Can an air conditioner explode

We all know that the earth is becoming warmer with every passing day and people need some sort of appliances and tools that can keep them cool in this extreme heat. This is the reason that air conditioners have become extremely popular and common in almost all houses. Many surveys and reports show that more than 80% of the houses have an air conditioner in developed countries.

With the increase in the use of air conditioners, there are times when people face issues. One of the major concerns of an air conditioner owner is that, can an air conditioner explode?

Everything that comes with benefits and comforts also has some sort of issues and dangers with it.

According to a report issued by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), it is claimed that about 1% of the total fire accidents in the world are caused because of air conditioners. This led to an annual loss of about 40 lives, 120 injuries, and $82 million of property.

An air conditioner can definitely catch fire but exploding rarely happens only if you use any kind of flammable refrigerator gas. As most air conditioners use non-combustible gas, it is not so common for air conditioners to explode easily. But malfunctions, mechanical issues, and electrical issues can definitely result in catching fire.

Usually, an air conditioner catches fire because of working continuously and overheating. These things mostly happen on hot summer days but you can prevent it from happening with some maintenance and care. This article will tell you the reason why an air conditioner can explode and how to prevent it. 

Why can an air conditioner explode?

Manufacturers include safe and no flammable gases in their air conditioner such as R134, R12, and R22. These gases are used so that the air conditioner can work properly without exploding even if it gets extremely hot. Propane is a coolant that is highly flammable and is used in some ACs as well.

If for some reason, this propane gas leaks from the AC, it can get ignited by the compressor’s heat after getting mixed with the outside oxygen. This can cause fire and may lead to an explosion as well. Some of the most common reasons that can cause an air conditioner to explore include the following:

  • Dirty, Dusty, and Blocked Condenser Coils
  • Electric Issues and Malfunctions
  • Blockage of Suction Lines
  • Having Any Sort of Flammable Objects Near AC Unit

Dirty, Dusty, and Blocked Condenser Coils

If there is dirt and debris on the condenser coil, it can block the space and will force the AC unit to work consistently to maintain the cool atmosphere. As the air conditioner will not be able to get the heat out of the unit, the increased pressure and heat can lead AC to catch fire and explode.

Electrical Issues and Malfunctions

Electrical issues and failures usually cause different types of acid in your air conditioner unit. These acids can cause a lot of damage to an AC unit, especially to its compressor. If you have realized that your compressor has failed, you should get help from an experienced technician.

You need to ensure that your technician is checking your compressor to test the presence of acids in it. If there is any sort of acid, it is verified that the damage is caused because of an electrical spark and now the compressor cannot be repaired. 

Blockage of Suction Lines

If AC’s suction or refrigerator lines get blocked because of dirt and debris, the first thing that you will experience is the lack of cooling. If you don’t focus on this factor and the problem remains for a long time, it will definitely result in overheating and will lead your air conditioner to catch fire and cause an explosion.

Having Any Sort of Flammable Objects Near AC Unit

As mentioned above, the air conditioner has the ability to start a fire and it is highly recommended not to place any objects near your unit that can easily catch fire. Some of the most common objects that people place include books but other flammables include gasoline, debris, grass, etc.

You can get this job done by specifying a safe zone for your air conditioner and ensure that nothing comes in this zone. This factor usually interferes when you have a window air conditioner. This factor should be considered and analyzed at the time of installation. Get your unit installed at a place where nothing can become a reason for its explosion.

Tips to prevent your air conditioner from exploding

Any user whether he lives in a hot area or has to keep the AC ON for a long time can prevent his air conditioner from exploding. In a nutshell, you can prevent your AC from exploding by using the proper and efficient fitted electric wiring, maintaining the unit regularly, and installing safeguards to handle the excess voltage.

  • Keep the air filter of your air conditioner clean and dust-free so that it doesn’t have to work hard to suck air.
  • Install the AC unit while it is tilted slightly so that water can drain out in a quick manner.
  • Always connect your air conditioner to a direct circuit instead of using an extension cord. Usually, the extension cord doesn’t have the ability to bear the workload of an AC.
  • Unplug your AC unit from the circuit when it is raining or there is a storm.
  • Inspect wiring after some weeks or months.
  • Install safeguards and surge protectors so that they can protect your AC in times of excess voltage.
  • Install some breakers so that they can cut off the electricity as soon as some electrical malfunction occurs.
  • When it comes to gas refill, always make sure that you have hired a professional and experienced person and the right gas is being refilled in your AC unit.

An air conditioner can explode but this is not so common because of its safe gases. Although the air conditioner’s explosion is a fact, it can be prevented with proper maintenance and care.

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