Delonghi portable air conditioner

With the changing climate and advancement of the world, air conditioning has become a necessary aspect of modern-day life. This essential aspect of life is ignored by some people because of the air conditioner’s maintenance costs, electricity bills, and other extra expenses to keep their unit working. Well, all these problems have been solved with the launch of De’Longhi PAC N77 ECO 8200 BTU Portable Air Conditioner.

With its sleek, compact, slim, portable design, easy setup, low noise emissions, and eco-friendly technology, this air conditioner have the ability to control the temperature in the best way possible without putting the user in complex installation, assembly, and maintenance issues.

It is ideal for a room of about 20 square meters and it has an energy efficiency rating of A-class which means that you can get the cooling services without spending a lot of money on electricity bills. It does have dehumidifying features with a sleek touch screen display. The remote control feature allows you to control its various functions from the comfort of your bed without any hassle. This is the fully explained Delonghi Air Conditioner review that will put light on all its major aspects.

Specifications of the Delonghi 8200 BTU Air Conditioner

Specifications of the Delonghi 8200 BTU Air Conditioner
  • Brand: De’Longhi
  • Model Number/Version: PAC N77 ECO
  • Controls: Touch Screen Display Panel
  • Cooling Power: 8200+ BTU (British Thermal Units), 3.5kW
  • Max Cooling Area: 20 Square Meters (220 Square Feets)
  • Power Supply: 50GHz, 2100W
  • Unit Dimensions: 44.9 x 39.5 x 75cm (L, W, H)
  • Power Voltage: 240V
  • Power Cable/Cord Length: 1.8 Meters (5.9 Feet)
  • Energy Efficiency Ratings: A-Class
  • Maximum Hose Length: 15 Meters (4.92 Feet)
  • Number of Fans Included: 3
  • Noise Level: 62dB
  • Body Color: White
  • Body Type: Compact
  • Machine’s Weight: 32 Kg (70.5 lbs)
  • Warranty Available: 12 Months

Features of the Delonghi 8200 BTU Air Conditioner

Features of the Delonghi 8200 BTU Air Conditioner
  • Modernized and Compact Design
  • Timer Setting Function
  • Electric LED Control Panel
  • 3-in-1 Air Conditioner
  • Secure and Productive Functionalities
  • Versatile Thermostat Range

Modernized and Compact Design

As attractive and innovative design has become the most demanded thing in the modern world, the Delonghi Air Conditioner is designed to meet your expectations. It is designed by considering all the aspects in mind and it allows you to keep any part of your room because of its slim design.

Timer Setting Function

This air conditioner includes an adjustable timer function that allows you to set the time on which the unit will start or stop. This will not only give you control over the air conditioner but prevent the wastage of energy as well. The machine will be turned on when the timer will hit the point and the cooling process will run until it reaches the desired temperature.

Electric LED Control Panel

There is a clear touch screen LED display through which you can monitor and manage all the functionalities in the air conditioner. The easy to use and understand interface can be used even by a beginner.

3-in-1 Air Conditioner

This amazing machine can run in different modes to meet your requirement. It can work as a dehumidifier, cooling fans, air conditioner with full efficiency. Dehumidifiers have the capacity to extract up to 34 liters of water from the room environment in just 24 hours.

Secure and Productive Functionalities

This feature can only be found rarely in some of the air conditioners available in the market. Whenever the temperature of the exhaust pipe drops to a low point, the unit automatically starts the frost protection function to prevent the air conditioner from issues. There are other protection functions as well that leads to a better experience and increased life span of the unit.

Versatile Thermostat Range

This unit comes with a remote control feature with two AAA batteries to increase or decrease the temperature from a long distance. The air conditioner has a very flexible thermostat range that allows you to set a temperature from a minimum of 12 degrees celsius to a maximum of 31 degrees celsius.  

Additional Features

  • Remote Control Function with 2 AAA Battery
  • Frosting Protections
  • Features 3 Different Modes
  • Compressor Protection for Long Life
  • Full Fledged Venting Equipment

Pros of the Delonghi 8200 BTU Air Conditioner

Pros of the Delonghi 8200 BTU Air Conditioner
  • It comes in a compact, attractive, and slim body design.
  • With its 8200+ BTU cooling capacity, it can easily cool up a large room effectively. 
  • One of the most reliable, durable, efficient, and suitable air conditioners.
  • There is a lot less energy consumption as compared to many other air conditioners.
  • It can adjust and accommodate its function with the changes in requirements.
  • Comes with a long extendable hose of about 5 feet.
  • It is not totally quiet but has very low noise emissions.
  • It is an eco-friendly air conditioner unit as it utilizes R290 gas which is hundreds of times safer for the outer atmosphere.
  • It can absorb all the water in the room as it has a capacity of about 34 liters per day.

Cons of the Delonghi 8200 BTU Air Conditioner

  • Sometimes it may take longer to cool up a place, it may take 2 hours to reach the 12 Degrees Celsius temperature.
  • It emits an off-gassing smell during the initial time.
  • The noise may get increased if not maintained or taken care of properly.

Steps to Install the Delonghi 8200 BTU Air Conditioner

Make sure that the unit sits for about 4 hours before the installation process because it will prevent the conditioner from exploding because of gas. While initializing the installation, make sure that there is no object near to the unit and it is placed on a flat surface. The air conditioner comes with a user manual with step to step procedure.

  • Take help from the manual to avoid any mistakes that can affect its performance and may lead to major issues as well.
  • Connect the hose with the hose connector by rotating it in an anti-clockwise manner. Just three rotations will be enough to fix the hose firmly.
  • Now take the one end of the exhaust hose and fix it with the adopter located at the back of the unit.
  • Now connect the window outlet vertically upward to the second end of the hose.
  • You can move the unit from one place to another but it is recommended to install the air conditioner at the place where it is supposed to be placed and fixed.

Changing Different Modes of the Delonghi 8200 BTU Air Conditioner

There are many amazing features and operations but the most necessary to know is changing different modes. The machine has different modes and you may require to change the modes with the changing seasons. To choose a mode:

  • Press and hold the mode button from the control panel screen at the top of the air conditioner.
  • A light will indicate each mode of the air conditioner using specified symbols.
  • Once the light indicates the mode that you need to choose, just pull back your finger from the mode button and the mode will be activated.

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Delonghi 8200 BTU Air Conditioner

Periodic maintenance is recommended because the dust and debris can get stuck to the unit causing clogs that can lead to major issues. You are not required to clean the unit daily but it should be done at least twice a month. Do keep this fact in mind that never use any type of hazardous chemicals such as acetone or petrol as they can not only damage the outer body of the unit but can affect the overall machine as well.

Outer Cleaning and Maintenance

While cleaning the outer body of the air conditioner, never pour water on the unit as you do while washing your vehicles.

  • Soak a clean soft cloth in water and rub that cloth gently on the air conditioner’s body.
  • It will remove all the dust and stains from the body without causing harm to the inner machine and electric parts.

Cleaning the Inner Components

Filters are the basic parts that need to be cleaned periodically and should be done carefully.

  • Take out the filter after opening the intake grill. No doubt the filter will have dust and debris because its function is to trap the dust inside itself.
  • Warm the water up to 40 degrees celsius and add some washing detergent as well.
  • Immense the filter in the water for some time and clean them with a cloth.
  • Place the filter in its right place once all the debris is removed from it.

Delonghi 8200 BTU Air Conditioner Review – Worth Buying or Not

The unit is equipped with state of the art cooling technology and brings you extreme comfort without worrying about any complex procedures. This machine can start working only by installing a few components that can be done using hands without any tools. Because of comfort, modes, temperature level indicators, cooling fans, built-in dehumidifier, and all its amazing features, Delonghi 8200 BTU Portable Air Conditioner is worth buying for any type of compartment whether it is an office, bedroom, or any part of the house.

Delonghi portable AC maintenance

How to drain a DeLonghi portable air conditioner

DeLonghi portable air conditioners have drainage hoses at their backs very close to the middle or bottom of the unit. Find this hose and remove the cap and empty the water into an external pan. Close the hose after successful drainage.

How often do I need to drain my Delonghi portable air conditioner

According to the information gotten from their official website, it is stated that Delonghi portable air conditioners need to be drained at the end of the season: and you may have to drain more often during extreme humid conditions.

This means only one thing, how often you need to drain your Delonghi air conditioner depends largely on the prevailing humidity level within your space. For example, if you live in areas with relatively low humidity, you will be less required to drain your portable cooling system compared to people in areas with high humidity. I’m general, portable air conditioners are to be drained every 8 hours.

How to recharge Delonghi portable air conditioner

Before refilling your unit, ensure that it is completely rid of accumulated dust and dirt. You can do this by making use of a vacuum cleaner. Flush afterward with detergent, dry, then pour antibacterial into its housing then proceed with the steps below.

  1. Unplug the unit.
  2. Attach the filling cord to the unit.
  3. Calculate how much refrigerant you need to fully recharge the unit.
  4. Have an empty cylinder connected to the aircon. This is to make for the easy exit of excessive freon.
  5. Attach a refrigerant cylinder to the air conditioner to recharge the conditioned with freon.
  6. Disconnect the filling cord.
  7. Seal the appliance.

Delonghi portable AC troubleshooting

How to reset DeLonghi portable air conditioner

To be honest, I would have easily recommended that you reset your AC unit by either turning it off or having it unplugged for about 5 minutes, then plug it back in. However, situations that may warrant you to reset your unit may vary and as a result, may require different troubleshoot or reset approaches. Check details below.

DeLonghi portable air conditioner working for just a few minutes

  1. See to it that the air hose of your unit is well-positioned. Keep the hose short and free to avoid bottlenecks.
  2. Check for likely obstructions that may be impeding airflow.

DeLonghi portable air conditioner works but not cooling

  1. Ensure that all windows and doors are shut.
  2. Get rid of any heat source in your space.
  3. Check the air exhaust at the back of your unit, refit if necessary.
  4. Check your unit’s filter, clean with a vacuum cleaner to remove accumulated dust. Or change if necessary.

The list is endless, check the manual of your DeLonghi portable air conditioners for tips and ideas about resetting. If you need help in regards to delonghi error codes, please read our previous guide for more info.

Delonghi portable AC FAQs

Do you have to drain Delonghi portable air conditioner?

Yes, you have to drain your Delonghi portable air conditioner. Although not all portable air conditioners need to drain, however, the Delonghi portable air conditioner is designed in such a way that users will have to drain water. The unit makes use of water it accumulates from the prevailing humidity within the room to cool down the condenser which is usually the most heated up part of the entire AC components. When you drain your Delonghi portable air conditioner, it will improve the overall efficiency of the unit as a whole.

What does Le mean on Delonghi portable air conditioner?

Le is the short form of LE. low temperature — a frost protection device fitted into the appliance to prevent it from forming excessive ice. Once the unit completes a defrosting process, the whole process will automatically begin.

How many Amps does a Delonghi portable air conditioner use?

Delonghi portable air conditioner uses 9.56 Amps. Although this may vary from model to model.

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