the thin metal slates of copper or aluminum, that will help to protect the inner coil of an air conditioner. They need extra care because they are very delicate and can easily be bent.

Role of air conditioner fins

They perform two basic tasks

  1. It can protect the unit from dust, debris, and other tiny elements.
  2. It can maintain the efficiency of your air conditioner by blocking the hot air surrounding it from entering the unit.

Types of air conditioner fins

There are two types of fins present in the AC.

Condenser fins

Those metal slats that can be seen running along with the framework of the outdoor unit are called condenser fins. When the air conditioner is running these fins will prevent the hot air from entering the AC unit. If the condenser fins are clean, they will greatly increase the efficiency of your air conditioner even in the hottest days of summer.

Evaporator fins

These fins surround the evaporator in the form of A. These fins are used for cooling the hot air of the outside environment and then distribute it in ducts and vents. So, eventually cools the room. If these fins are will be dirty then you can enjoy thy cold air. Moreover, this will increase the power consumption by your air conditioner.

How to clean ac fins

For proper functioning of the air conditioner, both fins should be clean. Both the fins should be cleaned gently. As they are soft and delicate and any type of pressure can destroy their shape. For this purpose fins, the comb is available that has soft bristles. Both inside and outside of the air conditioner can be cleaned gently with the fins comb. For cleaning of air conditioner fins, you must follow these steps

Step 1

1st step should be the unplugging of the air conditioner. Electronic appliances need to be disconnected from the power supply.  This can be done simply unplug your air conditioner or switch off the circuit breaker.

Step 2

To access the fins you need to unscrew the access panel. This will expose your air conditioner fins.

Step 3

Now use the fins comb to remove dust and debris from the air conditioner fins. Start your motion of fins combs from downward to upward. It also helps to bring the bent fins intotheir original shape.

Step 4

Dislodged particles can also be removed by using a vacuum cleaner. It should be kept at a certain distance to avoid any damage to fins.

How to clean air conditioner Fins with a/c  fin comb?

Both the fins are very delicate and the owner should not use any rough or harsh method to clean them. Air conditioner fin comb is usually used to clean the fins. It will be the best approach to cleaning the fins safely. Use this comb to clean each fin individually.

Cost of air conditioner fins

They are not usually expensive and will cost $20. They are available at any hardware store near your place. Moreover. They are also available online.

Tips for air conditioner fins cleaning

These tips will be useful for you as they will help you save your day as well.

1. Use a protective kit while cleaning the air conditioner fins like protective goggles and use gloves. They will protect your eyes and skin from any injury.

2. Water should not be used at the start because it will make a cake with accumulated dust and it will be difficult to remove.

3. During the cleaning process the surrounding should be neat and tidy otherwise it will get dirty again.

Why air conditioner fins damaged

In addition to the cleaning process of air conditioner fins. You should also know the reasons for the damage. So, you can prevent air conditioner fins from being damaged.

1. Insecure during winter

Usually, air conditioners are provided with protective covers that will prevent them from dust, small debris, etc. But for proper protection, it should be properly covered to resist the environmental changes. Waterproof coverings should be used for the proper protection of your air conditioner.

2. Cleaning in spring

Mostly in spring people uses water at high pressure to clean things and get ready for summer. In this move, they treat air conditioners in the same manner. But you should know that air conditioner fins can’t tolerate this high-pressure water. So, be careful about treating the air conditioner.

bent air conditioner fins block airflow


I hope you will know every detail and knowledge about cleaning air conditioner fins. If you do this job by yourself, it will save money. But for satisfactory maintenance, you should call the HVAC company. They offer seasonal cleaning and maintenance services which include cleaning of air conditioner fins also. For increasing the lifespan of your air conditioner you should avail the of seasonal maintenance services regularly or once a year. The best approach to clean the air conditioner fins is to use a fin comb. Air conditioners should be cleaned twice a year. Every fin should be cleaned with the help of this fin comb. In addition to fins, air filters also need regular cleaning and replacing.

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