How to seal a window air conditioner for the winter

We know air conditioner as a machine that removes heat and moisture by the balanced temperature of the air. It is a reasonably useful machine that helps to feel the room as comfortable as the customer wants. Air conditioning is used in both commercial and domestic space.

Air conditioning is so useful that it is essential on both hot summer days and cold winter nights. As AC is comfortable equipment, the installation of this machine is not so easy.

There may occur some flaws that can ruin the whole installation system, and as a result, that machine will fail to provide balanced air, which is essential in crucial weather for being comfortable.

Is it okay to cover your air conditioner during winter months?

The systems are designed for the elements. They have got special paints and features that applied to them. And the challenge with covering. It’s okay to protect it. That’s not a problem. There you won’t want to put the entire cover types in areas on it because that will trap moisture in it and can cause the system to tourist and corrode. Because that moisture is being trapped in there.

But the most challenging with copper your air conditioner somebody accidentally bumps that thermostat during the wintertime and turns on the air conditioner. There is a high possibility of going to burn the compressor. And the other process will be damaged also they generally don’t react immediately. So a better approach is to leave the cover of the air conditioner and keep it clean in the wintertime.

Especially in the wintertime, they are often found in the gap between the wall and the air conditioning machine. Thus, the outside call to the wind is getting into the room, which is quite annoying.

Should I leave my AC in the window in winter?

Most houseowner ignore their window air conditioner system during the winter. You might assume that the cold temperatures won’t leave any impact on the AC. But sadly it does. ng weather can cause damage to the body of the unit the coils in the fans.

As winter approaches you to be concerned roughly your outdoor AC that it needs protection from the outside elements. Falling waves, snow and even the ice can get into the aircon condensing unit. This is enough to damage your aircon.

But here is a word of caution:

Never wrap your aircon in plastic. Plastic covers will trap condensation and encourage bugs and critters to take up into the residence.

So what should you do?

  • Use a cover made of air porous material.
  • Put plywood over the top of the unit only to shield it from the snow.
  • Plant shrubs around the company to protect from wind and blowing snow.
  • Build your shelter that protects in winter and shade in summer.

Since you are thinking about your AC unit, let’s talk about preventative maintenance:

  • Remove any leaves and dirt around the outside unit.
  • Check if your field needs to be replaced.
  • Make sure your air conditioner’s thermostat battery is in good condition.

If you are having the exact problem in your house or in the place you live, this article is for you. We will discuss how to seal the gap between the window and the air conditioner so that the cold winter wind couldn’t get into your apartment.

This is a simple task that can save a healthy figure of your balance on the efficiency of your air conditioner.

How to cover window air conditioner for winter

The equipment for this job is so simple. For this job, I’m going to be using some weather seal and a pair of scissors. You already started thinking about the process because of the simplicity of the ingredients that are required for this work. You can try this by yourself. But the warning is, read the full process and understand it before applying it. 

Seal window air conditioner for winter with 4 simple steps

Total Time: 1 hour and 15 minutes

  1. Turn off your hair conditioner

    Firstly, you have to turn off your AC, and you have to open the control panel. You can also remove the AC unit from the window. First of all, you have to play like it off. Then you have to pull out the machine from the window. It will keep you safe from unintentional accidents.

  2. Clean the air conditioner

    Now you have to clean the full year conditioner unit. Not only for the winter or summer season, but it is also a daily basis to keep your machine clean so that it can provide balanced yeh perfectly and smoothly. Usually, the engine gets dirty for its continuous use. Training both inside and outside of the machine will keep it clean and increase its longevity. Use the washing process in an open space so that you can do the work quickly. Use liquid soap for washing the dirt.

  3. Fill-up the gaps with a foam

    After the whole cleaning process, you have to seal all the gaps relating to the window with the A/C. For this, store the air conditioner to the place it belongs and install it properly. Now, we will fill up the cracks or gaps with the weather seal tape. Seal the areas with the video you’ve targeted as the gaps along the side where the airflow comes into the house. Put the air seal tape into the gape and push a little so that the foam can stick perfectly.

  4. Cut the seal tape according to the need

    Place the tape in the gap area where the outside air flows into the house. After placing the tape, pull it back a litter and then cut the video according to the need with a scissor. This will give perfection, and it will look like a professional finishing. The tape is just foam insulation. So, it’s easy to use. Make sure you are sealing all the gaps from the right to lift and top to bottom. Because the air can be scooped between any cracks, run it down to the base.

This is it. Applying the weather seal can give you a lot of benefits. A few steps now can save you time and effort if the warmer weather returns. Thanks for reading this article. Now you know how to seal window air conditioner in the wintertime.

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