Should you run a dehumidifier and air conditioner at the same time

Should you run a dehumidifier and air conditioner at the same time? Now, you might be wondering if you still need to use your dehumidifier when the days are hot while your air conditioner unit is running. Well, the answer may surprise you.

The main purpose of an air conditioner is to circulate cool air all around the house with the use of a system of registers and ducts. The air conditioning unit pulls the warm air in and re-circulates back the cool air into the home with the help of the Freon cooling agent. The cooling cycle is repeated until the preferred home temperature is achieved.

It seems that there are several common misconceptions when it comes to air conditioning and humidity and how they affect each other. The truth is that humidity plays a major role in the discomfort that you feel once the temperature increases. Even if it isn’t too hot outside, you may feel uncomfortable because of the high humidity. This is the very reason why a lot of people are wondering if a dehumidifier can be a great solution for proper heat moderation as well as how this will work for hand in hand with the air conditioner.

Humidity and air conditioners

An air conditioner helps dehumidify incoming air slightly. However, in climates that are extremely humid or for air conditioners that are bigger than usual for an average-sized house, the home will find it hard to achieve a low humidity.

Even if your AC unit is constantly running, something that is impractical and gets very expensive, there will still be some moisture in your home. You will notice this humidity more if your basement happens to be humid. It doesn’t matter if the basement is unfinished or finished, this can get humid even if your AC unit is running. Air conditioning thermostats are activated by a control gauge for your home’s upper portion and don’t consider the level of humidity in other parts of your home.

Your air conditioning unit will need an ally so that it will have more efficient work to maintain a comfortable home temperature due to its relationship between moisture and heat. Using your dehumidifier while your home’s AC unit is running will lower your energy use in general since the dehumidifier will make it easier to get rid of moisture. This will let your AC cool your house much faster.

Benefits of using a dehumidifier with your air conditioner

Will running a dehumidifier help air conditioner? Yes! You will be able to enjoy many exciting benefits from using your dehumidifier during the hotter days since proper levels of humidity will not just ensure your comfort it will also make your homestay safer. The furnishing in your home will stay protected with no musty odor lingering on upholstery.

You also don’t need to worry about paint peeling off because of added moisture. Most importantly, you and your whole family will also stay healthier since your skin will remain free from stickiness, cases of allergies will be reduced, and you can also have the assurance that your home will not turn into a habitat that will attract dust mites.   

One of the biggest nightmares of any homeowner is mold that can occur when there are two things present – moisture and surface where they can grow on. The dehumidifier plays an important role in fighting off the mold that can invade the different areas of your house.

Even if your air conditioner controls and maintains a cold indoor climate, this may still form an ideal environment where mold can grow. By using a dehumidifier to reduce moisture, you will be able to significantly lower the risks of mold taking hold.

When is the best time to use your dehumidifier alone?

In general, it is recommended to set your air conditioning unit to 78 degrees Fahrenheit and use the combination of fans and a dehumidifier to remain cool even if it is turned off. Once the temperature goes higher than that number, your air conditioning unit will turn on to support the dehumidifier.

You also need to consider that a dehumidifier can help lower the burden that the air conditioner experiences when pulling the humidity from the surrounding air. It requires more energy for cooling humid air compared to dry air. Even though dehumidifiers will usually increase air temperature by 1 to 2 degrees, these can help you save more energy and ensure that you enjoy better comfort levels.

This means that if you need some help to lower your current energy bills, enhance the quality of indoor air, and increase your AC’s longevity, you can always get a quality and reliable dehumidifier. 

Contradiction in energy efficiency

Even if it may sound somewhat contradictory, a home that is energy efficient in the midst of a humid and hot climate that has energy-efficient appliances and windows and added insulation can reduce the time that your AC runs.

Now, isn’t that a good thing?

Just so you know, this kind of energy efficiency also has its downside. Since your home is too insulated from the outdoor elements, your AC may run less often. It is actually a drawback because, during the time that your home is not being actively cooled down, active dehumidification doesn’t occur as well.

Due to this phenomenon, your home’s indoor relative humidity will rise as a result. This means that supplementing your AC with your dehumidifier will help your house achieve the best balance possible of dry and cool air.

Use your air conditioner and dehumidifier to strike the perfect balance

The recommended ratio is to retain a 45% to 500% split for relative humidity level for the majority of spaces.  A higher level of more than 50% can form a negative environment where mold spores can grow while a relative humidity level of less than 30% can be damaging as well. This may increase the risks of respiratory problems, irritated skin, and colds. Extreme dryness may make your wooden floors separate.

If you are wondering if you can run your air conditioning unit and dehumidifier simultaneously, the answer is a big yes since using these two appliances will help you achieve that ideal environment that you and your whole family need and deserve.

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