LG air conditioner troubleshooting

This article we will give you the complete list of LG ac error codes. If your LG aircon not working well, you will see the error code in your remote control. If your LG air conditioner model do not have remote control, the error code will show in the aircon.

LG inverter air conditioner error codes

c1 or ch1Indoor temperature sensor open or closed circuit
c2 or ch2Outdoor temperature sensor open or closed circuit
c4 or ch4Heat sink temperature sensor open or closed circuit
c5 or ch5Communication indoor and outdoor units
c6 or ch6Excessive current at inverter DC power circuit
c7 or ch7Excessive compressor current
c8 or ch8Indoor fan not rotating
c9 or ch9Outdoor fan not rotating
ca or ch10Faulty discharge thermistor
ccEEPROM error
cdInverter module error
poSystem in power mode ( not a fault )
loSystem in test mode ( not a fault )
error 01Indoor unit retunr air thermistor
error 02Indoor unit coil inlet thermistor
error 03Wiring error between the remote controller and the fan coil
error 04Float switch fan
error 05Communication indoor and outdoor
error 06Indoor unit coil outlet thermistor
error 09EEPROM connects on main PCB
error 10Indoor fan motor problem
error 21Over current in the inverters DC power circuit
error 22Compressor over-current
error 25Incoming power supply to the system
error 26Inverter compressor
error 27Inverter module
error 28DC voltage inverter is too high
error 29Overload operation or compressor damage
error 32Inverter compressor discharge temperature is above 105 degrees
error 39PCB defect or wiring defect
error 41Inverter compressor discharge thermistor fault
error 44Outdoor unite air themermistor
error 45Condenser coil outlet thermistor
error 46Compressor suction thermistor
error 47Inverter compressor discharge thermistor fault
error 61Outdoor unit condenser coil temperature above 65 degrees
error 62Outdoor unit inverter heat-sink thermistor
error 65Inverter PCB heat sink thermistor
error 67Outdoor fan motor
error 73Overload operation or compressor damage

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