12 ways to keep skin hydrated in aircon room

Ever wondered how to take care of the skin in the air conditioner room? This article will give you an in-depth guide in regards to how to keep skin hydrated in the aircon room.

Does air conditioning dry out your skin? Yes! The adaption of the air conditioner is such a handy during the summer season but exposing yourself in air conditioned room for a long time will dehydrated your skin.

When the water level reduces and evaporates from the skin, your skin might feel a little tightness, the skin is flaking, roughly takes places decreases, the form of wrinkles or good lines and if the skin situation is harsh, deep cracks in the skin might also build up.

Before we show you how to prevent dryness in aircon room, please allow us to show you why you have dry skin in air conditioned room.

How aircon affects your skin?

After spending a full day under the hot sun, all you wish to do is run into your house and turn on your air conditioner and enjoy the cool and fresh air. But, did you know that humidity in air conditioned room can make your skin very dry?

Air conditioner remove humidity from the air, which outcomes in your skin reducing its moisture also. If you are looking to know more about how air conditioner affects your skin, read on.

Dehydrated skin

When the air conditioner turn on, the temperature of the surrounding space is decreased to about 18-26 degrees. This makes the human body decrease the protection of sweat too; expect the underarms, soles, and palms. As a result, the toxins will remain under your skin and don’t get secreted. It also decreases the production of oil of your skin that leads to unhealthy, dull, and dehydrated skin.

Itchy and Dry skin

Air conditioners tend to get rid of whole the moisture in a room. As they’re not selective about the humidity they get rid of they suck off the humidity from your skin. This leads the epidermis and makes it extremely dry. If your skin is not suitably hydrated, regular dryness will eventually affect its inside layers. Your skin will finish up stretching, which in turn, will make it dry, flaky, and itchy.

Skin disorders

Air Cons make your skin very dry that it ends up becoming flaky and itchy. In a few cases, the skin becomes red and starts peeling off. If you’re already suffering from psoriasis or eczema, your situation might worsen, as the AC room upsets the moisture level of your skin.

Skin degeneration

People most often walk out from air conditioned room to the scorching heat places or walk into the air conditioned room from the sweltering outsides. This rapid change from one temperature to another can cause problematic for your skin, as it affects and damages the ability of the skin to regenerate. If your skin is regularly in that kind of situation, it’ll struggle to cope with the alteration in its space, and would not regenerate that way it is supposed to, which will eventually lead it to become dull and undernourished.

According to skin research and technology study, dry air in air conditioning room may also cause atopic dermatitis, senile xerosis and and surface roughness. Please take extra steps to keep skin hydrated when you are in air conditioned room.

How to take care of skin in air conditioner

1. Humid environment

You might feel pleasure while switching on the air conditioner but it also slowly evaporating the moisture level from your skin. Reduce temperature might not be a fine setting for your skin, therefore, you might install the air humidifier to assist you to humidify your area without worrying about the Air Con.

The air humidifier assists to level the of moisture of the air where it’s installed. There’re several types of air humidifiers that you can buy from the shops, range from small to large size. You might pick to fill in with water or you can infuse with any vital oil of your choice.

Humid environment

2. Keep water in the room

Several people are unaware that air conditioning unit pulls moisture from your space and when it sucks whole the moisture from the room, then it begins pulling moisture from your body. You can either want to dehydrate your body again or you can easily give an additional source of humidifier in aircon room.

How to increase humidity in air conditioned room? How to put moisture in the air? I’d recommend the 2nd option to you and I’d suggest you keep and a bowl of water in air conditioned room. Water is the natural humidifier for room. When you’ll do it then your aircon will pull the moisture from this bowl and you’ll have very few chances of dry skin issues. So, along with complete the above ways you can try this technique as well to combat dry skin issues.

Keep water in the room

3. Stay hydrated

Air conditioner makes air too dry. Therefore, most offices occasionally provided with drinking water facilities such as water purifiers and filtered water systems. Utilize the convenience to keep you well hydrated. Water adequate not just great for the largest organ of your body, the skin but also to assist the development of body cells.

The perfect amount of water drinking is 7-8 glasses in a day or whenever you feel thirsty also when you realized your body discharge more water like urinating and sweating. Drinking lots of water can essentially main your skin moisture level and extremely handy to hydrate your skin which is very helpful in air conditioning.

Stay hydrated

4. Consume lots of fruit and vegetables

This might sound a bit funny idea but with the help of fresh fruits and vegetables, you can decrease the issue of dry skin in your air conditioner room. I’m suggesting this because almost every fruit and vegetables contain a very good amount of minerals and vitamins that are vital for a healthy body and skin both.

That means when you’ll consume vegetables and fresh fruits then you’ll get vital vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, Zinc, Potassium, and several other vital nutrients for your skin and body. With the assistance of these nutrients, your body will produce enough nutrients and you’ll say away from the issue of dry and itchy skin your air conditioner room.

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Consume lots of fruit and vegetables

5. Administer the moisturizer

Another best way to prevent dryness while using the AC is by applying skin moisturizer. It’s not possible to switch off your Air Con in place in a room or place without any open area for wind flow such as a balcony or window, or else, people inside will experience uncomfortable with increasing temperature.

Skin moisturizer indeed can be the best choice and a simple way to help you moisturize your body skin as well as prevents premature skin wrinkles and signs of aging connected with air conditioner drying effects.

Administer the moisturizer

6. Open windows frequently

Air conditioning room rarely opens the windows or people tend to assume there’s no necessity to open windows for air unless the power shortage is occurring. This is a fake assumption. By opening it, clean and fresh air from outside helps to levels the humidity of the room.

You might open the window for fresh air when you’re not in the room, and close it while turning the air con once you are coming back to the air conditioning room. A fine level of humidity in the air conditioning room helps to prevent skin from being dry and dehydrated.

Open windows frequently

7. Take breaks in some time

This is a unique and way and one thing that you must need to do to avoid dehydrated skin issues. If you’ll long time sit in an air conditioner room then it will not just make your skin dehydrated and dry, but it might provide some other health problems also related to your skin.

To prevent this issue taking a break and going out is the finest thing that you can do. When you’ll go out your skin will get humid from the surrounding, and it will get sunlight as well that’s vital for smooth and healthy skin. Also, when you’ll go out on some breaks when you’ll be capable to feel much better and comfortable as well and you’ll be capable to do your work in an extremely relaxed way.

Take breaks in some time

8. Invest in a Hand Cream

It has been frequently been asked whether dehydrated and dry skin leads to wrinkles. The skin your hand is a very thinner, so it can get wrinkly and dry faster than the skin on your face from often cleaning and arid air. Lather up your hands with fast-absorbing, non-greasy, and well-made hand cream each time after your clean your hands.

Invest in a Hand Cream

9. Facial mist

This is a vital product in your summer season skincare process to maintain your face skin hydrated. It also a completely fuss-free method to humidify up your face skin the middle of the day without putting your huge makeup. Go for this product made from the best water holding ingredients such as glycols, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid.

Facial mist

10. Layer Up

Another good way to maintain dry air from sucking the life out of your body skin is to be planned with your skincare layers. In the early morning, ensure you apply a very light toner or serum with humectants – an ingredient that draws humidity from the skin to the air, such as glycerin.

Then seal all in with a primer or moisturizer with occlusive substances like jojoba oil, dimethicone, shea butter, and triglycerides prevent moisture from evaporating from the body skin to keep a healthy moisture level all through the day.

11. Avoid irritating your skin

If the air conditioner room is making your skin dry and itchy, it is best to avoid making it worse by pilling on strongly scented items. Try not to utilize too much scent, strong fragrance products, harsh soaps, as they’ll all additionally dry out your skin.

Avoid irritating your skin

12. Use body lotion

You’d keep your body hydrated inside out to avoid dehydrated skin in the air conditioning room. Not just drinking enough water but also utilizing lotion to moisturize your body regularly. Apart from using moisturizer, using body lotion for your legs, hands, and neck. Select a lotion that’s perfect for your skin type to support your skin.

Use body lotion to keep skin hydrated in aircon room

Instead of 12 options above, we also recommend you focus on how to humidify a room with air conditioning.

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