6 ways to prevent bugs from coming through AC (solved)

Do you have bugs getting in through window ac and you are very anxious and disturbed about it? How to keep bugs out when using a window air conditioner? We will show you how to keep bugs away from your ac unit now.

Can bugs get in through the air conditioner?

Yes, they absolutely can and will. The primary reason why bugs crawl through air conditioner is that no seal is alight. There’s always a tiny space between the portable air conditioner and the window. Too small and you actually can’t see it. If you don’t seal it, small bugs can easily find their way through your home unit.

Can bed bugs travel through air vents?

Yes, bed bugs can travel through your air vents. Fortunately, bed bugs don’t have wings, so they definitely cannot fly or jump, but they can travel long distances if they are transported by a carrier. These carriers could be your luggage & suitcases, purses, gym bags, and even your vent.

Beg bugs love to nest in a completely hidden place and loves to operate under the cover of darkness so they are not detected by humans. Although your vent may not make an ideal habitat for them, however, if their nest is located close to your vent, they can take advantage of its darkness and use it as a temporary cover.

Why the bugs come in air conditioners?

Food and shelter are two major reasons why bugs are in the AC unit.

Bugs are always looking for places to live and a way to food and water. They always enter the home through the air conditioner pipes. Bugs can be enabled by the aroma of food or Freon from the air conditioner or the dots that appear from the compressor sock.

Do bugs hate air conditioning?

No. Most bugs do like air-conditioning. Maximum bugs will enjoy the cooler air mainly if it’s hot outside. If the outdoors are heated, bugs will normally leave to where the temperatures are cooler.  If you have the air conditioner running, they will find out the path to get into your home because they are enticed by cooler air.

Does keeping your house cold keep bugs out?

Yes, ensuring your house stays cool can help keep bugs out. Unlike gnats or molds that enjoy staying in a highly moisturized area, bugs will look for a warm place to breed and survive.

Cold temperature makes bugs uncomfortable and less active, although that does not necessarily mean it will cause physical damage or discomfort to them or kill them. However, because they are not comfortable, they will be forced to look for a new environment that is more conducive for them to breed.

What to use to seal a wall around an air conditioning hose to keep out pests?

You can seal walls using a Caulk. A Caulk is a soft clay-like material, used for sealing cracks, leakages, holes in structures. We have different types of Caulks, but the most suitable ones for air conditioning hoses are Acrylic caulk and Polyurethane caulk.

Although both can be used in the same way, there is a slight difference. The Acrylic Caulk can only be used to fill small holes, while the polyurethane can be used to a larger hole.

How to stop bugs coming in from the air conditioner?

5 ways to stop bugs coming in from the air conditioner

There are several methods to “bug proof your air conditioner”, but here are the proven techniques that set up acceptable achievement rates.

All of these methods do not only to you, depending on your air conditioner set up. The main way to get rid of bed bugs is to seal your window air conditioner and for this, you have to follow the following procedures.

Let’s not do any late and straight get into the point:

You can use duct tape

You can use it to instantly seal up any noticeable cracks around the unit and window. It fixes everything and AC units are no anomaly. If you have hairline spaces, duct tape is a reasonable, quick, and simple solution to does the job.

Duct tape does not work for any gaps larger than one inch thick. It should hardly be used to seal up minor cracks. Larger ones will compel extra extents. Remember this that duct tape doesn’t keep insulation nicely, so you will come out running AC or heating up. But it will cost extra dollars on electricity.

Duct tape is susceptible and beneficial for horizontal panels.

Most AC units have some variety of extenders to redden your window frame to keep bugs out. The horizons need to be completely sealed with duct tape to further protect against flying bugs.

Caulk out the gaps

This is the next best option. There are many varieties of caulk on the market but you can use basic cheap caulk with any applicant to hold the seal. If you want to get one that is safe for wood and used for basic sealing so you can handily remove it in the future caulk has many grades. If you’re just looking for something malleable and removable, you can search the hardware store. I suggest you use rope caulk.

It works best for chasms between AC and the cracks above or below the unit on the windowsill and top window. You can buy it at a cheap rate from any hardware shop.

You can use screening

You can try window screening outside your AC to avoid bugs or other insects from entering the home. It’s a useful and best strategy to seal a window air conditioner.

Even if your air activity doesn’t fit a flush compared to your window, the whole window wrapping screen prevents any bugs or other flying pests from immigrating to your room. This is the best method that works very well but for this, you need to install screening properly. Because If you install it in a bad way then there will be a lot of gaps for bugs to enter your house.

If your air conditioning hangs on the outside, you can use extra. It can adjust even if your unit goes out. It is very easy to install and it will help prevent most insects from your house through your air conditioning.

You can use cardboard

This is the cheapest way to seal the window air conditioner. You can use it too to seal the AC and get relief from bugs. If you have an ac unit using accordion flaps, you can cut your regular cardboard because it fits perfectly to seal every single hole.

You can tap with cardboard around your window and make sure you cover all the edges and cracks because even the smallest entry point can be used by bugs.

This method will not be so beautiful to look at but works much better.

You can use paper towels

You can also use this method to prevent bugs from entering through the air conditioner.

You can manipulate folds of thick paper towels to fill the holes around your AC unit. The gaps at the top and sides of your AC should be neatly fitted with paper towels.  You can insert multiple paper towels into each gap until completely right.

You can use duct tape to save the space on the paper towel.

You can manipulate a different room

This is another path to stave off bugs.

You can move your portal unit to another room or window at any time. Close your room from the room where you will transfer the portal unit and add trap, bugs light, and citronella candles in that room.

So, always remember to make your AC insect-proof that your AC is installed correctly and seal all the gaps.

How to prevent bugs from coming through air conditioner vents?

Bugs are very small and can easily make their way through the tiniest crack or crevices in your house. The air conditioner vent usually has an opening big enough to serve as a pathway for bugs to your room. Therefore, to prevent bugs from making their way to your room through your vent, you should take the following steps.

  1. Always check that your air conditioner screen filter is rightly placed to keep out bugs and every other pest.
  2. Spray lubricants on your air vents to prevent bugs from sticking to them. This should be sprayed on the edges of the air vent to keep them from creating a temporary shelter in the corners.
  3. You should ensure that your air vent stays covered when your air conditioner is not in use. You can use a standard return air grille for this purpose.
  4. Make sure your air vent area stays clean because dirt can easily attract them.

Best tape for sealing window air conditioner

If you have cracks or holes in your window, bugs can come into your room through it and the best way you can prevent that from happening is by using a window gap filler for the air conditioner. The best tape you use to seal gaps or cracks around your window is the TapePlus aluminum foil tape.

I hope, if you follow the above methods, you will get rid of the bug problem.

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