Window air conditioner surge protector

Everyone in the USA is getting the air conditioners ready to fight the upcoming blazing summers. Fluctuations in the current and voltage level are one of the major threats to all the electrical appliances at your home including the window air conditioner unit.

The voltage can suddenly surge up and down at any moment and eventually damage the window air conditioner unit. Is using a surge protector for the air conditioner the best solution to protect it from fluctuations in the voltages? Or is it even safe to use a surge protector for the air conditioner? What are the most crucial things you must keep in mind while using a surge protector for the AC? We will discuss it all in this article.

When you spend your hard-earned money on buying an air conditioner, you want it to last longer and keep providing you maximum cooling for a long time. If you also want to keep your air conditioner safe and have a longer life then this article is for you.

What is a power surge?

First of all, the most important thing for you here is to understand what exactly a power surge is. Only then you can understand the impact of the power surge of your air conditioner and how using a surge protector can save your air conditioner from a power surge.

A power surge is known as a condition where the electricity flow gets interrupted due to some reason and then starts again or the appliance consuming the electricity starts sending it back to the system again. A power surge leads to fluctuations in the voltage levels which can damage the electrical appliances permanently.

Causes of Power Surge

Multiple factors can lead to a power surge and some of them are given below:

  • Technical Errors

Several different types of technical errors in the electrical grid station can stimulate a power surge. Even some sort of malfunction in the transformer can also trigger a power surge.

  •  Accidents

Another common cause of power surge is accidents. For example, accidents like a tree falling over the live transmission lines, a vehicle crashing with the transmission tower, or a strong windstorm making the transmission tower or transmission lines collapse and collide with each other. All such incidents can cause a power surge.

  •  Lightning

The most common and natural cause of power surge is lightning. It can strike anywhere at any time and trigger a power surge.

  •  Faulty Appliances & Wiring

If you are using a faulty electrical appliance in your home or there are some serious flaws in your electrical wiring then it can also cause a power surge. 

How power surge impacts your AC?

The next thing that comes into mind is that how does this power surge impacts your air conditioner?

Well, all the modern electrical appliances like your window air conditioner have a lot of sensitive stuff inside them such as microprocessors, transistors, sensors, compressors, and wiring, etc. All of these things have a limited capacity of voltage that they can process through them. During a power surge, when a high voltage (exceeding their limit) will pass through them, it will completely damage them.

Impact of Large Power Surge on Window Air Conditioner

Whenever a large power surge occurs such as due to lightning or transformer blast then a very high voltage will travel all across the transmission lines to your window air conditioner. The high voltage will destroy all the wiring and other stuff inside the window air conditioner such as transistors and sensors, etc. A large power surge usually fries everything inside the window air conditioner.

Impact of Short Power Surge on Window Air Conditioners

Short power surges are more dangerous for your window air conditioner than large power surges. It’s because large power surges such as due to lightning occur very rarely whereas short power surges occur every day.

Short power surges are the biggest threat to your window AC. A short power surge will not burn or damage your window AC unit at once. Instead, it will keep degrading the internal parts gradually like a slow poison. It will keep weakening and damaging the internal parts of your window AC unit without you having you even noticing. Eventually, the lifespan of your window AC will decrease and it will no longer work properly.

You just read about how power surges can damage your air conditioner and waste all the precious money you have spent on it. Now let’s take a look at what a surge protector is & how it can protect your window air conditioner from power surges.

What is a surge protector?

A surge protector is a device that will protect your window air conditioner from power surges. Whenever there’s a fluctuation in voltage, a surge protector will ensure that your window AC gets the safe amount of voltage only. It will prevent the extra voltage from going into your window AC unit & damage it. This way your window AC unit will be safe and protected from power surges.

How surge protector will save your window AC?

Here’s a basic understanding of how a surge protector will save your window AC unit:

The HVAC Surge Protector

This surge protector is specially designed & developed for air conditioners. It can be installed at the condenser of the window AC unit. During a power surge, the HVAC surge protector will block the extra voltage from entering the window AC unit & direct it into the ground.

The Full-Home Surge Protector

This type of surge protector is designed & developed for all the electrical appliances of your home. It is installed into your main electrical wiring and whenever a power surge occurs, it will block/prevent the extra current from damaging your electrical appliances and direct it into the ground. 

Things to keep in mind while using surge protector

Here are a few very important factors you must keep in mind while getting a surge protector for your window AC unit:

Choose the Right Joule Rating

The joule rating of a surge protector refers to how much voltage it can take in. If the joule rating is higher, then it means it can take in a lot higher voltage, and hence offers more protection.

If you want the surge protector to protect your window AC unit properly then you must get a surge protector with the right joule rating.

A surge protector with a joule rating ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 will be the perfect choice for a window AC unit.

Check the Safety Rating

Before you get a surge protector, make sure it’s a trusted one and does the job it is supposed to do. You can check its safety ratings and reviews on different forums to verify its safety.

Check the Clamping Voltage

Clamping voltage means how much voltage can pass through the surge protector.

If the clamping voltage is high then more voltage can pass through the protector during a power surge which will eventually break down the AC.

Instead, we recommend you get a surge protector with optimal clamping voltage according to the size & type of your window air conditioner to ensure that it stays safe.

Diagnostic System

If the surge protector will have a LED diagnostic system on it, then it will be easier for you to identify what’s going on.


You are buying a surge protector to protect your window AC unit, right?

But what if it fails to perform the job it is supposed to do? What if your window AC unit still gets damaged despite using a surge protector?

That is why it is important to get a surge protector with a bigger warranty so that you can make a claim and recover your loss in case of any mishap.

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