How to make aircon colder

Why is my aircon not cold enough? If your ac getting old and repaired many times or unused for a long time without any cleaning, your air conditioner can not run with peak efficiency of power. How to make aircon colder?

If you have been finding some tips and tricks to make your air conditioner colder, we have some effective tricks for you. These tricks and tips proven work for window unit or central air conditioner unit. The working prospect of every air conditioner is the same. That’s why you can apply these tricks and tips for all kinds of air conditioners.

What makes air conditioners cold?

This article will not cover how does aircon work because we already have an in-depth guide for that. However, we recommend you read our previous article first because humidity levels have direct impact on heat.

What is the coldest temperature for an air conditioner

Temperature’s in Celsius
OutsideIn roomSleepingOutColdest
Here is a different coldest temperature for the different outside temperatures. So set your coldest temperature considering outside temperatures

Does more freon make ac colder

Yes, low freon is one of the reason why air conditioner not cold. Fresh freon gas help the air conditioner perform better. However, we do not recommend overfilling freon gas.

Air conditioners are designed not to leak. We recommend you check is it your ac have any gas leak.

10 methods to make your aircon colder

  1. Cold water spray: Spray cold water to the condenser unit for a few minutes. And don’t forget to shut down your condenser unit to avoid unwanted short circuits. Coldwater spray will help remove dust, lower the temperature, help your aircon to perform better. After finishing the spray, let it dry or evaporate the water for some time, then turn on your air condition system.
  2. Change the filter: You should inspect your aircon filter every month. Filter cleaning is essential for fresh and clean air. You can buy reusable filters for the central air conditioner. It is so easy to clean or use the disposable filter. By cleaning your air filter regularly, your air conditioner will perform better.
  3. Ensure proper sealed: If your condenser pipe leak, your air-conditioning can not deliver the proper cold air. So you have to be careful about it. Search the leakage and sealed it with a caulking, spray foam, or something like that.
  4. Clean the evaporator coil: The evaporator is situated behind the air filter. When the filtering unit filters the dust from the air, some dust may still stick into the evaporator coil surface. You have to clean it, ensure it’s properly dry before reinstall and turn on the unit.
  5. Use ceiling or floor fans: A ceiling fan or floor fan can be very effective for better airflow and make the room more comfortable. The combination of air-conditioning and ceiling fan is very useful and economically beneficial.
  6. Check the gap in windows or doors: Check your windows or doors is it have any opening or leakage. Gaps and sealed it properly. You can use a gasket door for a tight seal for better performance.
  7. Better placement: Placement of your air conditioner is very important to get better airflow circulation. You should place the indoor unit in the middle of your home or where you and your family spend more time. We also recommend you to install your air conditioner in the north or east side of the house to avoid direct sun heat.
  8. Check the refrigerant: Without a refrigerant unit, your air conditioner can not produce enough cold air. The refrigerant absorbs the hot air from the indoor site, and deliver cold air in your home. It transforms the low-pressure gas into a high-pressure liquid. The copper coil of the air conditioner absorbed the hot temperature from the air. So make sure your refrigerant is good.
  9. Clean the drain tray: Every air condition system has two drain trays to collect debris and dirt. Clean this tray regularly. How to do that? Simple, just pull it and firstly clean it with bleach, then wash it with fresh water.
  10. Straighten the coil fins: Coil fins are made by thin and delicate metal. For this reason, it can be bent easily. If your coil fins are already bent, then straight it as much as possible for better airflow. The straight fins coil helps pull a lot of air into your room.


We also recommend you read our previous article, BTU calculation formula for air conditioner, aircon modes, and 11 reasons why aircon blowing hot air. All these step by step with no step skipped guide may help you save electricity and make your loving aircon last longer.

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