Pros and cons of ceiling cassette ac

Due to increasing temperature, the air conditioner is becoming the necessary appliance for houses, offices, vehicles, and other commercial units. They lower and maintain the temperature.

Over the years, different air conditioning companies are introducing different and new innovative air conditioners like split air conditioners, inverter air conditioners, and cassette air conditioner units. Every type has its features. Among the mentioned earlier, cassette air conditioner units are considered the latest and popular.

There are many types of air conditioning available in the market that people select according to their needs and choices. But before installing and selecting any appliances, you should know the pros and cons of that device. Among the wide variety of air conditioners, cassette aircon is considered the best one. Selecting the best air conditioner for your family is a difficult task.

What is cassette ac

What is cassette ac

These cassette aircon units are designed like cassettes and are mounted in the ceiling. You can guess from the name that these types of air conditioning units are placed in the room’s ceiling or buildings. They have a powerful fan that can distribute the cool air through two, three, or four sides. Like a conventional air conditioner outdoor unit is placed outside the building. Usually, you have to mount the inside unit into the faulty unit to hide it from the public. In my opinion, this is the efficient one as compared to other conventional air conditioners. Moreover designed is so elegant that it can blend with any decoration theme of the room.

Ceiling cassette ac unit

This cassette aircon is designed like a cassette and is mounted in the ceiling. You can guess from the name that these types of air conditioning units are placed in the room’s ceiling or buildings. They are usually ductless cassette air conditioners. It is ductless mini split air conditioner. Only the indoor unit is visible to the public, while the remaining are hidden behind the false ceiling, making it elegant. It has a unique grill for the blow of conditioned air. It works quietly without producing much noise, which makes it more desirable. The max sound produced is 38 dbA. Why is my air conditioner making a pulsating noise?

cassette type ac

Circular cassette ac unit

It has 360 ˚ airflows blowing air evenly in all directions with greater efficiency. It has self-cleaning filters that will increase the efficiency by 50 percent of the original.

Tips for installing cassette air conditioner :

  1. You should know where to put it
  2. You should know about the space available in your home
  3. Enough space should be available for the PVC pipe that connects the lift pump to exterior
  4. Ensure proper insulation
  5. The indoor unit should not be exposed to extreme temperatures
  6. Should call an expert technician for advice and installation
  7. Select the correct model, size and brand of cassette a/c unit.

Wiring for installing cassette ac unit

Wiring for installing cassette ac unit

Advantages of cassette ac

  • Can be installed in the ceiling: As ceiling cassette, a/c conditioner can be mounted in-ceiling, so they save the space and help to use walls for decoration and other purposes.
  • Easy to clean filters: The ceiling cassette a/c unit filters are easy to remove by opening the unit and simply washing them, and mount them back. It has a significant advantage that you will get clean and fresh conditioned air. Moreover, it can efficiently trap the pollutants like dust particles. It also enhances the performance of your ceiling cassette air conditioner. And also increase the life span of filters. It maintains the excellent smell of inside air by keeping it clean.
  • Stylish: Cassette a/c units are very stylish, with an elegant grill visible to the public.
  • Can work as air purifiers: If you can use photocatalytic filters in your ceiling cassette a/c units, they will help purify your indoor air, remove harmful pollutants, and clean the environment.
  • Cause the air to be well distributed: It has 3-4 units to distribute conditioned air. That helps to maintain the temperature in large rooms.
  • Cassette ac can circulate air in wide space: They have powerful fans and 3-4 units for the wide-area circulation of the area.
  • Cassette ac has powerful fans: They have powerful fans for blowing the cool air in the whole room with greater efficiency.
  • Do not consume much space: Cassette ac units consume less area as compared to conventional a/c units.
  • Cassette ac units are noise-free: They have a condenser placed outside the room, so that is why they are noise-free and work quietly.
  • Fan speed can be changed: They have a powerful fan, their speed can also be adjusted and changed according to the need.
  • Programmable thermostat: Programmable thermostat helps to provide more comfort and extra control.
  • Energy-saving: As they have a programmed system, energy is less utilized.
  • Compact: Cassette ac units have a compact system, so they are easy to be mounted.
  • Elegant look: Cassette air conditioners have an exquisite look in which only a small stylish grill is visible to the public.
  • Cooling time is faster: Cassette a/c units have a faster cooling system due to the powerful system. Cassette-type ac have enhanced performance.
  • Remote operation: The ceiling cassette air conditioner provides the max control of the unit. Remote provides you the control by command and customizing your air conditioner according to your need and performance.

Disadvantages of cassette ac

  • The compressor is placed outside the building, that require drilling of more holes and is costly
  • Installment is time-consuming
  • Installment require more than one a/c units that are again costly
  • Difficult to install
  • Difficult to repair


Compact and lightweightTime-consuming
Use R410A as a coolantExpensive
Programmable thermostatInstallment is time-consuming
Can be installed in the ceilingInstallment require more than one a/c units that are again costly
Easy to clean filters.Difficult to install
StylishDifficult to repair
Can work as an air purifier 
Cause the air to be well distributed 
They can circulate air in wide space 
Have powerful fans 
Energy saving 
Programmable thermostat 
Fan speed can be changed 
They are noise-free as their condenser is out of the buildings 
Do not consume much space                                                       
Easy to maintain 
Remote operation 
Cooling time is faster 
Elegant look 

Cassette ac unit mounted in the ceiling below the conditioned air in every corner of the room using its efficient system and influential fans. It is very effective, especially in large halls and rooms.

What is the difference between split ac and cassette ac? We have a complete guide on that. Please have a look if interested.

If you are looking for a perfectly efficient, compact, elegant air conditioner with a powerful blowing fan system and unique performance for your small as well as large area, you should look towards cassette ac. This is the best choice!

Are ceiling cassettes good

Yes, there are so many reasons why ceiling cassettes are good for you.

  • Best for small spaces

If you are living or working in a small space, you surely want to save as much space as possible to store more items. A ceiling cassette is the best choice for you because it doesn’t have to be mounted on your wall or window and help you save space.

  • Efficient &effective cooling

Ceiling cassettes are more advanced and built with modern technology. They consume less power and produce more cooling. This way, they will reduce your utility bills and help you save precious money.

  • Quiet & smooth working

You have probably observed that the air conditioners are too loud at some places that you can’t even have a proper conversation. Ceiling cassettes will provide you a quiet and smooth performance and prevent any disturbance.

Are cassettes worth it

Yes, ceiling cassettes are perfectly worth it because there’s so much that they can offer to you.

Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself to determine whether if ceiling cassettes are worth it for you or not. If you say YES to these questions, then it means that the ceiling cassette is for you:

  • Do you want to save space?

Are you living or working in a small space and want to save space? Do you want your AC to take less space? If yes, then the ceiling cassette is for you because it is fixed in your ceiling and saves a lot of space.

  • Do you want faster cooling?

If you want your AC to cool your room faster, the ceiling cassette is a good choice for you because its fan works at an initial fast speed to reach the required temperature quickly.

Moreover, the ceiling cassette also covers a wide area in your space.

  • Do you want to save money?

Suppose you want to save money on utility bills. In that case, a ceiling cassette is the right choice because it’s built with advanced technology that automatically reduces power consumption once it has reached the set temperature.

  • Do you want easy maintenance?

If you want to easily maintain your AC, then a ceiling fan is the way to go. It usually works for a longer time without any problems. You can easily maintain it and clean its air filters.

If you answered YES to these questions, then it means that the ceiling cassette is a solution to many of your problems, and you must get it.

Why are cassettes so expensive

There are two reasons why ceiling cassettes are so expensive:

  1. Use of latest & advanced technology: Ceiling cassettes are equipped with the latest and advanced technology that makes them more expensive. They provide effective cooling and are energy-efficient.
  2. Costly installation: The main thing that increases the overall price of ceiling cassettes is their very costly installation process. The reason is that ceiling cassettes are installed in the ceiling. Therefore, it requires drilling a lot of holes, laying out pipes, and other ceiling work. All of this takes a lot of time, energy, and effort. Thus, it costs more money.

What is a 4 way ceiling cassette

Generally, there are two types of ceiling cassettes:

  • 2-way ceiling cassettes
  • 4-way ceiling cassettes

The louvers of a 2-way ceiling cassette swing in only 2 directions; upwards & downwards.

The louvers of 4-way ceiling cassettes swing in 4 directions; upwards, downwards, right, and left.

Since the louvers of 4-way ceiling cassettes swing in all 4 directions (up, down, right, and left) so they are more efficient and cool a large area.

Mitsubishi 4 way ceiling cassette

When it comes to 4-way ceiling cassettes, then Mitsubishi has a big name in the industry. We reviewed different 4-way ceiling cassettes of Mitsubishi and here are all the hot features we found:

  1. Easy to install anywhere: Mitsubishi ceiling cassettes can be easily installed in any room you want.
  2. Classy design: They come with a classy and attractive design that makes them look perfect in your space.
  3. Warranty: Mitsubishi also gives a warranty on many of itsceiling cassette units.
  4. Energy-efficient & effective cooling: Mitsubishi ceiling cassettes are renowned for saving energy and providing excellent cooling.
  5. Smooth installation: The installation process of Mitsubishi ceiling cassettes is also relatively smooth and easier.

Panasonic 4 way mini cassette

Panasonic 4-way mini ceiling cassettes are famous all over the world due to the following reasons:

  1. Best for tightest spaces: No matter how much tight and small space you got, a Panasonic mini ceiling cassette can easily fix anywhere you want.
  2. Superb cooling: Despite its small size, the Panasonic 4-way mini ceiling cassette still provides excellent and fast cooling.
  3. Elegant design: Panasonic 4-way mini ceiling cassette has been specially designed to give a good look to your interior.
  4. Energy saving: The latest technology of Panasonic 4-way mini ceiling cassettes saves energy and reduces utility bills.
  5. Drain pump (Built-in): The Panasonic 4-way mini ceiling cassette also comes with a built-in drain pump.
  6. Easy controls: Panasonic 4-way mini ceiling cassette is very flexible and easy to control. You can either control it through your smartphone (Wi-Fi), Remote control (wireless), or a wired controller as well.
  7. Durable & anti corrosion: The Panasonic 4-way mini ceiling cassette has anti-corrosion technology that prevents corrosion. It gives them a longer life and makes them more durable.

How to choose ceiling cassettes for home use

Here’s what you should do for choosing ceiling cassettes for your home:

  •  What are your needs?

Try to figure out your needs, how much cooling power do you want? What are the specs that you need? Do you want your ceiling cassette to have any special features?

When you know what you need, you will find it easier to filter tons of other ceiling cassettes in the market and get closer to the exact ceiling cassette that fulfills your needs.

  •  Where do you want to fix it?

Decide the location where you want to fix your ceiling cassette. It will help you determine how much cooling power you need and what size of ceiling cassette would be good for you.

  • Do you need a warranty?

If you want to feel more secure and prefer to buy a ceiling cassette with a warranty or insurance, you should find companies offering warranty or insurance.

  • Do you want to save energy?

If you are worried about electricity usage and your utility bills, getting an energy-saving ceiling cassette might be the best choice.

  • What’s your budget?

Calculate how much budget you got for buying a ceiling cassette because it will make it easier for you to find the right ceiling cassette for your home.

You can simply apply filters and search for a ceiling cassette within your budget price range.

This method will save you a lot of time.

Ceiling cassette vs wall mount

If we compare the ceiling cassettes with wall-mounted AC units, then ceiling cassettes are much better.

Here are the reasons why ceiling cassettes are better than wall mounted AC units:

  • Ceiling cassettefit in small spaces

Ceiling cassettes take less space and can fit even in the smallest spaces. Thus, you can save your space.

Wall-mounted units take more space and can’t fit in small spaces.

  • Ceiling cassettes are simple & small

Ceiling cassettes are very simple & small in size. Their most part is not even visible in the interior of your house (except the grills). Thus, it doesn’t make any changes to your interior design.

Wall-mounted AC units are bulky and are clearly visible. So, they do have an impact on your interior design.

  • Ceiling cassettes are easy to maintain

When it comes to maintenance then ceiling cassettes are easy to maintain as compared to wall-mounted AC units.

  • Ceiling cassettes are quiet

Wall-mounted AC units make a lot of noise but ceiling cassettes are very quiet.

  • Ceiling cassettes cover more area

Most of the wall-mounted AC units are 2-way. It means their louvers can only swing up and down. So, they cover less area.

Most ceiling cassettes are 4-way. It means they can swing up, down, right, and left. This way they cover more area and cool efficiently.

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