Why are bees attracted to my air conditioner

An air conditioner is a source of getting a cool atmosphere on hot summer days that helps you to feel good and relax in your bedroom. But just like all other things in this world, air conditioners also have cons along with their pros.

One of the not-so-common problems that are experienced by the air conditioner’s owner is that they find bees inside their AC unit. Some people consider this a normal factor as they think that it is just an inconvenience and will not bring any major harm while others find it big trouble.

Do keep this fact in mind that there are thousands of bee species and they can sting you if they feel scared or sense that their queen is in danger. Apart from all these factors, the common question of AC users is why they have been attracted to my air conditioner.  

Well, there are not many reasons behind this attraction and this article will definitely help you out to understand every minor to the major aspect of this issue. Just before we move on towards our actual part, let us tell you that you should never deal with bees in your air conditioner until you get to know about their species and other characteristics.

There are possibilities that you may be dealing with wasps instead of bees and this will require different kinds of pesticides and products. Let us start with defining bees that are usually attracted to household air conditioners.

What actually bees are?

Bees belong to one of the largest groups of insects named Hymenoptera. This group alone includes more than 3500 bee species mainly from the northern part of America.

Different species have different habits but almost all these bees like to build their nests in varying atmospheres such as in tree holes, under the trees, buildings, appliances, or any other structures.

There are also some places, designs, and weather conditions that attract bees to make their nest so that they can live, breed, grow their community and survive without any hassle.

An air conditioner is one of the best structures according to bees’ necessities, requirements, and desires.

Types of bees and their habits

As we all know that there are thousands of bee types but two of these are known as social bees or social insects. All other bees are solitary except for bumblebee and honey bees. Bees that are part of a social community have specific rules and regulations and each of their members is assigned a specific task to perform within the community.

One thing to keep in mind is that only social bees are attracted to air conditioners. The queen and other members of the honey bees have one basic task that is to find the best suitable place to make their nest. Once they find the best place that can be used to make a nest, bees notify other members of their group via various symbols.

While honey bees have rules to find new places while working as a whole with their queen, bumblebees have a habit that only the queen will find the place while other workers will only perform the next procedures.

Why do bees consider air conditioners best nesting place?

Why do bees consider air conditioners best nesting place

The inside environment of an air conditioner unit is considered one of the best and highly preferred sites by bees for their nests. Many people assume that bees are attracted to air conditioners because of their cool environment but the reality is quite the opposite.

The AC unit produces heat while operating and this heat is the actual reason that attracts bees because this heat keeps their community warm. An air conditioner provides a huge space for bees so that they can breed and grow in their community without worrying about predators and other harmful factors.

One of the other major factors that will tell you why bees are attracted to your air conditioner is that AC has a baffled construction structure from inside. The air intake part of your air conditioner provides the best place where bees can attach their breeding cells and watch them with proper focus.

How to get rid of bees from my air conditioner?

How to get rid of bees from my air conditioner

Removing bees from your air conditioner is not an easy job. You need to take care of many factors because a minor mistake can cause major issues.

To help you out and get the job done in the best way possible, below is the detailed and step-by-step procedure that will lead you to remove bees from your air conditioner in an efficient way.

  • Look for the bee marks on the AC unit and if there are any, it’s a clear indication that your air conditioner has bees inside its body. These signs are usually found on the entrance or above your ac cooling controls. It is highly recommended to place a piece of cardboard on the entrance of your air conditioner as it will allow you to prevent bees from flying in your house.
  • You will definitely use a flashlight to look inside your AC unit, you should place a piece of red film on your flashlight so that bees cannot get disturbed and fly out to sting you and other residents of your house. As we all know that bees are attracted to lights, placing red film will also prevent bees from flying towards your flashlight and disturb you while you are opening the upper case of your AC unit.
  • Use bee removing or killing sprays especially during the night. You can also use the dishwashing soap by mixing it in water. This will allow you to get rid of bees without adding any harmful chemicals to your AC.
  • Wear bee protective tools such as a mask, respirator, gloves, and other necessary tools. Spray your mixture on bees.

Keep on applying the spray on bees until you are sure that all bees are killed or have left the place. If you feel that this job is a bit difficult for you, it will be better to get the services of a professional team.

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