extend life of ac

7 easy steps to extend aircon lifespan

During the hot season in Singapore, aircon is a must. Getting the finest efficiency out of your aircon unit is vital to staying comfortable during the warmest part of the

panasonic aircon error codes full list

21 panasonic aircon error codes (FULL LIST)

Searching for Panasonic aircon fault codes to solve your Panasonic aircon problems? The below Panasonic aircon error codes will help you for sure. If the solution provided does not resolve

aircon compressor

How to test aircon compressor

The objective of an AC compressor is to compress the ac refrigerant gas that arrives from the house from little to high force and send it to the aircon condenser,

does ac make air dry

How to humidify a room with air conditioning

Air conditioning is a must for surviving a warm summer. But in Singapore, sometimes that relax cooling comes with uncomfortably dry air. During the hot months, your inside humidity level

How to clean aircon filter

How to clean aircon filter

An air conditioner work by circulating coolants via the pipes linking the external and internal compartments and other parts. From the evaporator coils, filters, fans to the condenser and compressor,

How to repair ac remote control

How to repair ac remote control

Air conditioners of all types might contain remote controls. During the AC lifespan, you might face an issue with the ac remote control not working. Nine times out of ten,

How do you repair aircon capacitor

How do you repair aircon capacitor

Aircon capacitor is small cylindrical parts that store power. Aircon capacitor either send a shock to start a motor or send a shock to keep motor working. Aircon capacitor work

How to clean aircon blower

One of the most important components in the air conditioner is the aircon blower, responsible for bringing essential air movement to the device to keep in running. An air conditioner

How to maximise aircon ledge space

Because one cannot do without AC in humid and warm Singapore, most of us have an air condition unit in almost every room at the house. For most of us,

aircon trunking

How to conceal aircon trunking

What is aircon trunking Aircon trunking is a protection that is used to cover the unit PVC pipes, electrical cables, copper conduits, and other unsightly parts to preserve the aesthetic

Common aircon thermostat problem

Common aircon thermostat problem

How to tell if ac thermostat is bad? In general, any point the air conditioner does not deliver the wanted temperature, it could indicate your house has broken or faulty