Panasonic vs hitachi ac

If you constantly find yourself dripping in sweat, even if it is not officially summer yet, it might be high time for you to invest in a high-quality AC unit to help you endure the scorching heat. Two of the names you will likely encounter when shopping for an air conditioner are Panasonic and Hitachi. So, which is the better choice when it comes to Panasonic vs. Hitachi air conditioner, then?

An Overview of Panasonic Air Conditioners

Panasonic has long been known as an established and reputable Japanese brand, operating for more than 100 years. The company started as a small bulb socket manufacturer before it became a giant conglomerate with thousands of employees worldwide. Panasonic is among the largest manufacturers of consumer electronics and is Japan’s number 1 air conditioning brand. The company also specializes in split AC, and they offer energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing cooling solutions for home and business use.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Panasonic ACs

Panasonic is well-admired for their advanced technology as they manufacture appliance units with high functionality using durable components. Their nanoe and ECONAVI technology is why the company is also regarded as among the most technologically advanced AC brands to date.

The amount of sensor data used for enhanced cooling is also next to none. This not just detects human count, as it can also identify human activity. For instance, if you are having a Zumba session or working out, it will automatically sense it to be a high human activity. The compressor will then be run at high speed to help you cool off comfortably and quickly.

It is no longer a surprise these days that air pollution has become an even more severe issue that has started to creep into homes and businesses. The good news is that Panasonic air conditioning units are adequately equipped with features that can capture viruses, bacteria, mold, and many other types of particulates to ensure that the air you breathe is cool and healthy at the same time.

Another notable benefit of higher-end split ACs is none other than the dual flap aero wings. Since the two flaps are totally independent of one another, they can precisely cool a room according to the user setting and the advanced sensor network’s input.

However, Panasonic ACs are not completely faultless. Their first weakness is that these units are not flexible, and the brand also promises a limited type of units. The brand doesn’t have window air conditioners.

As for commercial cooling, the choices are only limited to the cassette-type units. Although new split air conditioners feature stabilizer-free operation, the range of protection from 145V to 285V is much lesser than high-end air conditioners offering protection of 80V to 450V.

Should You Buy Panasonic ACs?

Panasonic was among the earlier brands that realized the potential of air conditioners to become essential home appliances. This is very much evident in the tremendous amount of effort and time that they put into making their air conditioning units equipped with the newest technology while ensuring energy efficiency.

With advanced features such as reliable filtration, aerowings, and smart sensors, it is very easy to see why more and more people choose Panasonic air conditioners. While it might not be the cheapest choice, this brand focuses on split ACs with robust system for air purification. 

So, if you are looking for faster cooling and good air quality, Panasonic ACs definitely deserves to be considered.

An Overview of Hitachi Air Conditioners

Johnson-Controls Hitachi or simply Hitachi is another reputed air conditioning brand. Since it is also a Japanese brand like Panasonic, Hitachi is also known to produce good quality air conditioners that boast advanced features and improved technology. Hitachi is also a Fortune 500 Company. 

Strengths and Weaknesses of Hitachi ACs

Push for energy efficiency, innovation, and versatility in large appliances are the main theme of air conditioning units from Hitachi. The brand offers a complete catalog of air conditioners that range from commercial to residential, from windows to split, and from fixed speed and inverter-based ones.

Hitachi also has an exceptional network of research and development laboratories, service stations, manufacturing units, and retail outlets. The brand currently has thousands of service centers all over the world that is more than enough to instill the faith of consumers in Hitachi.

Versatility is the number one advantage of Hitachi. The brand provides all kinds of air conditioning units to cater to the different needs of different users. For people who are more energy and environment-conscious, the brand offers inverter aircon using eco-friendly refrigerants. Meanwhile, those who are on a budget can go for the more affordable window AC units of Hitachi. And if you are somewhere between these two, there are fixed-speed split ACs perfect for your needs. Hitachi also offers ductable and cassette air conditioners for businesses. This means that the brand has something for everyone.

Another plus point of Hitachi is durability. Since they are a Japanese brand, they are quite conscious when it comes to quality. Hitachi air conditioners actually undergo 43 different tests to ensure that the units don’t just offer comfortable cooling but can also withstand the demands of working or external conditions. The brand also imparts exceptional customer service by setting up its Engineering Excellence Center to hone the technical skills of its technicians and staff members. It clearly shows the seriousness of the brand in meeting the requirements of customers.  

Should You Buy Hitachi ACs?

There is no doubt that Hitachi is another reliable brand and is among the few ones offering a lengthy list of technologies and features in their appliances. Today’s ACs from Hitachi are fed with humidity and temperature data of various cities for their operation to be adjusted every now and then to provide optimum cooling. The iSmart and iSee technologies further help Hitachi ACs to offer more efficient cooling through the 4-way swing blade.  So, when it comes to Panasonic vs. Hitachi AC, it is easy to see that both brands do what they do best. It is all up to you to decide which one best suits you, your needs, and your budget.

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