How to clean mitsubishi starmex AC blower (7 EASY STEPS)

General cleaning of mitsubishi starmex aircon

Unlock the cover, take out both the green net filter for clean-up, you can use soft soap or just rinse it with water.

Next, the base panels, click the 2 locks to the right to move the panel. There are 2 panels, following by pulling out both plastic black vanes. You can then, use a vacuum cleaner to remove all dust and wipe it off with a damp cloth.

That is all for general cleaning of mitsubishi starmex aircon.

For full cleaning, you have to remove extra parts and clean the blower. Dirt accumulates in the drain tray and dust blower is generally the cause of smelly aircon.

How to clean the mitsubishi starmex aircon blower

There are 2 screw caps on the left and right, remove them and unscrew both screws to unlock the full AC cover.

Gradually, open it from the base to top.

Next, loosen the right black area towards the right.

Where the 2 screw caps were, gradually put up the black tags, there are three of them they help to support/tighten the drainage tray. Slowly, lower the drainage tray towards the right.

Do take note, to wrap off the extra water from the drainage tray, to stop them dipping to the floor or splash on your shirt when lowering them to the right.

On the left side of the AC unit, there are three screws to unscrew it.

After which, loosen the screw in the blower, there is a little opening in the right side of the blower to entrée the screw. Do not take out the screw, just lose it will perform. Else you will have a difficult time putting the screw back in.

With the blower screw loosen, you can get rid of the blower part from the left, gradually putting it out and downwards.

  • Now you have access to clean the inside of the AC unit.
  • Use a water hose to clean the dirt off the blower.

You can then perform the reverse steps to assemble back your AC unit.

Leave a pretty area, else there will be noise from the blower motor when you turn on your aircon.

Mitsubishi heavy aircon features

Mitsubishi starmex aircon cleaning

Anti-microbial fan

The fan has undergone anti-microbial treatment to resist germs and mold, making them safe and clean. Foul molds and odors, etc, which can happen when an AC system is not in the run are prevented.

Self clean operation

The self-clean function is run for two hours after the unit has prevented its general operation. The inside unit is dried up and the development of mold is restrained. Users can pick whether this mode is utilized or not.

Photocatalytic washable deodorizing filter

It will keep the new air by freshening the molecular causing smell. Its deodorizing power can be restored by washing with water and drying the sun, such it is recycling deodorizing filter competent of repeat use.

What’s the difference between mitsubishi electric and heavy industries? Previously we already published in-depth guide. Please kindly have a look. If you need help troubleshooting your mitsubishi ac, please refer to our mitsubishi ac error code list.

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